Comic grades part 3 9/25/13

Comic Grade #12 Batman 23.4, Bane, C For the last month DC has replaced all 52 titles with villain books. The reason: a prelude to a DC crossover event where the heroes from earth 3( that are villains in their world) have invaded Gotham and have taken over. The villains from this world need to decide whether or not to join them or fight against them. The problem with doing this is that the books have been forced to divide their time between telling their origin and further along the story. I don’t think DC has done a great job with many of the books. Many of the books have seemed purposeless. Bane’s story, while it furthers along the story, did a poor job of telling his story. With Bane becoming an iconic villain due to the Dark Knight movies, I wanted this to be a better book.

Comic book grade #13 Superman Batman #3.1, Doomsday. The art in this book was fantastic. I bought this book because in the 1990’s Doomsday killed Superman and that story arc that created a HUGE buzz! I wanted to know more. I got more. The only thing that was odd about this book was that it seemed to tell more of General Zod’s story than Doomsday. Still this was a great book.

Comic book Grade #14, The Wake #4( of 10), A+, occasionally I’ll read a comic book that is beyond good. This is one of them. This is part horror, part science fiction, all amazing. This book would make a great movie.


Comic grades continued

Comic Books Grades for 9/25 continued

Comic book Grade #7 Infinity Heist, B. The only reason I gave this a B is because there is clearly a lot of back story here that the Infinity story arc readers may not have. The premise is that there are underground Supervillains that have gathered to do evil while the Avengers are in space fighting The Builders. A number of Villains( Blizzard, Whiplash, Firebrand and Spymaster) decide to steal Tony Stark Technology. This book is the planning phase. This could be a good book. Time will tell.

Comic book Grade #7 Guardians of the Galaxy, B. There was nothing really wrong about this issue but at the same time there was nothing spectacular either. When the time stream ripped, thanks to Age of Ultron, a warrior from a different galaxy came through. Her name is Angela. In this issue Angela takes on Gamora. And a watcher ignores his purpose and stops watching to get involved.

Comic book grade #8, uncanny avengers #008, B. While I’ve enjoyed this series, it has never seemed to reach its potential. In this issue we learn that Red Skull took Professor X’s telepathy and is enslaving mutants. The Apocolypse twins are offering to make Scarlet witch the rescuer of mutants by rap tiring them to an ark where they will be transported to Jupiter. Will she choose to do this or will she find another mutant to help her figure out another way to help

Comic Book Grade #9, Batman and Robin #23.4, killer Croc. This was a good book. It showed the origin of Killer Croc and the things he has been through. The book serves as an introduction to the character and it’ll be interesting to see if he has a role in forever evil

Comic book Grade #10, A-. Aqua man #23.2 This is the continuation of the storyline where Ocean Master attacks the eastern sea board because he thinks humans attacked Atlantis. As a result he was jailed but escaped. This is about his adventures getting back to sea

Comic Grade #11, Green Lantern 23.4, Sinestro. This book was strange. It was good but Sinestro, while being in the book is only talked about. His history revealed and how Hal came to be a Yellow Lantern. What makes this a strange book is that it doesn’t show him presently. Instead it says he’s disappeared.

Comic reviews part 1 for 9/25/13

Comic Books grades for 9/25/13

Comic book Grade #1 Dinosaurs Attack! #3, A+. In the early ’80’s America was treated to two terrible yet incredibly awesome movies called Airplane. The premise of the movie was to take dramatic actors and have them deliver one liners that were hilarious but deliver them serious. The result: hilarity. That is what Dinosaurs Attack! is clearly attempting to do. The book combines a splash of horror with the science fiction that you could only see on an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The premise: a scientist in space creates a time stream device that malfunctions and causes prehistoric dinosaurs to appear randomly on earth. Humanity goes to war with the dinosaurs and one of the scientists that works on the machine has a dream that one of the dinosaurs has taught him how to defeat the monsters. The series is based on the Dinosaurs Attack! Topps trading cards. It is hokey and ridiculous but intentionally so. Because of that it is an absolutely amazing title and one I look forward to reading the most.

Comic Book Grades #2, Wolverine and the X-men 036, A+. Just when you thought Battle of The Atom can’t get much stranger, it does. What’s so bad about the future that even Deadpool talks about it without joking around? Find out in this issue. Magick, Beast and others do some exploring The plot twist will blow you away!

Comic Book Grade #3 Avengers issue 20 Infinity, A-. This issue takes place directly after infinity #3. In fact it recaps the book pretty nicely. In this issue we learn about why the builders are destroying things instead. We also learn what Captain America has planned for the heroes in this story. The answer might surprise you. My reason for grading this an A-: I thought there were a few frames in this book where the art was not up to what I’ve come to expect from an Avengers comic book

Comic Book grade #4, Nova #008 infinity, B-. I wouldn’t say there’s too much wrong with this book. It’s clearly designed for kids. They say this is a chapter in infinity but I’m not seeing it. Thanos finds out that Nova has been passed down a generation and decides its worth checking out. Another unknown superhero approaches Sam asking to be a part of a team with him

Comic Grade #5, Superior Spider man Team Up 003 infinity, D. Not gonna waste much time on this. This was a terrible comic. The artwork was so plain that you couldn’t distinguish characters unless you were told who they were. Wish I had saved my money on this

Comic Grade #6, Avengers Assemble #019, Infinity, A- The only thing that annoys me about this book is that it retells the same story in more detail that has already been told. Spider Woman gets on board the builders ship to rescue their team mates after the ring world explosion. This book serves to not only fill in any gaps in the story but it also furthers along the strained relationship between Spider Woman and Hawkeye.

Comic Book Reviews for 11/18/13

Comic book grades #1 Uncanny X-men #12, Battle of the Atom Chapter 4, A++. This is absolutely the best chapter so far. In the last chapter young Jean Grey and Young Scott Summers fled from the current and future X-men to seek help from their present day counterparts. This issue is Present day Cyclops’ response to whether or not they will help and the effects it will have. Not all the X-men think the past X-men should be forced to go back into the past even though the future X-men say that there will be disastrous consequences to mutant kind if they stay. The writing in this issue is quick witted and very well done. I also thoroughly enjoyed the art in this issue. I can’t wait to read the next chapter.

Comic books Grade #2 Infinity 3, 3 of 6 Thanos is looking for his son and and an infinity gem. Captain America starts to form a resistance force. Black bolt is told he must sacrifice the inhuman children as a tribute to Thanos and most of that was teased last issue. This is a great series with great writing and art. I’m hoping each chapter will be as good as this one.

Comic books grade #3 Captain Marvel #016 Infinity, B. Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel is taken to be interrogated and what she learns about Lord Spartax’s betrayal. Will the rest of the kidnapped team be rescued? As a chapter this book is fine. The art stays in the same color scheme as the Avengers books but the art work is not up to the standards of the other Avengers books. My favorite part of this book, the teaser at the end of the book. You’ll have to read it to find out but I’ve been waiting for this character to shine!

Comic books grade #4, New Avengers issue 10, infinity, B. I give this book a B only because I don’t completely understand it all. I picked it up because it is an infinity tie in. However, the book focuses also on information that is not connected to Infinity. This book focuses on the toll Thanos is having on our heroes. While it was well written, I’m not sure the book was spectacular.

Comic Book Grades #5 Thunderbolts #015, B-. The Thunderbolts crew continue their mission to kill a crime family when The aliens from Infinity arrive. The writing in this issue is hilarious and if it wasn’t for the artwork I would have given this book a grade A. But the book is also trying to create tension and fails spectacularly because the art work borders on pedestrian and stupid.

Comic Grades #6, The Superior Spider-Man 018, A. What happens when Spider-man wants to kill your grandfather before either you, or your father, has been born? And if a future version of Spider-man can reveal that Spidey of the present really isn’t Spidey, what do you do? This is a great issue because Doc Ock may be losing control of his life. At least one more book with Spider Man 2099. I’m very interested in seeing where this is headed.

Comic Book Grades #7, Secret Avengers #9, A. This issue focuses in on the morality of what S.H. I. E. L. D. does to the Avengers to assure secrecy in their missions. Daisy Johnson starts realizing that part of her memory is missing and asks for help. This is a great issue as always. Each chapter of this book is pretty well written and feels like a Tom Clancy story. This comic is for intelligent readers and requires concentration. I wish more books were as smart

Comic Book Grades #8, Malekith has escaped prison and has begun doing despicable things. Will Thor be able to stop him. I only have one beef about this book. In every book there is a panel with Thor getting drunk but it never does anything more than tell us what we already know. Thor is an alcoholic god. This is an alright beginning to a larger story but I didn’t love it as much as I should have. I’m giving this book a B-.

Comic Book Grades #9 Cable and X-force #14, B. Havok brought Cable to Avengers mansion and Cable shared the vision of what’s happening to him with Havok. Meanwhile Hope, Cable’s daughter, meets herself in the future and finds out the apocalyptic visions that are killing her dad are her fault. How will she help him? The answer is kinda gruesome. I had every intention of quitting this book because it was frustrating me but then something happened: the book got good. The art isn’t spectacular in this issue but the writing is. Enough to keep me reading.

Comic Book Grades #10, The X-Files Season 10 #4, A. Scully is being manipulated by shape shifting acolytes in order to locate her son whom they want to abduct. Mulder, with the help of the Lone Gunmen, try to locate her. This book does the tv series proud. Great writing

Comic Book Grades #11, Zero #1, F. I should have known that since this was an image title it would be full of disgusting imagery but this book takes it way too far. It’s pornographic and violent and I thought since it was a military drama sort of book I’d like it. Never again.

Comic Books Grade #12 Batman Dark Knight #23.3 Clayface #1, B- I picked up this book because the DC website said it was a tie in to Forever Evil but I gotta say that this Forever Evil series crossover has me a bit annoyed. So far each of the villain books have established that the Justice League is dead and it has also established that Gotham is in chaos but only 3 of the books that I’ve read so far have had any plot furtherance in it. This one touches on the fact that there is a secret society of villains gathering. Other than that the only books that have started to tease development of a story is this, Harley Quinn and Black Manta and those two books were better.

Comic Book Grades #13, Green Lantern #23.3, Black Hand, C. Of all the villain books, with the exception of The Joker book, The Green Lantern villain books have been the most disappointing. Black Hand was a pretty good villain in The First Lantern story arc but I neither loved or hated this story. All this story did was gave DC an excuse to have more encounters with Black Hand and Hal Jordan.

Comic Books Grade #13 Batman Detective Comics #23.3, C. I was very disappointed with this comic. I was hoping for an origin story and I didn’t even get a Forever Evil Story. I guess it’s a build up for Arkham War. This issue had way too much dialogue and jumped around way too much. It didn’t seem at all organized.

Comic Books Grade #14, Batman and Robin 23.3 Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Assassins #1, A. This was an excellent book. Well drawn and very well written. It gave us an origin story and it further the Forever Evil story line. Well done.

Comic books Grades #15, Batman #23.3 Penguin #1, A. This is not The Penguin Danny Devito played in the movies. It’s a much more dark and disturbing one. This was well written, dark and gritty. It was not an origin story. Instead it told the story of his influence in Gotham City.

Last of the week Superman Action Comics #23.3, A. This book is all about finding Superman and causing enough havoc to blame on him if he won’t. This was well written and showed a very dark side of Lex Luthor.

Next week will mark the last of villains week. I’ll be reading five titles. I am also looking forward to the continuing chapters of infinity and Battle of the Atom and lastly Wake #4 and a new dinosaurs attack

comic book grades 9/11/13 part 2

Batman and Robin #23.2 Court of Owls #1, B.  In addition to the comics I read yesterday, I also read a bunch of villain comics this week.  As I’ve read these comics I’ve come to the realization that DC doesn’t seem to follow the same rules as Marvel.  While Marvel seems more teen/ adult oriented, DC has no problem exploring the darker side of things.  The darkest of these comics this week was Court of Owls #1.  I didn’t know anything about this group.  From what I’ve been lead to believe The Court of Owls is a secret society within Gotham that controls how Gotham is run through fear, intimidation and murder.  Anyone that begins to learn things about this secret society is murdered.  The Mythos up til now has been that the Court of Owls may be responsible for the death of Bruce Wayne’s dad.  This comic is a series of smaller stories of individuals that start to learn about The Owls and are brutally murdered.  Although this comic book does mention the death of the Justice League it seems like it’s much more of a back drop story than a story that has any direct bearing on the DC cross over series Forever Evil.  This is a deeply disturbing comic and although its well written, its not my cup of tea. 

Batman Detective Comics 23.2 Harley Quinn #1, A.  This is the Story of Harleen, a young woman who decides to rise above her family upbringing and get her Master’s Degree in Criminal Psychology.  She places first and her class and through a series of events ends up working at an asylum.  While she’s there she tries to get through to the patients but can’t so she dresses like one of them and get’s noticed by The Joker.  As things progress she ends up falling for him and, as a result, loses her grip with reality.  This comic examines whether or not Harley is o.k. with her choices and the answers are surprising to me.  This comic also begs the question:  will she join the ever growing throng of the evil syndicate or will she try to get back in The Suicide Squad?  This is a well written, well thought out comic that seems to rise above the other comics that only focus on the violence the villains cause.

Green Lantern 23.2 Mongul #1, B-.  Comic Vine liked this comic book.  I didn’t.  My biggest reason:  While the other Villain books focused on who their villains were, the reader was always aware who the hero was that corresponded with the character in the book.  In this book, the Green Lantern Corps in only mentioned in the very last panel of the story.  Don’t get me wrong Mongul seems like a really evil villain but he seems kinda typical as a villain and I’m really waiting to see how he fares against the Corp.  Just kinda meh.

Aquaman 23.1 Black Manta #1, A-  This book is a direct tie in to Forever Evil.  Black Manta has been imprisoned and asked to join The Suicide Squad, a bunch of villains that are completing missions for not so evil purposes.  The comic book addresses whether or not he will join now that Aquaman is dead.  I thought this was a better comic than most of the others because it didn’t focus on all the bad things the character did.  Instead it focused on choices.  I thought it was interesting .

Justice League 23.2, Lobo #1, B.  Interesting but I thought the writing could have been better.  Growing up, I remember a beer swilling, muscle bound guy with tattoos and riding a harley.  Instead I got something else.  The book explains why but since its just a one shot I thought the reason was kinda disappointing.  Now if they brought Lobo back like they did in the 80’s, I think I’d like him.

Superman Action Comics 23.2 ZOD #1. , B.  This was an unusual comic in that I thought that his punishment didn’t fit his crime.  I’m not sure I’m emotionally vested enough in the back story to feel the ending of this comic was justifiable.  I don’t think it was a bad comic.  I just don’t think it was spectacular either.

Last of the week?  Sidekick #2, B.  Any time a person reads an Image Comic, they should assume they are going to read a comic book that deal with topics that are very difficult to read about.  This comic is about Barry.  He is also known as Flyboy.  Flyboy is the sidekick of The Red Cowl.  Until Red Cowl is no more.  This book is about loss and grief.  I like the book but I am torn too.  While I enjoy it, the book also feels a bit undecided on how it wants to come across.  This book combines the “Saturday Matinee, Comic Book, Fairy tale boy(lyrics from Steve Taylor’s Hero) with the harsh realities of the real world and at times the book comes across as manipulative.  In some ways I think that’s what this comic is trying to do.  I’m just not sure if it always works.

Next week I’ll have more.  Four more Villains, more Infinity, more Battle of the Atom, Thor and Superior Spiderman.  See ya next week







Comic Book Reviews for 9/11/13 part 1

I have been a comic book fan for a long time but I took 20 years off from reading them.  About a year ago Marvel rebooted quite a few of their titles.  Two years ago, DC Comics rebooted every title.  I picked the perfect time to start reading comics again.  Below are my thoughts on DC, Marvel and one Image Comic title.  I will post these in two posts.  With three crossover series to read, I have a lot of books.  I’m only halfway through.  I’ll post the other 7 titles later this week

Comic Book Grade #1 X-men #5 Battle of the Atom Chapter 3.  Before I can give a review of this comic book, I think I need to give some background.  About a year ago Marvel published a series where the Phoenix force came to earth and as the X-men and Avengers were trying to destroy it, the force inhabited or touched a number of the X-men and caused their powers to become erratic or “break”.  One of those people was Cyclops.  When Cyclops was possessed by the Force he ended up killing Professor Xavier.  During this series, the Scarlet Witch, for lack of a better description, caused Mutant Kind to be unable to create more mutants.  When the Phoenix force was taken care of, new Mutants began showing up on earth.  Cyclops, the self-proclaimed face of the mutants, decides to gather up the new Mutants but because his powers are broken he’s causing the beginning stages of a revolution between humans and mutants because he can’t control his powers.  Beast, another of the X-men, decides to travel into the past in hopes that the Original team will be able to calm the present day Cyclops down.  What Beast doesn’t count on is that the Original team decides to stay causing problems in the space/time continuum.  This series bring the future X-men together with the present day X-men in hopes of forcing the original team to go back to their time.  This is a brilliantly written series with a lot of twists and turns.  While this particular X-men typically focuses on the women of the X-men, this chapter focuses on the Original Cyclops and Jean as they run from the other teams.  It’s kind of ironic who they go to for help.  I look forward to the rest of this crossover event.  Grade A+

Comic Book Grade #2: Avengers Issue 19 Infinity, A.  I’m not sure that I necessarily like this crossover as much as I like Battle of the Atom but that being said, this is a great series.  Over the last year the Avengers have been dealing with a race of aliens that, in effect, destroy worlds and rebuild them into their own image.  They tried it with earth.  Now a race of builders are ignoring their calling to build worlds and instead their destroying worlds.  Their path of destruction leads to earth.  Another storyline, but not in this issue, is that Thanos has learned of a lost Infinity Ring and sends his minions to find it.  The Avengers learn of the builders plot, and take the fight to the stars in order to avoid too much bloodshed.  In this issue we are confronted with a number of Avengers (Captain Marvel, Nightmask, Star Brand, and a few others) being captured by the builders and interrogated and a mistake made by Star Lord’s father that could help the builders even more.  His hatred of earth costs him to make some bad decisions. This series is a massive undertaking but the author is doing very well keeping things straight in the book.  My only beef with this comic is the creepy panel with Ex Nihilo and Captain Marvel, trying to sexualize them both.  I’m not sure why its there.  Other than that this is a fun comic!

Comic Book Grade #3, Infinity: The Hunt #1, B-. This is an unusual title.  I picked it up because of its infinity Tie in, which you don’t get until the last of the panels.  The premise of this book is tied very closely to Avengers Arena.  The premise of the book is that there are a number of universities throughout the world that teach Super human students how to cultivate their powers.  In order to bring these schools together each of the schools pick their best students to compete in a sort of hunger games( without the dying part).  The first in this series only introduces the students and schools until one of the live feeds shows one of the schools under attack.  This is a fun issue that shows each of the students posturing for power.  My problem is that it wasn’t a great comic and it adds way too many new characters to the infinity saga.

Comic Book Grade #4, Mighty Avengers #1, Infinity, A++, This is a great comic book.  The Art is phenomenal.  The story?  Luke Cage has assembled a number of out of work super heroes to be Heroes for Hire but when Superior Spider-Man (now Doc Ock) meets up with them he convinces one of them to leave the crew.  As this is happening, a number of Thanos’ minions attack earth it forces Luke and his friends to assemble the team and take on the challenge.  The reveal of the final member of the team is worth waiting for.  It’s hilarious and worth the wait.

Comic Book Grade #5 Indestructible Hulk #013 Agent of T.I.M.E.  Age of Ultron Aftermath, B.  The Time stream is broken because of the events of Age of Ultron and a time terrorist group called the Chronarchists are traveling through time and combining different elements from history to make it so they can be in control of everything.  In the last issue The Hulk fought against a dinosaur in the Wild West, in this issue he fights an army of other worldly creatures in Camelot.  Next issue he might stop the Gamma Bomb that created him.  I don’t love the art in this book but the story telling is intelligent and intriguing.  I look forward to the next issue.

Comic Book Grade #6 Fantastic Four #12, B.  The Fantastic Four are dying.  Mr. Fantastic, in an effort to figure out why, takes his family on an interstellar field trip to find a cure.  In this issue Mr. Fantastic’s wife and The Thing are rapidly falling apart.  Johnny meets his future self and is separated from the rest of his family and they search for him.  There is a bunch of fighting with dinosaurs and a daring rescue by someone you’d not expect.  While this isn’t my favorite comic book, I am glad the sickness storyline is progressing.  I look forward to seeing where this goes.  The art in this book needs work.  It seems sloppy.

Comic Book Grade #7 Batman #23.2 Riddler #1, A-. This month DC is showcasing villains because of their crossover series called Forever Evil.  That means that a bunch of the stories are very dark and foreboding.  This is one of them.  This is a really dark, violent and bloody comic.  This is not the origin story of The Riddler.  That story is being told in Batman Zero Year.  Instead this is the story of the Riddler breaking into Wayne Enterprises and causing mayhem because Batman is supposedly dead.  There really isn’t much bad to say about this comic except to say it’s darker than I expected.

Comic Book Grade #8 Batman: The Dark Knight #23.2 Mr. Freeze #1, A-.  The biggest reason I decided to go ahead and read the villain books was because they were characters I grew up with( at least the Batman books are).  This is no different.  While this book is not nearly as violent as the Riddler it has one or two frames that are pretty intense.  This is his origin story and his attempt to find his family that left him.  My only beef?  I saw the ending coming a mile away