Comic Book Reviews for the week of 11/25/13

1.  It has been a couple weeks since I read an All New X-Men book that I’ve really enjoyed so it was great to read All New X-men 019.  I have written in the past that I am not a big fan of themes that repeat themselves in the X-Men books.  The authors seem to find out necessary to pound discrimination of mutants into their fans heads.  This week was no break from that.  In addition, the script from this book seems to borrow from the news where intolerant Christians are  discriminating against lesbian waitresses.  This week a group of ill intentioned Christians play judge on mutants.  This really annoyed me.  It’s too easy to put all religious individuals into one pot and is an unfair stereotype.  Yes  there are individuals that are judgemental but not all are.  So if that bothers me, what did I like about the book?  I loved that the book started with action.  Too often the books start with dialogue and no action. 

Another reason?  The art in this book is better than usual.  I’m giving this book a B+.  The pacing and art in this book is tremendous and the surprise at the end of the book is also enjoyable.  Very well done!!!

2. There are times when art can make a book. Wolverine and the X-men Annual Infinity 001 was proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover. The quality of the art inside is much better inside than it’s cover. The coloring in this book makes the art even better.

This comic tells the story of Kid Gladiator, an alien who was banished to earth but tries to return to the Shi’ar imperial guard training school and his adventures there. This book did a very good job of showing the relationship between Kid Gladiator and his father. It was fun watching the hero of this comic book grow up and still stay a kid. I loved this book. A+

3. I don’t know how many people are reading Infinity Heist but I have really enjoyed this tie in. It has seemed an audacious plan to break into Stark Tower when Iron Man is fighting the builders and it has continued to be a fun series to read. The fact that one of the villains becomes a inhuman after the terragen bomb hits earth adds wrinkles to the story that make the story even more enjoyable. There are twists and extra layers added in this issue. I look forward to learning more as this series concludes. A

4. I have to admit that reading this run of the hulk has been interesting and most of the time confusing. Not because the stories are confusing but because I compare the hulk in today’s comic books to those of the 80’s and 90’s and I’m torn between whether or not I like this series. I am used to a Hulk that can’t be tamed and a marvel universe that tries desperately to control it. In the 80’s The West Coast Avengers spent numerous issues chasing after the beast and now he’s part of The Avengers. I suppose it’s a natural evolution that Bruce Banner would come to accept his Dr. Jekyll half but it was very fun watching him try to denounce him at every turn. Now he rents himself out as a force to be reckoned with in order that S.H.I.E.L.D can use Bruce Banner as a force of good. The Caveat: Bruce has to present them with an invention that can be used for the betterment of mankind each Friday. That is the jumping off part for the new storyline. Bruce is behind schedule because of his travels through history to stop the Chronarchists. Without giving anything away, this leads to some humorous moments in the book.

This was a good transitional story and Indestructible Hulk 016 is written as a story that is supposed to be an inhumanity event tie in. The event hasn’t been started yet so it has left a lot of questions that I’m sure will get answered soon. This wasn’t an A grade book but it wasn’t bad either.

The art in this book is worth mentioning in passing. It has never been incredible but on the other hand it’s not been terrible either. I’m giving this book a B.

5. For fans of The Superior Spider-Man, there seems to always be high anticipation of a Venom storyline. While Venom is not the bad ass he was in previous years, this was still a great way to introduce any new readers to the new Venom.

This issue ( The Superior Spider-Man 022 )divides it’s time between telling the story of the launching of Parker Industries and his conflict with Venom. Otto Octavius is unaware that Flash Thompson is Venom and able to control his symbiote and as a result it makes the confrontation more tense. There is no doubt in my mind about where this comic is headed and I can only hope that Dan Slott makes things difficult for Doctor Octopus because, in my estimation, he’s gotten away with too much without consequence. Each issue has teased that things will fall apart soon but the author has swerved away from that each issue.

The art is much better in this issue than in last. It should be fun to read this story line. B+

6. Uncanny Avengers 014 continues the story that Rick Remender has been telling for a while now about the Uncanny Avengers run in with the apocalypse twins . This issue focuses in on the tension between Rogue and Scarlet Witch and how Rogue threatens Scarlet Witch’s plans . There is really nothing wrong with this story except to say that the first few pages of the book seem confusing and out of place. B

7. One of the most difficult things about liking The Green Lanterns is that DC comics finds it necessary to link the three Green titles with the one Red title. The Red Lanterns are powered by Rage so none if the characters are that likable. The new creative team added Guy Gardner which has humanized the team, but I’m not convinced it’s enough.

Red Lanterns #25 picks up where “Lights out” leaves off. In exchange for the Red Lanterns help, Guy Gardner asks for his team to have its own sector in space. That sector includes earth. This means that the Red Lanterns are now the protectors of earth. You would think that would give the team a chance to start off with a bang by going to earth. Instead , they try something else. This is a decision I don’t understand . I’m giving this book a B-. This book rarely ever does anything that surprises me and when it does, it’s usually not a good one. C+

8. Prior to reviewing Larfleeze #5 I read one other review to see what they liked. It didn’t help me make any decisions. I’ve found myself with mixed feelings about this book since I started it. It’s had a few really good issues that made me laugh very hard but it has also had moments that left me feeling unsatisfied. When a series only has 5 issues that should not be happening . One of the problems I’ve had with this book is not loving the art even though the art is perfect for the tone of each story.

In this issue Larfleeze has been taken prisoner by the rest of the orange lantern team who are deciding what to do with him and Stargrave is still trying to escape back to his master. There is absolutely nothing spectacular about this issue. I’m giving this a C-.

9. In the last issue of X-Files Season 10, Scully’s run in with The Acolytes caused her to rejoin the FBI and work with Mulder. In issue 6 of this book, the pair are given an open case that went cold because a bunch of missing tourists in Martha’s Vineyard are exhibiting symptoms of the previous case.

As I’ve mentioned in the past , the writing on this book is nearly perfect . The same creepy qualities of the tv show are present here and it feels like the readers of this comic book are being treated to another episode. The art might not be perfect here but the book is very enjoyable. B+

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