Marvel Comic book reviews for 7/28/14

This week is a huge week for Marvel Comics. A lot of buzz has been made about Guardians of The Galaxy for the last two years because of the movie that officially is released tomorrow. What makes this movie such a huge deal is, that while GOTG is a part of the Marvel universe, it doesn’t fit as a typical Marvel title. I’ll be seeing it tonight and I’ll post my thoughts after I see it.

But I still have reviews on my comics to post and I’m going to spend the next few hours reading my books and telling you my thoughts.

The first book I read this week was Avengers World 010 and let me start by saying this was a masterful comic book. The author, Nick Spencer, gives us a new look into the action of a situation by not really showing us too much of it. Instead we see behind the scenes coordination by Maria Hill and the high stakes juggling act she has to accomplish in order to keep the world from falling apart. We are given some glimpses of the battles being fought but never more than a glimpse. The writing here is very tight and complete with the tension you’d expect to find in these situations, but what I loved here was the nervous joking you’d also expect to find in these situations. I loved that a lot of it came from Bruce Banner.

There are three stories here:

1. Madripoor, a crime island(so to speak) sat on the head of a stone dragon. A very bad villain, Gorgon, performed a ritual that has brought that dragon to life and now Madripoor is flying through the sky. The dragon is very angry and is about to be in a position to harm a lot of people

2. Morgan Le Fay has found cities of the dead below some European cities where tormented souls are trapped. She has set them free causing an army of Undead.

3. Andrew Forson, Scientist Supreme, is using technology from the future and causing A.I.M island to grow. It’s causing quite a bit of problems

All 3 stories are handled extremely well. The art in this book is as equally impressive. Marco Checchetto is very good with detail. Grade: A+

2. Avengers #33 Original Sin was as unusual as it gets. As I’ve mentioned in the past, the Avengers made the mistake of thinking they could play God by stopping universes from colliding using the Infinity gems. It caused the time gem to fracture and now the Avengers are trapped traveling through time without an anchor. This issue takes place 50,000 years in the future and Captain America comes across a race of A.I.’s. Unfortunately, that’s about all I can say without spoilers.

I have been pretty tough on this book. The galaxy incursions are events that keep happening in the book. My problem is that there is not enough variety in these incursions to keep the book interesting. I don’t think the book is poorly written or drawn by any means but I do think the idea has gotten stale. Grade: a weak B

3. Guardians of the Galaxy 017 was a decent book that probably could have been stronger. As we learned from the last issue, each of the Guardians has been captured and put into some pretty hairy situations. Probably the most fun of which is Star Lord being captured by his dad and escaping only to publicly humiliate him. This book is as much about Star Lord’s escape as it is about the aftermath of his father’s humiliation. It also covers the rescue of the other team members.

Where I thought the book could have been better was in the transitions of the stories. I thought each of the stories conflicts were too easily resolved. More conflict would have been good here.

The art was fantastic in some scenes and in others was just alright. I’m giving this book a weak B. It seemed it could have been better. Especially since the movie is coming out this week.

4. THIS REVIEW IS ONE BIG SPOILER Guardians of the Galaxy 100th Anniversary 001 continues the completely unnecessary stories of Super Hero teams. Many of the teams are written as if they existed 100 years in the future. Earlier this week I read that Marvel animation was releasing a Saturday morning cartoon of GOTG. This comic book feels like a test run for the series. The art feels like most cartoons.

A lot has changed for the team. Rocket has his own team now( his kids or nephews, we never fully figure it out. And they aren’t raccoons). Groot, Iron Man, Gamora and Drax are still on the team. Galactus has merged with Silver Surfer and is now Silver Galactus.

This really was an okay book. Grade: C

5. Uncanny X-men #24 Original Sin dropped one heck of a secret on it’s readers. One that you’ll have to wait until the last few pages to get. At the end of the last book, She Hulk delivered The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier. The contents couldn’t be read until Cyclops had arrived. This created some controversy for the team because Cyclops is mostly responsible for his death. In this book we still don’t know what’s in his will but a bombshell is dropped that could have HUGE ramifications for the X-men moving forward

I really liked the writing in this book. There was enough here to create a tension for the reader as they anticipate a surprise they know is happening without knowing what it is. Brian Michael Bendis does a great job creating that tension.

The second story about a mutant named Matthew that has incredibly destructive powers was not as convincing as the other story. Part of the reason is that the reaction of any who figures out he’s a mutant is always the same. There needs to be more emotional depth added to this character, otherwise it becomes pretty standard fare for the book.

I’m giving this book a B+. The revelation at the end is pretty shocking.

6. Hulk Vs. Iron Man 3 Original Sin is probably my favorite of the Original Sin titles this week. As we have learned, Tony Stark may be responsible for Bruce Banner being The Hulk. Bruce decides he doesn’t want to confront Tony as himself but as the Hulk.

We learn more about the revelations that The Watcher’s eye has produced for both Banner and Stark in this issue and there is a battle between the two but it looks like it’s just getting started. Waid and Bagley make a great writing and art duo. I enjoy the art in this book almost as much as the writing. This book deserves a grade of A.

Those are my reviews for Marvel this week. I had other books but I’ve not read them enough to write a great review. I’ll write a review of The Guardians of the Galaxy movie after I see it tonight.

My DC titles will be up tomorrow or Saturday. Thank you for stopping by

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