My Christmas list

I think it’s that time again
That special time of year
Where we all look inside our hearts
To find some Christmas cheer

And I’m not sure what to ask for
That I can find under a tree
Cause everything I’d like to have
Are things that you can’t get me

I’d like to fall deep in love
Without feeling I’m at war
But I’d really like to find someone
That’s worth fighting for

And I’d like to wake with purpose
Instead of roaming through my day
I’d walk with greater confidence
And put my past away

Don’t want to mourn what might have beens
But reach for higher ground
And gladly show off to the world
Exactly what I’ve found

And for you I want prosperity
Or maybe peace of heart
And may the Lord bring together
Everything that’s torn apart

Before we say goodbye right now
There’s something I’d like to say
I hope that you are given all the joy
That you brought my way


You’re not around

Maybe I still don’t know what I’m feeling
But you’re still swimming deep inside my head.
Maybe I just feel like I’ve been sinking
By listening to almost everything you said

Maybe I was hoping for a moment
That I could have helped you through your pain
But you would rather stand there in your darkness
While I was trying to save you from the rain

And it’s true I haven’t smiled as brightly
And I miss the way you used to make me feel.
But I’ve been hearing that it might have just been fiction
And it hurts to think that none of it was real
And it’s true I have slept a little better
Knowing that I’m not the one you’re letting down
But for the bad I still remember good times
That’s why I notice when you’re not around

Maybe I don’t know just what you’re thinking
If you ever have thought of me at all
I would have rather been there for your hard times
But you’d rather that I watched you fall

Maybe I was looking for a moment
When everything just fell right into place
Maybe I was hoping that I’d find you
Without that sad look that’s on your face

Repeat chorus

Put my money where your mouth has been

Broken windows
In a house that’s mostly standing
Hold on to love
When it proves it’s too demanding
I’ve seen your face
When you’ve all but given up
I’ve lived your life
And I know it’s not enough

Breaking mirrors
In a house that’s mostly broken
Hold on to words
When you prove to be outspoken
I’ve seen your soul
In the light and in the dark times
And I don’t know
Sometimes it’s hard to draw the lines

But if I put my money where your mouth’s been
What will I find that I can put all of my trust in?
If the house is standing but it’s all in disrepair
What will I find if I want to visit there?
And if I put my money where your mouth’s been
Will I find a place where your heart is in?
And if your heart is there will I want to stay?
Or will I find a place where you’ve chased us all away?

Sinking floors
In a house that’s mostly drowning
Hold on to love
When all hope of life is shrinking
I’ve seen my soul
In the light and in the dark times
And I don’t know
If I’ve made it through the land mines

Leaking rooftop
In a house that’s mostly dying
It lacks the strength
So I guess I gave up trying
I’ve seen myself
And the messages I’m sending
Hold on to dreams
Of a perfect happy ending

So if you go and put your money where my mouth’s been
Will you find true grace or find a place of sin?
If my house is standing but it’s never been a home
Will you want to stay or be left all alone?
And if you put all your money where my mouth’s been
Will you find a place that happiness has lived in?
If my heart is there will you want to stay?
If you came to visit what are the things you’d say?