DC and Vertigo Reviews for the week of 5/3/14

Before I start my reviews of the DC comics, yes I know that Vertigo is a part of DC.

1.) Wake 9 of 10was very, very cool comic book. For those that know me, this has been my favorite comic book of the last two years. It has combined science fiction and horror almost seamlessly. I have said since the beginning that if Scott Snyder is smart he has a movie script for at least the first half of the series

The series deals with underwater monsters called Mers that have changed the outcome of how people are living by attacking earth

Survivors have heard a beacon that has been sent from the past and may hold the answers to survival. This issue answers questions about that beacon

There is some great art in this book. The detail is amazing. Great job again. A+ book

2. Superman Action Comics 32 Enemy of the State Chapter 1 continues a very cool story line where Superman is turning into Doomsday. The first part of the story ended last week with Lex Luthor holding Superman captive in order to cure him. He gets loose.

In this issue we see Steel and Lois Lane trying to keep Superman from creating any more harm except now Metallo is involved.

This has been a great series with Greg Pak writing a new and intriguing story line with some very good art. This book is graded with an A.

3. Green Lantern 32 is the continuation of the 6 part crossover mini series Uprising. I’m not really enjoying this series. The difficulty is not with the writing per se but that the story has lasted too long without much action involved. It’s had its moments but I miss the rebuilding of the corps and trying to establish themselves again

There is nothing really wrong about the book I just don’t like the story. B-

4. I am usually a huge fan of Batman Eternal. That being said, this issue( number9) seems to be a distraction for the series and a long way to go to show that Falcone, one of Gotham’s crime bosses, may be back in Gotham for an unspecified reason.

In this issue, Batman returns to japan to find that Jiro, the Batman of Japan, is taking care of the villains that Falcone left behind. While there he picks up an ally( whom I will leave for you to find out on your own) that hasn’t been in a Batman comic for a very long time.

It wasn’t that it was a bad comic, it wasn’t. It just seemed unnecessary. The art was good and the writing was fine. B-

Those are my reviews for the week. Please come back next week for more

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