Marvel Comic Book Reviews for the week of 8/18/14

It’s Wednesday so that means two things, It’s hump day and, more importantly, it’s comic book day. While this week is not as jam packed as last week’s was, it is pretty packed. Let’s get started.

1. My current favorite Marvel comic book came out with a new issue this week. While I still loved it, I gotta say it still wasn’t as good as previous weeks. Mighty Avengers 013 only falters because this issue wasn’t drawn by Greg Land. Mr. Land drew the cover art but not the inside art. Taking the reins this week was Salvador Larroca. While the art is still fantastic, there is something very distinctive and fantastic about Greg Land’s art. I was also not a big fan of the art on the final page of the book.

The really good news: Al Ewing’s writing is pretty amazing as well. The only unusual part of the book is that this is clearly a continuation of the Original Sin: Mighty Avengers story line and the company made no attempt to latch on to it. As we have learned in previous issues, Luke Cage has discovered that his father was a member of the 1972 version of The Mighty Avengers with Blade. While they are a team they faced a group of villains called The Deathwalkers. They are back and have captured Blade and have big plans to use him to destroy the world.

This book is pretty packed with action, and if you like action, then you should love this book. It’s also pretty cool to see the old team working side by side with the new team. Another aspect of this issue that I really enjoyed was the dialogue of the older team catching up with one another after so many years. It was a great way to give us depth to all the players involved. There is also some great dialogue when the older team meets the newer team.

All in all, this was a great issue. And while I was disappointed that Greg Land was not the artist this time around, I did enjoy this comic book a lot. Grade: A.

2. The second book I read this week was a bit of an enigma for me. Wolverine Annual 001 while being a good book, interrupted the timeline of the comic book 1 month to die but simultaneously gave us one way that could kill off Wolverine. Unfortunately, it’s in a very undramatic way( at least as far as Superhero deaths go). What makes it strange, is that it’s kind of appropriate. If Wolverine is fully human then dying in a human way makes sense.

This book is more about Logan’s relationship with Jubilee. The art in this book is both unusual and kind of cool. It feels like it was done with watercolors and, yet it had the detail not associated with that kind of art.

What confused me is that, up to now, Sabretooth has been a huge part of 1 month to die and he is nowhere to be seen. Instead we get a camping trip. The writing is decent but the placement of the story seems out of place. I’m giving this book a B-, but most because it left me confused as to whether or not I enjoyed the story and wondering where the story fits into the 1 month to die story line

3. If you had any doubts about which side, Good or Evil, Magneto is on, Magneto #008 will answer that question completely. There are two stories here. S.H.I.E.L.D. following the bloodbath that Magneto has left behind, and Magneto trying to find who is creating the Mutant Growth Hormone(MGH). What he learns throughout the book is that people are not afraid of him . As a result, he makes a pretty shocking decision.

I have mixed feelings about the art in the book. While I like the shading and atmosphere in each frame of the book, I’m not a huge fan of how the artist draws faces. I don’t think the artist does a very good job of portraying emotion. I need to give this book a grade of B.

4. In my past two years of reading comic books, I’ve only read a couple of issues of Nova. I usually will only pick up his books when they are part of a larger story line. My biggest reason: the Teenage mindset annoys me and this book is written in that mindset. I picked up Nova #20 Original Sin because of the unusual relationship The Watcher had with Nova. Although I might be stretching things a bit, I think their friendship might be the reason that Nova’s secret is both encouraging and deeply personal. Nova’s dad is still alive. But we also learn some pretty awful things along the way about his dad.

To be honest, I liked this issue. I didn’t enjoy it as much of the other sites seemed to but I thought it was written well. In addition, although the appearance of Rocket and Cosmo are blatant advertising for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, their addition is kind of fun.

The writing, however, is not what makes this comic book worthwhile. The pencils, by David Baldeon, are what make this comic book a step above some of the other art I’ve seen this week. Baldeon does a great job rendering each of the characters. This book deserves a B+

5. Hulk vs. Iron Man #4 ended a little too conveniently. Knowing that there is a continuing rift between Bruce Banner and Tony Stark is one of the joys of them being on the same team of heroes. The resolution of the rift takes some of the fun out of their relationship. As you read the comic book, and think back throughout the past 3 issues, you can catch the curve ball the author threw at the reader but its not without a certain amount of looking back. Although I get the ending, I also feel duped when I read it.

The art here is neither terrible or mind blowing. It seems that Tony Stark has a new suit for every situation. I guess when I read this ending I wanted more.

Grade: B-

6. The last book I read this week was Original Sins #5 of 5 While the other Original Sin series is handling the main story line, this book deals with the other characters in the Marvel Universe that have been affected by the Watcher dying. This issue focuses in on Nick Fury, The Young Avengers, and everyone else.

In the last few issues of Original Sin we’ve been learning that Nick Fury had an infinity formula coursing through his veins and it allowed him to age past normal aging. He has dubbed himself as the ‘man on the wall’ and sees himself as Earth’s protector. He is looking for a replacement. On top of all that, it looks like he is responsible for The Watcher’s murder but we aren’t completely sure why. In this issue we learn he has another secret and, in many ways, this secret has more to do with the idea of Original Sin than many of the other sins.

The art in this section is fantastic. It’s highly detailed and a joy to look at.

I have to be honest, I’ve largely ignored the Young Avengers story line. I can’t stand the art. I know it has a lot to do with Watcher dying but, I have a hard time believing, in any way, that these are Super Heroes.

The last two pages, while the art is not great, is very funny. Each panel is a confession by all the other mutants and heroes. This section made me laugh out loud. I loved it. This book deserves high marks despite the middle story. Grade:B

Thank you for reading my Marvel reviews this week. If I find other comics that are worthy of mention, I will add a post about them

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