Marvel Comic book reviews for 7/28/14

This week is a huge week for Marvel Comics. A lot of buzz has been made about Guardians of The Galaxy for the last two years because of the movie that officially is released tomorrow. What makes this movie such a huge deal is, that while GOTG is a part of the Marvel universe, it doesn’t fit as a typical Marvel title. I’ll be seeing it tonight and I’ll post my thoughts after I see it.

But I still have reviews on my comics to post and I’m going to spend the next few hours reading my books and telling you my thoughts.

The first book I read this week was Avengers World 010 and let me start by saying this was a masterful comic book. The author, Nick Spencer, gives us a new look into the action of a situation by not really showing us too much of it. Instead we see behind the scenes coordination by Maria Hill and the high stakes juggling act she has to accomplish in order to keep the world from falling apart. We are given some glimpses of the battles being fought but never more than a glimpse. The writing here is very tight and complete with the tension you’d expect to find in these situations, but what I loved here was the nervous joking you’d also expect to find in these situations. I loved that a lot of it came from Bruce Banner.

There are three stories here:

1. Madripoor, a crime island(so to speak) sat on the head of a stone dragon. A very bad villain, Gorgon, performed a ritual that has brought that dragon to life and now Madripoor is flying through the sky. The dragon is very angry and is about to be in a position to harm a lot of people

2. Morgan Le Fay has found cities of the dead below some European cities where tormented souls are trapped. She has set them free causing an army of Undead.

3. Andrew Forson, Scientist Supreme, is using technology from the future and causing A.I.M island to grow. It’s causing quite a bit of problems

All 3 stories are handled extremely well. The art in this book is as equally impressive. Marco Checchetto is very good with detail. Grade: A+

2. Avengers #33 Original Sin was as unusual as it gets. As I’ve mentioned in the past, the Avengers made the mistake of thinking they could play God by stopping universes from colliding using the Infinity gems. It caused the time gem to fracture and now the Avengers are trapped traveling through time without an anchor. This issue takes place 50,000 years in the future and Captain America comes across a race of A.I.’s. Unfortunately, that’s about all I can say without spoilers.

I have been pretty tough on this book. The galaxy incursions are events that keep happening in the book. My problem is that there is not enough variety in these incursions to keep the book interesting. I don’t think the book is poorly written or drawn by any means but I do think the idea has gotten stale. Grade: a weak B

3. Guardians of the Galaxy 017 was a decent book that probably could have been stronger. As we learned from the last issue, each of the Guardians has been captured and put into some pretty hairy situations. Probably the most fun of which is Star Lord being captured by his dad and escaping only to publicly humiliate him. This book is as much about Star Lord’s escape as it is about the aftermath of his father’s humiliation. It also covers the rescue of the other team members.

Where I thought the book could have been better was in the transitions of the stories. I thought each of the stories conflicts were too easily resolved. More conflict would have been good here.

The art was fantastic in some scenes and in others was just alright. I’m giving this book a weak B. It seemed it could have been better. Especially since the movie is coming out this week.

4. THIS REVIEW IS ONE BIG SPOILER Guardians of the Galaxy 100th Anniversary 001 continues the completely unnecessary stories of Super Hero teams. Many of the teams are written as if they existed 100 years in the future. Earlier this week I read that Marvel animation was releasing a Saturday morning cartoon of GOTG. This comic book feels like a test run for the series. The art feels like most cartoons.

A lot has changed for the team. Rocket has his own team now( his kids or nephews, we never fully figure it out. And they aren’t raccoons). Groot, Iron Man, Gamora and Drax are still on the team. Galactus has merged with Silver Surfer and is now Silver Galactus.

This really was an okay book. Grade: C

5. Uncanny X-men #24 Original Sin dropped one heck of a secret on it’s readers. One that you’ll have to wait until the last few pages to get. At the end of the last book, She Hulk delivered The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier. The contents couldn’t be read until Cyclops had arrived. This created some controversy for the team because Cyclops is mostly responsible for his death. In this book we still don’t know what’s in his will but a bombshell is dropped that could have HUGE ramifications for the X-men moving forward

I really liked the writing in this book. There was enough here to create a tension for the reader as they anticipate a surprise they know is happening without knowing what it is. Brian Michael Bendis does a great job creating that tension.

The second story about a mutant named Matthew that has incredibly destructive powers was not as convincing as the other story. Part of the reason is that the reaction of any who figures out he’s a mutant is always the same. There needs to be more emotional depth added to this character, otherwise it becomes pretty standard fare for the book.

I’m giving this book a B+. The revelation at the end is pretty shocking.

6. Hulk Vs. Iron Man 3 Original Sin is probably my favorite of the Original Sin titles this week. As we have learned, Tony Stark may be responsible for Bruce Banner being The Hulk. Bruce decides he doesn’t want to confront Tony as himself but as the Hulk.

We learn more about the revelations that The Watcher’s eye has produced for both Banner and Stark in this issue and there is a battle between the two but it looks like it’s just getting started. Waid and Bagley make a great writing and art duo. I enjoy the art in this book almost as much as the writing. This book deserves a grade of A.

Those are my reviews for Marvel this week. I had other books but I’ve not read them enough to write a great review. I’ll write a review of The Guardians of the Galaxy movie after I see it tonight.

My DC titles will be up tomorrow or Saturday. Thank you for stopping by


Comic reviews

Comic reviews will be up tomorrow and tomorrow night I’ll have a Guardian of the Galaxy review

DC reviews( and an Image Review) for the week of 7/21/14

This week was a pretty important week for DC comics because Wednesday was Batman Day. In celebration of the day they released 5 Batman titles( one for free), a mask and cape, and at comic con they release pictures of Ben Affleck in his Batsuit.

I only faithfully collect Batman Eternal and Batman Zero year but with that story line ending this week, I will only collect Batman Eternal.

1. The First comic book I read this week was Batman #33 Zero Year Finale. I originally picked this comic book up because Scott Synder was writing it and I had been reading The Wake and was very impressed.

I knew enough about Batman to be able to understand where the story began and all the characters involved. It was a great choice. The story lasted for a year( or more) and followed Batman’s beginnings and how he became the hero he was through interference from The Riddler.

Each week became bigger and better as The Riddler became more insidious.

This issue came to a head where Batman has been essentially captured by The Riddler and war planes are headed to Gotham ready to fire missles on it. Through a series of riddles batman has to find his way out of the situation.

This whole story arc has been very cool. Both the art and writing has been incredible. I an very sorry to see it go.

2. Batman Eternal #16 has been an eerie and dark story that started with a turf war between Carmine Falcone and Chester Cobblepot for control of Gotham and has turned into a supernatural mystery that has spanned two countries.

The Arkham Asylum mystery still continues to be the focus of the book . The writing is still good and the art just keeps getting better but the book still feels like it’s trying to find its way.

One of the difficulties if the book is that you almost need a Batman encyclopedia to keep up with all the characters Scott Snyder introduces. I’d be impressed by his knowledge except that I find myself annoyed by not knowing more of a background of a character I need to know.

I’m giving this book a B grade. This book desperately needs to figure out what it wants to do.

3. Red Lanterns 33 continues the story of Guy Gardiner and his search for Atrocitus. If he’s going after Atrocitus he’s going to need help. He calls on a Green Lantern because if the Reds under Atrocitus would mean disaster for planet Earth

Meanwhile we see Atrocitus and how he is going to consolidate his power. If this book goes in the direction I hope it does, the Red Corp is going to have a Civil War. It should be good.

I’m giving this book an A-. While it was excellent there were one or two panels where the narrative boxes, that were red, were also pencilled in red and difficult to read.

4. I don’t normally read Aquaman. I thought the first story arc of the N52 was excellent but, as time went on, I became less engaged in the story

There is a lot going on here and I have been away from the comic long enough to not understand the whole story. From what I’ve gathered about this issue( Aquaman 33) someone has had mind control of the underwater creatures and causing distrust amongst the people of Atlantis. Something is causing sea quakes every time Aquaman shows up.

Meanwhile, the Chimera, a sea creature who is able to morph into a human has begun creating havoc on land looking for Arthur.

The art in this book is fantastic. Every detail is drawn to perfection. I’m giving this book an A.

5. The last book I read this week has to be one of the best, if not the best, books on the market. Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting have written and drawn one of the most compelling books I’ve read in year in Velvet. Velvet 6: The Secret Lives of Dead people starts a new story arc where Velvet Templeton is on the run, but at the same time not really hiding, looking for the men that have double crossed her.

Everything about this book is good. We learn quite a bit about Velvet as a person and some of it is shocking. The writing fits the art completely. It’s seedy 70’s crime drama with a very strong, kick butt, female lead. If you haven’t read the first five issues, I’d highly recommend finding the graphic novel that compiles the first five issues. This is easily an A+ book

Those are my reviews for the week. I hope you enjoyed them. See you again next week.

Marvel Comic book reviews for 7/21/14

This week has been stressful. Staring at a computer screen preparing for testing that is required to keep my job has made for a very difficult week. I really shouldn’t be writing this but I need it. Comic books provide me a respite I don’t get in other ways.

It’s awesome when something that is needed so much starts with a bang.

1. The first book I read this week was Mighty Avengers #12 Original Sin. There are few books that leave me with wonder like this one. Everything about this book is perfect. Greg Land has an amazing gift. He has the ability to draw in details that readers don’t often see in many books.

Last month we started the story of Luke Cage and his father and how the are both affected by DeathWalkers. The writing in this book is very good. We get a great look at the origins of The DeathWalkers.

There was only one weakness with the book. There are two stories in this book. The transitions between them isn’t always seamless. Other than that, I found this a thoroughly enjoyable book. Grade A-.

2. The second book I read this week was Amazing Spider-man #4. This issue was an Original Sin chapter so we are discovering another secret about another Super Hero. While I enjoyed this story, the book did something that was completely unnecessary, reminded us that Spider-man was called to help with The Orb. It was a completely unnecessary detail. However, the scenes with his upset employees was interesting and the continuing story with the Black Cat could prove equally interesting. There is a new character introduced in this book and there are ramifications for Spidey.

The secret here is interesting but not entirely surprising.

The art is good here and the writing is good but it has not been nearly as clever as Superior Spider-Man. Grade: B

3. I always hate being the guy to bring disparaging reviews to a bad situation but I really did not like the latest Avengers 100th Anniversary #1. And I should have known I wasn’t going to like it based on the art on the cover.

So what is the disparaging news? James Stokoe, the artist behind the issue, died during the making of this issue.

Unfortunately, the art was why I didn’t like the book. It looked like a cross between Manga and Groo and as a result it was distracting.

The writing wasn’t very good either. I guess I’m a little bummed that Marvel isn’t treating these


issues a little more seriously. Or at least parodied Future’s End by DC.

I’m sure that Mr. Stokoe was a great guy, and I’m sure that he had a lot of fans. His style was just not my type of style. C-

4. It really is a disappointment when you buy a comic book that has two sets of artists featured but one set is better than the other.

Last issue of Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm was one of the best drawn comics I had read in months. So when Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm #2 has 17 of 23 great pages of art, I was disappointed. The other 6 aren’t near as good but aren’t terrible either.

The writing in this book is also excellent. The last issue dropped a pretty big bombshell for the brothers. They have a sister. What was even better? The identity of their sibling was an honorary member of Guardians of the Galaxy. Angela!

What we learned in the previous issue is that Freya, Thor’s mom, had a daughter that was killed by a race of angels from a tenth realm( oh yeah, there’s a tenth realm) during a war between the Asgardians and the angels.

Thor doesn’t believe that his sister is dead and asks Loki to help him to break into the tenth realm to meet his sister who isn’t really there

The second issue continues the search and answers the question what happens when two unwelcomed Asgardians show up in the tenth realm.

There is a ton of action in this book and subterfuge and it’s well worth the read. Grade: A.

5. Original Sins #4 of 5is the vehicle to tell the ongoing story of Young Avengers. That being said, it has been successful at being the most uninteresting story of the three stories. This week the secret sins told are concerning Captain America and Doctor Doom.

Doctor Doom’s story was great from the opening page. I was especially impressed by the art. The writing was dark and did a great job at showing the lengths Doctor Doom is willing to go to in protection of himself.

The last story was a 2 page very short story that went back to the origin of Captain America in present day stories.

I didn’t care for the art in this story. It seemed child like. I think a different artist would have brought more depth to the story, and to be honest, the story would have been stronger if had been longer. More interaction would have made it a very heartfelt story

I’m giving this book a grade of B solely on the strength of the Doctor Doom story

Those are my reviews for my Marvel picks for the week. Everything about this week was stronger than last week. Very enjoyable

this week’s blog

There will be a delay on getting my books read this week. I am being recertified for my job and its a stressful week because I need to pass a pretty long test to keep my job. I will do my best to write it soon but I need to stay pretty focused this week

DC comic book reviews for the week of 7/14/14

This week brought me a number of DC books that I was also interested in, including a comic book I have been looking forward to since the last week of April. So, let’s get started!

1. In April of this year I attended C2E2, Chicago’s premiere entertainment and comic book expo. While I was there I attended a panel where a number of artists and writers talked about upcoming titles and some of the exciting things that we could expect from the New 52 books this summer. On the panel were Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor who told a rapt crowd that Harley Quinn was heading to Comic con. The team went on to tease the book and sort of teased that they were trying to determine what they could get away with. This week the comic that was so cruelly teased was released.

Harley Quinn Invades Comic-con International San Diego #1 is everything that was teased. Harley has always wanted to go to Comic con(it’s on my bucket list) and she decides she wants to go in style. In order to do this she has created her own comic book and spends most of the issue trying to get an appointment with Jim Lee to get approval for it. Along the way she meets up with a room full of Cosplaying Jokers and her fan club and, in each situation, mayhem ensues.

This was a great issue because it doesn’t take itself seriously. In fact, it spends most of the time making fun of the industry it’s in. But fair warning: reading this comic book takes a certain amount of patience. Harley has the attention span of a person with ADHD after someone yells “Squirrel.” If you can handle the constant movement, you will love the comic book. The art is as whimsical as the story telling. Grade: A-

2. It seems that Batman Eternal has become an excuse for Scott Snyder to cram as many characters in to the comic book as he can. Of course, with the comic being weekly I can see his need to try to come up with more material.

There is really nothing wrong with the characterizations or art in the book. But I do have concerns. The gang war between The Penguin and Falcone is interesting enough to keep me engaged. A haunted Arkham, Pyg’s children, and a crime Bible are all interesting but they also take us away from the main plot

I fully understand that we are only 3 months into the story, but there are times when it feels like the book is looking for a direction to go in. For that reason I’m giving this book a grade of B.

3. I haven’t really enjoyed Green Lantern New Guardians a whole lot lately. However, this was an issue I could get behind. Kyle Ranier has finally found villains that are downright creepy. They’re called Psions. Their powers? They can bend reality and make people see what they want them to see. What they want them to see is very creepy.

I really liked this issue because after I read it, I found myself wondering what was real and what wasn’t in the issue. The way the issue was presented keeps us wondering until the next issue.

The art here was very good but I think it could have even been more disturbing. This was one of the better books of the week. Grade: A

4. I have been reading Supergirl lately because of the comic book’s tie in with the red lanterns. Issue 33 is the conclusion of the story line. There will be an aftermath story but, the story is pretty much ended. It used to be that a ring bearer had to die to get rid of their ring. Not so much here.

A lot of people complained about Supergirl being booted from the Red Lantern Corps, but I thought it was an admirable way to be ejected. It certainly fits the character.

I wasn’t thrilled with the ending but I wasn’t mad about it. It did seem like the solution to Kara’s problem had been explored many times before in any title with a Krypton in it. I think the ending could have been stronger. I am curious as to how the loss of the ring will affect the Red Corps. I’m giving this book a grade of B-

Those are the reviews for the week. I have a few other books I picked up but I don’t feel qualified to comment on them because I’m just learning the characters myself.

See you all next week. Signing off. Martin

Marvel Comic book reviews for the week of 7/14/14

Welcome to this week’s installment of what is bound to be the best, and the worst, that Marvel has to offer. I have 10 books to read so let’s get started.

1. The first book that I read this week was a total let down. For the better part of a week there has been chatter on different sites teasing that Marvel was going to be revealing who shot the Watcher. Come to find that is all it was: a tease. Although the book gets closer to saying who shot The Watcher, Original Sin #6 and all signs point to a certain character, the book never says, or shows, the character actually pulling the trigger.

There is really very little new story telling here. In fact, the issue was pretty devoid of new news except that Nick Fury, the original old Caucasian one, might be going a bit loco. Another question we still have no real answer to is what Extermanatrix and Midas have to do with the story.

Although I have only read the new Marvel Now comics since their conception, I think I have read enough to say that Marvel has a terrible way of starting ‘events’ that seem to only have a bare outline of what they want accomplished written out with not enough filler to make them truly spectacular. The only Marvel event I’ve read recently that I was impressed with was ‘Infinity ‘ and, truth be told, there were moments in those issues that seemed downright repetitive. Inhuman was an unspectacular event and Battle of the Atom started strong but never really ended. I think this event is doing the same thing. Eight issues are promised and they already seem to be running out of steam. This usually means that they will overload the last issue with information that will overwhelm the reader.

But it’s not all been bad. There have been some very entertaining crossover stories. Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm was thoroughly enjoyable. And some of the other stories have been intriguing enough

The art in this book is nothing too spectacular. Although the scenes where Nick Fury are holding the eye are pretty creepy. I’m giving this book a C. It’s a very slow book and not all that impressive.

2. As I mentioned above, there have been some offshoots of Original Sin that have been very enjoyable. One of those offshoots has been Hulk Vs. Iron Man. Original Sin 3.2 Hulk Vs. Iron Man #2 continues to reveal the secret that was shown to Bruce Banner when the Watcher’s eye exploded. I think it’s a pretty big one. Bruce learns that Tony Stark may have fiddled with the Gamma bomb that caused him to become The Hulk. We have known for some time now that Bruce and Tony have never been the closest of friends but we always thought it was just an ego problem. We learn here that it is much more than that.

But there is an interesting dichotomy going on here that the book is just now exploring. Tony Stark may be responsible for turning Bruce Banner into the Hulk, but he is also responsible for saving his life using Extremis( see the latest issue of Hulk on your newsstand).

In this issue Tony goes back to the site of the bomb blast to find clues to his involvement and Bruce does some digging and finds enough info that makes him want to ‘hulk-out’.

This issue does a great job exploring the back story that is part of the secret. The dialogue here is great and the reader gets a very strong sense of each character as ego centric scientists at battle with each other. The secret that the Watcher’s eye reveals grows in depth here and the next issue, released on 7/30/14 should be an epic showdown.

I have no issues here with the art or the writing. This was a very solid book. Grade: A

3. As you can tell from my review of Original Sin, I’m not a huge fan of the swerve in comic books. I don’t like being teased into a comic book. The cover of Uncanny X-men #23 Original Sin promises to be the reveal of what Charles Xavier has bequeathed to his X-men team. And you’ll be disappointed because it’s not happening yet.

Instead we get a continuation of last month’s story with a cliffhanger that features She-Hulk as Charles Xavier’s lawyer trying to gather all the main x-men for a reading of the will. As how this story fits into the Original Sin event, I can only guess. But suffice it to say, it’s probably going to be big and cause some rifts within the X-men if Cyclops gets anything. For those of you unaware: He’s responsible for the death of Professor X. For that Story, you will need to read A V. X available in trade paperback at comic stores and book stores.

The art in this book seems to fluctuate from “not that great” to “decent”. Kris Anka seems to be in line with the quality of the artwork that is in She-Hulk but also rises above it from time to time.

Brian Michael Bendis does a great job with what he’s given and does a good job with the aftermath of the destruction from the last book. My only gripe: Nothing was done with the ‘Dark Beast’ and I would have liked to have seen more of that. I’m giving this book a weak B for a grade. The art wasn’t my favorite and the cover teased a story that hasn’t happened yet.

4. Avengers World and Avengers did something I’m still trying to figure out. They swapped story lines. I’m not sure why and I’m not sure how it works, but the last few issues of Secret Avengers, Avengers World, Avengers and New Avengers has seemed to have been shuffled around. This has forced me to pay very close attention to the stories and it has also lead to some confusion.

One of the things I have appreciated about all of the Marvel titles is that each introduction page gives a synopsis of previous plots so that the reader is up to speed when picking up a book. Since the new titles have arrived a few years ago, A.I.M has been a thorn in the side of The Avengers. Especially the Secret Avengers team. An attempt was made to assassinate the Scientist Supreme on A.I.M. island( and failed spectacularly) and one of the team was brainwashed into working for the terrorist organization. Two of the other Avengers have been captured, Sunspot and Cannonball. Maria Hill has managed to get a message to them both and wants them to infiltrate the future where A.I.M. is stealing technology and bringing it back in to the past.

In case you are wondering, yes, there are plenty of references to Back to the Future. One of them might actually cause you to giggle a bit. The artist, Stefano Caselli, did a really good job here. I was skeptical because last month’s issue had some of the best art of the month. He rose to the challenge and drew some admirable panels in the book.

The bad? You really do need to have read Secret Avengers from the beginning to understand why this book is important. Without it, you might be lost.

This book deserves some pretty high marks. It wasn’t overly confusing and the author did a good job of capturing the personalities of all the characters in the book. I’m giving the book an A.

5. Secret Avengers used to be one of my favorite comic books. But five months ago they gave the book a new artist and new author and the extremely smart spy thriller comic became less interesting and more sophomoric. The series still has elements of intelligent writing but what I liked so much about the previous run of the book was that I could depend on Tom Clancy level intrigue. It didn’t matter that there wasn’t any humor in the previous run because the writing was spectacular

Now both the art and the writing are sub standard.

There are items here that I still enjoy. M.O.D.O.K. is still working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and I like that Maria Hill has to constantly question whether or not she’s doing the right thing by taking him on as an agent. But the humor in the book doesn’t strike real to me. I am waiting for the book to make a decision as to whether or not it wants to be a funny book or a serious one.

There are some interesting twists in Secret Avengers 005 and I am interested to see how the events in Avengers World will play out in this book but I’m not thrilled will the book’s new direction. C-

6. Before I write my review of Magneto 007 I think it’s important that I mention that there is a Parental Advisory on this comic book and for very good reason. It is excessively violent and there is a lot of blood spilled in the pages of this book. This is not the Magneto found in Uncanny X-men. This is the take no prisoners Magneto that most hardcore readers hoped for.

Magneto has dubbed himself the savior of the mutants but instead of bringing healing to the mutant cause, he’s killing anything that causes any amount of harm to them. Recently, he met Briar Raleigh, a mysterious ally that has put him in the path of some truly despicable people. Recently, he was sent to Hong Kong to stop Mutants from being forced to fight in gladiator pits. This issue is that story.

Whenever I read an issue of this book or Moon Knight, I feel like I am reading the script for Taken. There is very little dialogue and a heck of a lot of violence. I’m not sure how to characterize the art in this book. I haven’t been able to figure out if its the coloring or the penciling but the faces in this book are kind of odd. I’ve liked all the issues so far but I’m a bit concerned that the differences between issues may not continue to be to keep the book interesting. I’m giving this book a B. I’m not in love with the art yet.

7. Savage Hulk 002 is a bit of an enigma in that it doesn’t fit neatly into the Marvel Universe. What Alan Davis has done has been unique. He has created an extension of older stories and made newer stories out of them. In the last two issues the X-men and Bruce Banner have worked together to help Charles Xavier, who is still alive in this series, recover from a coma.

We also see the Hulk battle the Abomination and the X-men interject themselves into that battle.

Alan Davis writes and draws this issue and has chosen to give his readers a retro feel. Each of the X-men are wearing their original costumes and it feels like an older story. I guess this is fine but it’s a little off putting to going back in time while every other book is moving forward in the present or jumping ahead to the future. I liked the book. I didn’t love it, though. I’m giving the book a B

8. Marvel 100th Anniversary X-men 001 presents a vision of the future that seems it could be a positive for the Mutants. But for how long? Each of the books that are in the 100th anniversary category are stories that examine what life will be like for our heroes in the future. In what I can image is only being done in response to DC’s Future’s End, Marvel has taken a select number of titles and examined their future.

This book is a departure for the X books, in that the Mutants are in positions of power and with that power are in a position to heal relationships between mutants and non mutants. Of course there are detractors.

This book is filled with action and plenty of mayhem. In that way it feels like an X book. No matter how much good the mutants try to do, they never seem to catch a break.

The art in this book is good and there is enough back story given in the synopsis of the book that the reader can feel comfortable starting the story in mid stride. Still, I would have liked even more depth. I’m giving this book a B.

9. Thunderbolts 028 The Punisher vs. Thunderbolts part 2 tells the ongoing story of what appears to be the murder of The Punisher after he leaves the team. It appears that Red Hulk is behind the murder and Thunderbolt Ross is not doing anything to dissuade that opinion.

After the murder happens( or so it appears) the rest of the team is given the choice of staying with the team. This issues focuses on each of the members individually as they mull over the situation.

The writing here is good, but truthfully the art is better. It is especially impressive in the panels where Ghost Rider is fighting. This was a fun issue and, although Frank Castle is nowhere to be seen, his presence is felt throughout the book. There is a confrontation coming between Red Hulk and The Punisher. When it gets here, it should be fun. Grade: B

10. The last book I read this week was bizarre, to say the least. I’m not even sure I can say that much about She-Hulk 006. It is the continuation of the Blue File story. Jennifer Walters a.k.a She-Hulk found a file where she was named as a defendant in a law suit. The problem: She can’t remember it. She sends her law clerk to research it and that’s when all chaos ensues.

Not only was this story strange, and largely unresolved, the art was terrible and at time seemed drug induced and juvenile. That is truly all I can say about it because I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. B-

This was truly a strange week for Marvel. I am a huge Marvel fan and have been Since High School. I expect more from this company and feel let down this week. There were some shining moments, but not enough. Here is hoping next week will be better