Marvel Comic book reviews for 7/21/14

This week has been stressful. Staring at a computer screen preparing for testing that is required to keep my job has made for a very difficult week. I really shouldn’t be writing this but I need it. Comic books provide me a respite I don’t get in other ways.

It’s awesome when something that is needed so much starts with a bang.

1. The first book I read this week was Mighty Avengers #12 Original Sin. There are few books that leave me with wonder like this one. Everything about this book is perfect. Greg Land has an amazing gift. He has the ability to draw in details that readers don’t often see in many books.

Last month we started the story of Luke Cage and his father and how the are both affected by DeathWalkers. The writing in this book is very good. We get a great look at the origins of The DeathWalkers.

There was only one weakness with the book. There are two stories in this book. The transitions between them isn’t always seamless. Other than that, I found this a thoroughly enjoyable book. Grade A-.

2. The second book I read this week was Amazing Spider-man #4. This issue was an Original Sin chapter so we are discovering another secret about another Super Hero. While I enjoyed this story, the book did something that was completely unnecessary, reminded us that Spider-man was called to help with The Orb. It was a completely unnecessary detail. However, the scenes with his upset employees was interesting and the continuing story with the Black Cat could prove equally interesting. There is a new character introduced in this book and there are ramifications for Spidey.

The secret here is interesting but not entirely surprising.

The art is good here and the writing is good but it has not been nearly as clever as Superior Spider-Man. Grade: B

3. I always hate being the guy to bring disparaging reviews to a bad situation but I really did not like the latest Avengers 100th Anniversary #1. And I should have known I wasn’t going to like it based on the art on the cover.

So what is the disparaging news? James Stokoe, the artist behind the issue, died during the making of this issue.

Unfortunately, the art was why I didn’t like the book. It looked like a cross between Manga and Groo and as a result it was distracting.

The writing wasn’t very good either. I guess I’m a little bummed that Marvel isn’t treating these


issues a little more seriously. Or at least parodied Future’s End by DC.

I’m sure that Mr. Stokoe was a great guy, and I’m sure that he had a lot of fans. His style was just not my type of style. C-

4. It really is a disappointment when you buy a comic book that has two sets of artists featured but one set is better than the other.

Last issue of Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm was one of the best drawn comics I had read in months. So when Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm #2 has 17 of 23 great pages of art, I was disappointed. The other 6 aren’t near as good but aren’t terrible either.

The writing in this book is also excellent. The last issue dropped a pretty big bombshell for the brothers. They have a sister. What was even better? The identity of their sibling was an honorary member of Guardians of the Galaxy. Angela!

What we learned in the previous issue is that Freya, Thor’s mom, had a daughter that was killed by a race of angels from a tenth realm( oh yeah, there’s a tenth realm) during a war between the Asgardians and the angels.

Thor doesn’t believe that his sister is dead and asks Loki to help him to break into the tenth realm to meet his sister who isn’t really there

The second issue continues the search and answers the question what happens when two unwelcomed Asgardians show up in the tenth realm.

There is a ton of action in this book and subterfuge and it’s well worth the read. Grade: A.

5. Original Sins #4 of 5is the vehicle to tell the ongoing story of Young Avengers. That being said, it has been successful at being the most uninteresting story of the three stories. This week the secret sins told are concerning Captain America and Doctor Doom.

Doctor Doom’s story was great from the opening page. I was especially impressed by the art. The writing was dark and did a great job at showing the lengths Doctor Doom is willing to go to in protection of himself.

The last story was a 2 page very short story that went back to the origin of Captain America in present day stories.

I didn’t care for the art in this story. It seemed child like. I think a different artist would have brought more depth to the story, and to be honest, the story would have been stronger if had been longer. More interaction would have made it a very heartfelt story

I’m giving this book a grade of B solely on the strength of the Doctor Doom story

Those are my reviews for my Marvel picks for the week. Everything about this week was stronger than last week. Very enjoyable

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