Comic Book Reviews of 1/27/14

Welcome to this weeks reviews of comic books. With this week being the last of the week, it seems that there were many more titles this week to choose from. This week will again be Marvel and DC.

1. The first book I read this week was The Superior Spider-Man 026. There are two story lines in this book and each one is written well. Spoiler: The first involves the Avengers who question Peter Parker and the second focuses on the battle between The Green Goblin and Hobgoblin for control of crime in the city. The Peter Parker surprise in the last book is also portrayed in this book.

This was a pretty strange comic but it’s not because of the writing. As I was reading the comic I noticed the art was inconsistent. When I tried to figure it out, I found out there were two teams of artists, inkers and colorers. The art work in this book is great in the battle scenes between Hobgoblin and The Green Goblin. It’s kind of bland in other scenes. As I’ve mentioned before, a truly great comic has both great art and great art. Books that transcend this pattern only rise above when the art or writing is do good it wouldn’t matter what the other feature did. This was not one of those books. I’m giving this a B. I loved the writing but the art threw me off.

2. Thunderbolts has never been my favorite comic but recently Charles Soule climbed on board and transformed the writing. Then Carlos Barberi started drawing the book and what was a book I passed up became a book I am interested in.

In the last issue of this comic Thaddeus Ross( A.K.A Red Hulk) hired Ghost Rider to create a spell to send Mercy, an assassin obsessed with death, to hell. The only problem is that the spell backfired and all but Electra and Punisher are sent to hell instead. Thunderbolts 021 picks up with them dealing with their predicament. So that I’m not giving anything away, let’s just say that the dialogue and banter in this book is great! Deadpool is hilarious and the solution in this book could not be better. This was a very fun issue. A+.

Guardians of the Galaxy takes us back a step from the last time we saw The Guardians meet up with X-men. It also explains the title of the crossover event. If you want a detailed explanation of the event check out my reviews last week.

I hold out high hopes for this 6 issue event which actually scares me because Battle of the Atom started out well and was ended without being satisfying. Still, this issue did a great job explaining the back story necessary to understand what you need to know.

The art is fine in this book but there was one plot device that has the potential to reduce the quality of the book. I’m giving this book a B. It was good but not as good as I hoped

4. Uncanny Xforce 017 is the conclusion of the Vendetta story line and one of the better mini crossover events that I’ve read over the last few months. The story has had mystery, action, some humor and lessons in morality. I’m not sure I loved the ending but it seems that it was a great way of ending Cable and X-force before the reboot begins

Everything in this book was good. The art, the pacing, the penciling. I enjoyed this series even if the dialogue seemed a little forced at times. A-

5. Inhumanity #2 finally puts a little traction into the story. Up until this point we’ve dealt with personal stories of each of the characters that have turned into Inhumans. This comic has been both good and frustrating at the same time because the story hasn’t moved along. In This issue we deal with the fact that the avengers have to ask The Inhumans to take responsibility for what is happening around the earth. The result is fun

While I enjoyed this comic book, I found it a bit annoying that this whole entire series leads up to a brand-new comic book that will start next month about Inhumans. I probably won’t read it

I also found it a little bit annoying that the art changed from page to page. When comic books have different artists with different styles, it can lead to dissonance on the page. The writing in the book is not bad, but again, it’s not great either. B-

6. I think Thor God of Thunder 018 might be the strangest comic book I’ve read since IDW’s Dinosaurs Attack. Honestly, this is one of the more difficult reviews to write because anything in this review could potentially become a spoiler.

I loved the way this comic book was written. It started in the middle, went to the the beginning and jumped to the end. The whole comic is a journey of discovery and we are learning about what happened to the characters as they are. It is humorous.

The art still remains wispy and ethereal and fits the comic perfectly. There are times when I love this comic and times I’m not sure I love it at all. I’m not always sure what to make of morally ambiguous superheroes and, at times, revels in that ambiguity. I’m giving this book a B.

7. There is nothing worse when reading a comic book than getting half way through it and finding out you’re not enjoying it. Except maybe when the book is double sized because it’s an annual. Green Lantern Corps Annual 2 was that book for me. It should have been better. With The Braid men shape shifting into Hal Jordan and telling the entire universe that the Corps has been threatening the universe by using their rings too much. Once that happened, the villains came out to fight. That is the jumping off point for the latest issue. Normally, this would be interesting but this book was, at best, confusing. The book goes from 90 years in the past to the present to 30 years ago so often, it’s hard to keep track of the story .

In addition, the art seemed mediocre. I seriously wanted to love this book and I’m very disappointed. C

8. Red Lanterns has never been my favorite comic book. Trying to find a hero amongst a bunch of aliens and humans that are powered by hate. This comic was different . I really enjoyed it. ***minor spoiler**** This issue takes place on earth and, believe it or not, this book does a lot to give us insights into each of the characters.

The artwork is also excellent. I’m giving this book an A.

9. I wish the writing in Damien Son of Batman 4 of 4had been better. It has had moments of brilliance but, in honesty , what has made the unanswered questions the book left behind, is the artwork. The penciling, shading, action, quality of the paper was all amazing but it ends there.

This is a brutally violent, bloody, and at times uncomfortable book to read. All in all, I’m not disappointed in the series as much as I am this issue. B-

Those are my thoughts for this week on my regular books that I tend to enjoy on a regular basis. I hope you enjoyed the read. See ya next week

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