DC Reviews for the week of 5/5/14

Before I begin to review the DC comics, I wanted to let you know that I put the Vertigo book in with Marvel books before I decided to to divide the books into two entries. I will move it at a later time because I am using the app on my phone and it’s not easy to cut and paste.

1.Green Lantern #31 begins a new 6 issue series called Uprising where the battle between the Green Lanterns and the Khund and Durlans come to a head. I really enjoyed this first issue. This mini series has been a long time coming and there is at least one very cool twist that could change the balance of power as long as they get it to work right.

The visuals in this first book are pretty incredible. Billy Tan and Alex Sinclair do an excellent job of creating the scenario and predicament the Green Lantern Corps is in. I look forward to see where this goes

2. I have been a fan of Scott Synder since reading The Wake. Then I read Batman Zero Year and was very impressed and now I’ve graduated to Batman Eternal. Batman Eternal 5 continues the story of the war that is brewing between Falcone and The Penguin. Vicky Vette is in this issue investigating this story and Red Robin is curious as to why children all over Gotham are sick. The answer to this mystery is unusual but cool

Both the art and writing is great. The twist at the end of this book is unusual and enough to keep me reading. Each issue of this book has been so well written that it has been a joy to read. I’m giving this book an A-. Some of the art was a bit confusing and I needed to go over some of the panels twice.

3. I won’t be able to say too much about Future’s End because I’m not sure I understood it.. Future’s End 0 was really good and was easy to understand but we are brought into a future where the new heroes are not easily identifiable. Thus, it’s confusing

I didn’t like this book because of that. There was nothing wrong with the art. Grade: C+

4. I stuck with DC’s The Movement in hopes that it would get better. It had moments that were fun but it suffered from being withdrawn from the rest of the New 52. Issue 12 is the last of the series . Some of the story was actually kind of cool but one of the character’s said she had hoped to be invited by one of the bigger Super Heroes, which begs the question: Why didn’t they include more than Catwoman in more than just one issue.

This comic book had good intentions but it wasn’t very good. b-


Batman Superman 10 had some good things about it and some bad. The good was in the art. Although I met Greg Pak,and he was a very nice guy, his art is very specialized and it takes some getting used to. In this book we have a new artist. Karl Kerschl’s art is much more straightforward and easier to discern expressions.

The writing in this book was very, very strange. And rather than give it away, let’s just say it involves miniature Superheroes inside regular sized superheroes

My biggest fear for this book is that we are never going to get a completely straightforward book. Grade: B-

I’m going to leave things here. I hope you enjoyed this weeks list of comics. See you next week

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