Marvel reviews for the week of 9/15/14

I think every so often I get a week where I get an over abundance of Marvel comic books to read. This is one of those weeks. This week I have 12 titles. I’m going to review 6 of them here and the other six in a second post. So let’s get started.

1.). The first book I read this week was Original Sin Thor vs Loki: The Tenth Realm 5 of 5. Let me start by saying that I really wanted to like this book more than I did. This off shoot of the Original Sin story has been one of the more interesting of the tie ins where Loki and Thor learn that they have a sister and there is another realm that was hidden away from normal existence due to a war between the Asgardians and the Angels where Odin’s daughter was murdered. Or so Thor was told. Thor refuses to believe she is dead and enters The Tenth realm where he is attacked by the angels.

Loki is in his element here playing the angels and Thor off of each other and eventually frees his father from prison which is where the last comic book left off.

The confrontation between Angela( from Guardians of the Galaxy) and Thor is in the book but is not as electrifying and fun as I had hoped.

The fault of this issue is not in the art but in the writing. The ongoing conflict between Thor and his sister seemed to only scratch the surface of the conflict. This is a huge revelation going into the final issue of Thor and there are a lot twists and turns in this final chapter of The Original Sin. Still it left me feeling a bit empty because we still don’t know why Thor is having difficulty picking up his hammer. I liked this issue. Just not as much as the others. Grade: B


Thor God of Thunder 025 God sized final issue might be the best book of the run. There were decisions made in this book that were very gutsy and paid off very well.

What makes it so gutsy? It’s the final issue of the series( a new one starts next month) and Thor is only in flashback scenes. The main gist of this issue is that Thor is training his granddaughters to be warriors and he wants their minds to be as sharp as their swords. He sends them to the library on Asgard to read the histories of their past. Without giving away what they read, let’s just say each of the stories is moved along by the art.

I am usually not a big fan of books that change artists half way through a book but the changes make sense and are incredibly cool.

The art changes were based on the premise that if you picked up two books in a library with art in them, it would be logical that the art would be different. I really liked the art in the second story a lot because it made me believe that the illustrations in the book they were reading were drawn in chalk.

I would only caution readers in one way about this comic book. Some of the imagery in the first story is pretty gritty, dark and sometimes pretty violent. It is not for kids.

Also, if you’re looking for answers from that the Original Sin story line left the readers with, you won’t find them here.

There is a pretty big twist at the end of this book that most of my readers probably know about but I’ll keep hidden in case there are new readers. This was a great comic book! Grade A.

3. So what do you do if you if a gamma radiated bomb gave you super strength and turned you into a monster? You’d probably try to find a cure. What if you accidentally created other monsters when the bomb went off? You’d probably want to find a cure for them. What would you do if you had a cure and you needed to test it but your test subject didn’t want the cure? That’s what Hulk 006 tries to answer that question. Needless to say, it creates some problems.

This issue did a good job in giving us an insight into the guilt and mindset of Dr. Green( Bruce/Hulk’s new name). His insistence on curing people is almost overwhelming and it’s going to cause some future problems for the doctor and his friends.

I’m not sure two opposing people would have an ethical decision like the one listed above in a heated battle, but, nonetheless, it is an interesting discussion.

The art in this issue was really good. Especially the art done near the end of the book. I really liked this book. Grade:A

4. Hulk Annual 1 was a very strange book in that they created a villain that had almost been created before by DC in the form of Poison Ivy. This character is Poison Ivy on steroids.

This issue focuses on one of Bruce Banner’s staff who is dying. The issue gives us a very detailed look into why she placed herself on his staff. We learn it’s to create a biological computer.

Whenever a new villain is created it always strikes me that most of them are created through the shortsightedness of their own creations. In other words, villains are created through mistakes they made themselves. The same is true here. The villain is Vista and Dr. Green is asked to help find a solution to the problem. Of course, the problem and solution are both tied together

I didn’t hate this comic book but I’m not sure I loved it. It was good and it read like more of a classic villain origin story but at the same time it was a bit too quirky for my taste. I’m giving this book a grade of B. I found the art to be good but the shading choices a bit annoying.

5. Once again a comic book gives us a complete misdirect on it’s cover. All New X-men 032 leaves us with the impression that Miles Morales is a part of the X-men. He is not! That’s not to say he won’t be, but he isn’t yet.

There is a lot going on in this issue. But before we can look at it, we need some background to understand it. In the last issue of the book the original team of x-men were left without a leader and decided that they want to go on a mission of their own to locate and recruit a new mutant with extraordinary powers. When they get there the person they try to recruit misunderstands their intentions and displaces the mutants.

Each of the mutants lands somewhere different and the most interesting displacement is of course Jean Grey who ends up in The Ultimate Universe with Miles Morales and can’t get back to her universe.

Maybe I’m missing something but that seems to be a variation of a theme that started the whole series in the first place. Do we really need another displaced mutant story?

It wasn’t that the story was bad, it just seemed unnecessary. I’m not sure where it’s going and I’m not sure it makes that much of a difference.

The art was fine and the writing too. It was just a boring issue. B-

6. I have no problem admitting that I didn’t understand Avengers 035 at all. And honestly, that has been my problem with the series since it started. There is so much scientific babble in the book that it can be very difficult to read.

But here’s what I did get out of the book. The multiverse is collapsing and it’s having an effect on The Builders who have identified earth to be the center of the conflict. On earth a number of the Avengers have disappeared( mainly the illuminati) and Sue Storm and others are trying to find them.

This book is a chapter leading to an event called Time Runs out. Once again, Marvel drops us off in the middle of the event and leaves the reader feeling disoriented enough.

The art has always been a joy to look at but I’m too confused to grade it with anything above a B-.

Those are my first six reviews. I will review the other six by Friday night or Saturday

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