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X-men: Days of Future Past movie review

Prior to watching the DOFP, I went to the book store in hopes of finding the graphic novel. I found it about 30 minutes prior to the movie so I didn’t get to read it first. However, having read only half of the first issue just today I can tell you the movie and the book are vastly different in plot points but still the same in the direction of the story.

General plot spoiler:

The background story, without going into any details that would spoil the movie, is that mutants are being corralled into internment camps and killed at alarming rates by humans that fear them and mutant kind is on the verge of extinction unless one of the mutant’s can go into the past( their consciousness) and stop certain acts from happening and reverse the timeline. That is where the movie and the comic part ways.

If you are a comic book purist, you will most likely hate this movie. However, if you are a person who loves a good popcorn flick, this is a great popcorn flick.

The movie is not without it’s flaws. It’s biggest flaw is a plot hole that exists in the comic book and the movie. In the 1970’s we are lead to believe that Bolivar Trask can create technology advanced enough to create Sentinels but humanity is not advanced enough to invent VCR’s. But this is a comic book movie, so I’m willing to look beyond it.

We are also lead to believe that Magneto has the ability of reprogramming highly sophisticated machinery using manipulation of metal.

The acting in this movie is all around pretty good although Ellen Page’s role is reduced to putting her hands on either side of Hugh Jackman’s head while looking constipated. Her fight scene is good though.

James Mcavoy and Michael Fassbender are very fun to watch as Xavier and Magneto. It’s interesting to see them play off of each other as friends who are also adversaries.

In addition to the acting, the special effects are very cool. Especially the scene that is teased in the trailer with the sports stadium.

The movie is not without humor even though it is a dark movie, to be certain. There is a scene with a tape player and “tricky dick” that is sure to elicit some laughter. I also liked the metal detector scene too( I’ll leave that as a teaser). Quicksilver also lends some humorous moments to the movie too. He was very underused in the movie and I wished they had teased The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

I know it sounds like I didn’t like this movie based on some of the things written here but I actually thought it was pretty fun to watch

I have given up on expecting comic book movies to mirror their respective comic books. Movies aren’t just made for comic collectors, they are made for the general public. If you are willing to put aside what you think you know of the story, you will have a lot of fun. I’m giving this movie a grade of B

DC and Image Comics review for the Week of 5/19/14

1. I’m going to start this weeks reviews with my Image pick for the week. I am not a huge fan of Image books. I like realism in my books but I like to be transported into a fantasy world and, honestly, most Image titles are way too gritty for me. That being said, there are a few books from their company I’m enjoying. Sidekick, Starlight and my current favorite reading experience in comics, Velvet.

Velvet works best because of it’s writing. It’s smart and complicated and just a joy to read. I mean what could be better than a female spy framed for murder in the 1970’s? Velvet 5 marks the end of the first story arc and I can’t say enough good things about this book. Most of the books have been full of action but this issue gives us a huge insight into what makes the character Velvet so fun to read. This issue focuses on the character’s past and why she is a spy. It I’d interesting to see the evolution of the character all within one issue.

The art is perfect for this book and reflects the dark and gritty world of spycraft very well. I highly recommend picking this book up. grade: A+

2. There are a lot of explosions in Batman 7. That’s almost all you need to know. Falcone, Penguin, and Pyg are all at it still and Catwoman and Batman are trying to keep it from getting worse.

The art in the book is good but because I didn’t know much about Pyg I expected his followers to look a lot like pigs.

The writing in this book was odd. It kept on playing off of ‘What Does the Fox say?’ If I liked that song I would haven’t mind it but it’s an insipid song.

I really like Scott Snyder as a writer but, for whatever reason this issue felt rushed. Grade: B-

3. The New 52 Future’s End 003 continues the story of the future of the DC hero roster and to be honest, I’m a bit confused by the direction this series has taken. With the series having a very strong 0 issue, the series has gone back into being largely background stories.

The series has had 3 issues and only one has been really good. The art and writing is good in the book, it’s just that is pales in comparison to the zero issue. I won’t give this much room
Because I don’t feel excited about this. Grade C+

4. Sinestro #2 was a solid second issue. With Sinestro returning to his corps to find Arkillo leading it, he’s not happy. I’m addition, Sinestro’s daughter is with them but for different reasons. This issue focuses on who will take dominance over the corps and the direction it will take.

The action and art in this book was excellent. I’ve always admired the penciling and shading of the Lantern books because there is a fine line to be drawn between being artful and distracting and it’s almost always done brilliantly. There really wasn’t a lot bad to say about this book. Grade: A.

5. Normally when I read Green Lantern New Guardians it suffers from two things: 1. Kyle Ranier comes across as boring and 2. He’s drawn like a kid so it makes Carol Ferris out to be a Sapphire Cougar. Neither of those are true this issue.

Kyle is figuring out what his powers as a White Lantern mean and the truth is he has no idea .

I only have one small gripe about the issue. In the beginning of the issue Kyle presents the readers with a mystery. The mystery is never solved. Although this is a minor point, I think it would have been fun to learn the answer. This was a good issue. I’m giving the issue a B.

6. Batman Superman 11 was an excellent book and is a continuation in the infected doomed story line. With Superman being infected by spores, Batman and Wonder Woman are searching for a cure and they end up on the negative zone.

The art has gotten better and much easier to discern facial expressions. The writing is also excellent. A-

Those are my comic book reviews for the week. It’s not often I get done on a Friday. I’m seeing X-men Days of Future Past tomorrow and I’ll have a review up Sunday. Thanks for reading these. I wouldn’t mind comments. See ya next week

Comic Book Reviews for the week of 5/19/14 for Marvel

1. I’m willing to say that Original Sin #2 of 8 was good if comic book writers will admit their imagination is seriously lacking when it comes to villain’s names. Revealing the name of the characters would be nothing but spoilers, so I won’t but it is cringe worthy.

In this book we learn, or I think we learn, who stole the eye. If it wasn’t for some great art by Mike Deodato it might have been kind of hokey in parts. I do love the opening scenes with Tony Stark( they are hilarious) .

I also like the idea that the mindless ones feeling guilt for their actions was a cool plot point. This wasn’t a great book but it wasn’t terrible either. I’m just a bit worried that the series has the potential to spin into ridiculousness. Grade: B

2. I loved reading The Amazing Spider-Man 002. I have been waiting for months to figure out how Peter Parker was going to get himself out of the trouble that Doctor Octopus created for him. This book did a lot to start the process. This issue is filled mostly with conversations with the Avengers and other characters where he is clearing his name or learning about what happened when he wasn’t in his body. It’s very well written

I only have one gripe with the art. There is one sequence with Electro and his girlfriend that is confusing but only in the way it’s drawn. I know what happened, I just think the art wasn’t a good representation of it. With the direction the end of this book is taking, this should be fun to read. Grade: A-

3. The problem with the X-men titles is that they are still focusing A v X and as a result most of the story lines have felt like they’ve not been able to move anywhere. This is true of Uncanny X-men 021. The title is still focused on Cyclops being dangerous and S.H.I.E.L.D. Is still wanting to capture him. Don’t get me wrong, there is new stuff in it but most of it seems to stem from the cyclops story line. In fairness, the Madripoor arc comes out of Uncanny Avengers.

The Avengers titles have moved beyond the story so why can the x-men? It’s not that the writing is bad, it’s not! It just should move somewhere. I’m giving this book a grade of B. The title shows some direction but they’ve teased this story for a while now and it should go somewhere.

4. It has been a while since I felt excited about a Hulk comic book but this book was what I’ve been waiting for. There is drama, some science( but not too much) and a crud load of destruction. This is the hulk I remember from 30 years ago. The avengers were always chasing him down and this time is no different but for very different reasons. The reaction that the Avengers had to Bruce’s brain damage was good too.

This was a very sharply drawn book. The artwork was perfect and Mark Bagley is to be commended for a great job. We still have not met Bruce’s shooter but we are getting closer to understanding who is behind it. This was a very cool and fun book to read. Grade: A+

5. Amazing X-men 007 has nothing to do with anything. There are only a few characters in this book and one of them is Spider Man. Peter Parker has somehow lost an alien baby

6. Avengers World 006 was a continuation of the story of the rescue of Smasher from Barbuda( A.I.M island) but does she want to be saved? This issue focuses mainly on Hyperion. There are two conversations in this comic. One of them is with Thor and the other is with A.I.M. Thor is trying to reinforce that Hyperion has done a good job as a father figure to the life on Barbuda while A.I.M. Is focused on recruiting him

The strongest aspect of the book is the art. The penciling in this book is superb. The writing was introspective. It wasn’t bad but I kinda wish they hadn’t left the action of the book til the end of the book. I’m giving this book a B+

7. Magneto 004 has a parental advisory on the cover and there should be. Not everybody will like Magneto. It’s a very stylized book. The art is very sparse and the book is very violent.

This wasn’t my favorite book but mostly because the villains are religious extremists that make it easy to believe that people who hold religious beliefs are all intolerant jerks. This was an unsettling book. B-

Those are my Marvel titles for the week. I read Thor too but didn’t care for it. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be writing my DC reviews tomorrow. I won’t see X-men Days of Future Past until Saturday and my review will most likely be posted Sunday

My Review of Godzilla

The problem with summer blockbusters is that they are often more flash than substance. With the season beginning with Captain America and Amazing Spider Man that is exactly what we got.

So when Godzilla was released I had very high expectations. And for the most part my expectations were met.

There are things about the movie that were stereotypical( the crazy scientist that turns out being right, the battle between science and the military). But even within those stereotypical situations none of them are so heavy handed that they weigh down the movie.

Perhaps the best thing about the movie are the sets. The level of detail in the movie is very impressive and added to the enjoyment immensely. The 3D effects only added to the depth of the movie

The movie was oddly paced but that ended up working out okay. There is a lot of time that passes before we meet Godzilla and as a result there is confusion when we meet the other monsters first.

The acting is not great but is infinitely better than the heap of turd that was Matthew Broderick’s Godzilla. There is actually character development here and some of it’s good. It is a bit coincidental that the hero is in every scene with major action.

One of the directions the movie took that I was impressed with was not to focus on sustained public mayhem where the public is waving around their hands and screaming into the camera. There are some scenes of public mayhem but they are never so over the top where it feels like a B movie.

The battles in the movie are very fun to watch and worth the view.

The ending was abrupt but, all in all, this was a very fun movie. I highly recommend this movie. The acting is not great but it’s a very fun ride. grade B

DC reviews

The post I wrote on the DC comics that came out this week mysteriously disappeared before I could publish it. I’m not going to rewrite them so I’ll just post the grades

Green Lantern Corp 31: A
Batman Eternal #6: A
Superman Doomed #1: B-
Action Comics 31 A
Superman Wonder Woman #8: A
The New 52 Future’s End A-