Day 2 of Comic and Entertainment Expo in Chicago

Day 2 of C2E2 was much more laid back.  It really needed to be.  I stayed in the Red Roof Inn in Downtown Chicago and the walls were so thin, I could hear thoughts.  So, I got no sleep.  But I was up at the butt crack of dawn and a few minutes later I was showering and getting dressed.  Breakfast was at Dunkin Donuts, a large egg sandwich and a diet Coke. 

On the first day of the comic con my dad called saying I had left my phone charger at their house by accident.  So, in order to charge my phone, I drove to the comic con an hour early and waited in the parking lot so I could charge my phone using the car charger.  I listen to CDs for an hour and played Clash of Clans on my phone.

At 10am I entered the tunnel again and headed back to First Aid to get my wounds redressed.  That didn’t take long.  I entered the C2E2 floor.  My first stop was Charles Soule’s table.  I had him sign the latest Thunderbolts, Red Lanterns and Letter 44 issues.  Greg Pak was next.  I had him sign my Batman Superman issue.

My next stop was the autograph lines.  It was only to see who was giving signatures and when.  But as I got closer I saw a big line was forming and it was for Stan Lee.  I got in it.  In retrospect, I should have brought him a Spiderman book to sign but instead I brought  Thunderbolts because it was the only Marvel comic book I had on me and I was pretty sure he wouldn’t sign a DC book since he wrote the very first Marvel stories and has been associated with the company since then.  My experience with Stan Lee was underwhelming but it was still very cool to stand that close to a legend.

My next stop was breakfast which was a Polish Dog from Robinson’s No. 1 Ribs.  One of the owner’s sons was behind the booth and since I hadn’t seen him in many, many years( I went to church with his family) I called him over and we chatted for a few minutes.  It was very cool to connect with my past.

By the time I had eaten, I had already missed the Stan Lee panel so I decided to go to the Warehouse 13 panel.  I had a ton of fun at this panel.  It was the only panel where the moderator was almost unneeded.  The panelists were so connected with their fans that Eddie McClintlock even hopped off the stage and stood with crowd hugging each of the attendees that had questions.  He even stopped for selfies which annoyed some people but made others very happy.  Saul Rubinek even allowed one of the attendees to run up on stage and hug him.

I am going to miss the show a lot.

Probably the coolest thing that happened to me in two days happened in the afternoon.  As I was browsing the different comic book vendors, I came across One Stop Comics.  It was the comic book shop that started me with my love of Marvel Comics when I was 14 years old.  30 years ago. We only got to talk for a few minutes but it made me feel so good about being a collector 

Here is what I would say about this con. I highly recommend going. It was intensely fun. There were only two suggestions for improving the experience that I’d have made. One: only half of the showroom floor was carpeted. The autographing lines need carpeting, desperately. Secondly: the booth numbers were difficult to find. They need to be more prominent. Other than that, this was a very cool experience

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