Free Comic Book Day

Every year, the first weekend of May, each comic company releases free comics to the public in an attempt to garner interest in their companies.  While there are many more than 4 comics, the store I went to gave me what he had and I am going to review it here. 

The First book I read from this year’s event was Guardians of the Galaxy.  This comic served more of an opportunity to introduce the characters to a new audience.  To prepare them for the movie.  However, it is also stands as a bit of a prelude to the last issue of GotG.  This issue tells of Tony Stark’s attempt to get Venom to join the Guardians of the Galaxy because, during his time with the team, he realized there needed to be a human presence on the team representing earth’s best interests.

All in all, this was a good story.  The visuals are great and the conversations in the story are fun.  I kind of wish it had been a full issue but it was free, so I understand.  The rest of the issue was divided into a story introducing a book about Thanos that will be coming out in the future and a introduction to The Amazing Spider-man 1.1 which just looks weird.  All in all this was a good book.  I’m hard pressed to give it an A, but that’s not because of it’s quality but because it didn’t feel like a full fledged comic book.  B

The second book I read was Super cool.  The New 52 Futures End #0 was a killer comic.  The book starts 35 years in the future where a group called The Eye is assimilating Super Heroes and turning them into half human, half cyborg-bug hybrids.  The story is largely based on the fact that the heroes are losing.  My understanding, from what I learned at C2E2, this introductory book was designed to bring Batman Beyond into the New 52 universe.

This comic was a full comic book length and was just as good as any $2.99 or $3.99 comic book.  The artwork wasn’t my favorite but the story was high octane and kept me on the edge of my seat.  I am really looking forward to this series.  It kind of looks like DC’s answer to Age of  Ultron.  I’m giving this book an A.  While the art wasn’t perfect, it was a very compelling story line.

Valiant Comics free comic book was more of an introduction of Armor Hunters #1 which will be a mini series based off of X-O Manowar.  I know nothing about this series so I’m hard pressed to review it.  What I can say is that the art was spectacular.  The book also introduced X-O Manowar #24, has an interview with the author and introduces RAI #1.

This comic is designed to introduce characters to each of the stories.  While these stories are not my cup of tea, the art is a thing of beauty.  I’m giving this book a B

Before I review this last book, I need to preface it by saying I love stupid humor.  That being said, stupid humor is also an art form.  When done correctly, it is genius.  When it’s not, it’s just stupid.  So, on to The Tick.  For those that didn’t grow up watching the cartoon or Bruce Campbell do a very commendable job of the live action show, The Tick is a man dressed in a blue costume with tiny antenna at the top.  He and his sidekick, Arthur, defend The City(yes that’s its name) against poorly named bad guys.  His battle cry: “Spoooon!” is so stupid it makes you giggle. 

This comic attempted to grasp the essence of the Tick.  Sometimes, the comic worked but other times it missed the mark.  I found myself laughing throughout the book but I also found myself saying “That joke didn’t work.”  In a book that is designed to not be taken seriously, the art is decent.  I’m giving this book a B-.

To be completely honest, Free Comic Book Day has always been a bit of a disappointment.  I am always hoping for great stories.  This year only DC provided me with one 


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