Comic book review grade sheet for 10/13/14

1. Loki Agent of Asgard #007 March to Axis. Can somebody explain to me why Red Skull has enough psychic energy to turn into Onslaught because of professor X’s brain but Xavier wasn’t strong enough to reconstitute himself when The Phoenix Force killed him? Why then is he strong enough to spread hate everywhere? Including Latveria? This seems unlikely. B-

2. Edge of Spider-Verse 005 Sp//dr. Okay what just happened? Written like Manga. Who likes this?? Grade: C-

3. Spider-Man 2099 Edge of Spider-Verse. Better than the other installment but I wish they’d just get to the event. Grade: B

4. Avengers World 014. I think I just read one of the most beautifully drawn comic books I’ve ever seen. Easy A+

5. Hulk 007. Same ole story. Once you do an ethical story line once, it’s not as enjoyable a second time. Grade: B-

6. Fantastic 4 #011. This is one of the better comics that Marvel produces so it makes sense that Disney would cancel it because they want fox to relinquish the movie rights to them. Disney is destroying print comics. Grade: A

Comic book reviews for the week of 10/13/14 grade sheet

1. Death of Wolverine 4 of 4. Visually Stunning with a very shocking death. Killer issue. Grade A+

2. Storm 004 Death of Wolverine. Unusual tribute with a bit of a strange story. Art was good Grade: B-

3. Wolverine and the X-men 010 Death of Wolverine. A life chronicler interviews the students and faculty of Logan’s school. Nice tribute in writing but the art was awful. B-

4. Death of Wolverine The Logan Legacy 001. Not sure where this story is headed. Kinda strange. Wasn’t bad but a little strange how they did the foreshadowing in the book. B

5. Uncanny X-men 027. Very cool and compelling story regarding Matthew Malloy and his confrontation with the X-men. Cool art too. Grade: A+

6. Avengers X-men Axis 2. Much better comic than last. Much more focused. Kubert can’t draw facial expressions to save his soul though. B.

7. Magneto 011. Still not a big fan of the art. Magneto takes it upon himself to recruit villains to fight Onslaught. Writing was good, though. Grade: B.

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Marvel Reviews for the week of 10/6/14

Welcome back to my reviews of this week’s comic books. As always, this week is brought to you by the letter M.
I only have 6 reviews this week so I think I can put them all in one review rather than splitting them up.

1.). The first Marvel Comic book I read this week was Rocket Raccoon 004. Although I liked it, it didn’t quite live up to the other issues. It took me a while to put my finger on why but after giving it some thought, I think I determined what the problem is. The pacing was too quick and a lot of the humor was absent.

I’ve come to expect a laugh every other page so when I only got one this issue , I felt a little let down. It felt a bit like Skottie Young was trying to figure out how to flesh out the characters and make the comic into more than a humorous romp. I guess that’s okay to do, but Rocket has already been established as a snarky rodent so too many heartfelt moments are a bit unusual.

This issue focuses on Rocket confronting the villain causing him problems. There is also a plot twist regarding this as well.

Both the art and the shading are up to par. It just seemed like the book took too sharp of a turn. Grade: low B.

2. Nightcrawler 007was very good but a bit unusual. The fourth installment of The Death of Wolverine has not arrived yet and as a result Wolverine is not dead. However, this entire issue is about creating a sort of memorial to Kurt’s best friend.

The art in this issue is very cool and the coloring is vibrant. The writing here is also excellent and does a great job visiting the history of the friendship between Wolverine and Nightcrawler.

I think if I were to make any recommendation, I would say hold on to this issue and read it after the last installment of The Death of Wolverine. The writer was smart enough not to mention how Wolverine died but it’s still unusual. Grade: A-

3.) To say that Avengers 036 is a confusing title would be an understatement. There is a huge amount of information being given in this issue and it’s very hard to keep it all straight.

As far as I can see, A.I.M. Is developing a machine that can hurdle the Avengers through universes to the origin point where everything is falling apart. It is a one way trip designed to confront whoever is behind the incursions.

The indigenous people of The Savage Land are growing and becoming much more intelligent, helping with the technology on the island

But the main issue is that the Multiverse is collapsing and the collapse has to stop.

Marvel announced today at the New York Comic Con that the Time Runs Out story line will lead into the Secret Wars revisit. The end result of this story will be the beginning of that one.

All in all, this was an enjoyable comic book. As Marvel comics go, this book usually has some of the best art. There is no complaint here. The writing is also impressive. Grade: A

4. I really didn’t like Axis #1. I wanted to but I really didn’t. There must be an unwritten rule that says a Marvel event has to have EVERY character in the Marvel universe in a new event and an offshoot to that rule that says they all have to be in the issue at the same time. Not all of them were necessary.

There are a few things I didn’t understand. Why was the beginning about plant life taking over the city and then switch to the main story? Why does the artwork look expressionless? Why does all the dialogue in the beginning have to be snarky?

To go into too much detail would give too much away but when Magneto killed Red Skull in Uncanny Avengers, he inadvertently creates Red Onslaught, a massive version of Red Skull. He is way too much for one team to take on so we need them all

Everything in this book seems loosely connected and trite. I’m hoping the second book will be better. Grade: C

5. I’m not a huge fan of the two story idea in comic books. I always feel a bit cheated because I always end up thinking one of the two stories is better than the other. Still, each story in The Amazing Spider-man Edge of Spider Verse was fun.

The first story is interesting because there are different aspects to the story that are introduced here. Silk, Peter Parker’s new love interest/obsession is ready to move out. The move is kind of brought on by Maria, otto’s love interest while HE was Spider-man, and her low tolerance of them being able to keep their hands off each other.

Anna is also influential here in convincing Peter Parker that not every bad guy has to be Peter’s responsibility. Occasionally, he can rely on the cops to do his job. This was a nice addition and fun to see Spidey admit that he’s wrong. That’s when Carol Danvers arrives and Peter gets involved

The author asks you to look back to the Imhuman story from last year at this point. Which is okay here. There seems to be another pod that hasn’t hatched yet. Carol and Peter seem to go after it.

The second story is another Morlun Vs. Spidey story and it loosely ties everything back into the New Avengers incursion of planets story line.

I liked almost everything about the book except the story change 1/2 way through the book. I would give this book a grade of B+

The last book I read this week was Savage Hulk 005. This was a beautifully drawn book! The details are clear and the line work is near perfect.

Savage Hulk takes place within the events that take place in Hulk #300 where Doctor Strange makes a unilateral decision to banish Hulk into another dimension where he can use a portal to access worlds where he can roam free without harming anyone. However, not everyone likes the power he wields and during a Senate hearing he is visited by another master of the mystical arts who says the Hulk is creating mass genocide on his world.

Everything about this comic was excellent. It is part one of the story and well worth the read. Pick this up! Grade: A

Those are my reviews for the week. See Ya with a grade card of next week’s titles. Thanks for reading

Review of Image Comics Birthright

It’s not often that I pick an Image Comics comic book to brag about but I have to this week. Last night I read a pretty solid, if not a little predictable, comic book called Birthright. SPOILER: The story surrounds a family getting ready to surprise their son for his birthday with a party. To keep their son away from the house, dad takes his son out to play catch but does so near the woods. Dad throws the ball too far and when the son goes to find it, he disappears.

During the time the family is looking for their son(over the space of a year), dad gets blamed for his son’s murder but insists he didn’t do it. A year later, the police call the family, that is falling apart at the seams, to the Police Station where a 30 something man dressed like Conan the Barbarian claims to be their son. ****End Spoiler****

So that I don’t give anything else away, let me give some of my thoughts on this book. I’m not entirely sure why but this book reminded me of a cross between the movie Labyrinth and the book The Talisman by Stephen King/Peter Straub. Some of the same plot devices in the book are used in those two projects.

However, the book also takes twists and turns that are unexpected for a fantasy comic book. The choice to focus on the family for the first half of the book was an unusual choice and it really works here. It lends a certain realism to the story.

The book is pretty fantastical and the twist at the end of the comic is worth the wait. If you have an extra $3.00, I would highly recommend this book. Grade: A.

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D episode 203

Each week I watch MAOS I’m astounded that I’m enjoying a television show that takes place in a universe full of Superheroes but doesn’t actually have any Super Heroes in it. Whether or not you’re a fan of the pacing of the show, or you are put off by the absence of Super Heroes, this is a well written show.

S.H.I.E.L.D. has become a much darker show this year. With the destruction of the Agency and agents working in the shadows, the tone has become much darker. Each episode seems to get a little darker. This episode was no different.

In the third episode we get to see inside HYDRA thanks to Agent 33. Whitehall, the main villain of Hydra in the series, is seen interrogating her and attempting to brainwash her by spewing propaganda and forcing her to look at reoccurring patterns on a wall. At the same time, Simmons is attempting to infiltrate HYDRA by posing as one of their scientists.

Skye has some interesting conversations with Ward in which she learns that her father is alive and is searching for her. Ward also reveals that he was not brainwashed. Skye doesn’t want to believe anything that Ward has to say but Ward continues to say that he has promised to never lie to her.

Fitz also has an encounter with Ward which is very revealing and may be a precursor to Fitz becoming more mentally unstable. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes because it seems like Fitz is becoming a villain.

This episode seems to be a bit of a tipping point for the characters. There are a lot of crucial plot points to the episode and it seems like the directions each of the plot points are pointing are giving us an idea that each of the characters will not end up where they think they will.

I really liked this episode a lot. I really like what the show is doing with Fitz. Grade: A

Programming note

For the next 6 weeks I will be competing in a karaoke contest on Wednesday evenings. Since that is the night comics arrive, I will only presenting a score card of the comics I’ve bought. I’ll try to keep the marvel agents of shield going

Comic book reviews for the week of 9/29/14 part 2

5. Fantastic 4 Annual001 was a good comic. This was pretty refreshing because lately I’ve not been completely overwhelmed with joy at reading the different annuals.

But this week was different. I’ve often wondered if super heroes ever get to a point where life becomes too much for them and they break down. This issue pretty much answers that question for me.

Sue Storm has pretty much lost everything. Her family is falling apart and her kids have been taken away from her. So it makes sense that she’d want to get her daughter from Latveria where her daughter is staying with uncle Doom. Doom is willing to let Sue’s daughter go with her but she doesn’t want to go. Cue dramatic music because there is a a HUGE brawl here that takes a big chunk out of Doom and his empire.

This is a beautifully rendered book. The art here is spectacular and almost worth reading just for the art. However, the writing is spectacular here too. The author does a great job letting the reader see the motivations of the characters.

There were one or two things I didn’t like about the comic. I didn’t like the framing of the story. Telling it from the viewpoint of a fairy tale seemed a little contrived.

I also didn’t like Valeria’s dialogue. She is a super intelligent kid with the ability to speak like an adult. But she’s still a kid so she comes across as annoying. Grade: B.

6.. Black Widow 011 was a okay comic that suffered from being a little bit too cliche for my taste. While the writing was tight, it felt like the whole comic was trying to be pulp fiction meets lethal weapon.

Every scene was something I had seen before in ways that should have been more original.

Natasha and X-23 go on a rescue mission for Black Widow’s lawyer Isaiah.

This book was doomed from the beginning when they had a typo on the first page of the issue. I’ll leave you to find it.

I’m grading this book with a C. It was just mediocre

7. Prior to giving a review of Guardians 3000 #1, I wanted to say that I have had no prior experience with the original cast of Guardians of the Galaxy so I may not be the best guy to be reviewing it but since I am the only writer of this blog, the responsibility falls to me

The original team members are Vance Astro, Yondu, Charlie-27, and Starhawk. It’s not often you can start a new comic with the death of the crew but it gets explained. Just like Doctor Who, the Guardians are stuck in a time war. The difference? The Guardians are stuck in a time loop and can’t seem to figure their way out.

This issue is very action packed but while it’s exciting, it’s also a bit confusing. New readers who don’t know the characters won’t be able to identify with the characters. While I’m sure there will be time to get to know them throughout the series, I don’t think a battle is the best way to introduce us to them

The book is very well drawn and I enjoyed looking at the artwork a lot. I can safely give this book a B. I enjoyed it, I just wish the characters were more familiar.

8. Uncanny Avengers 025 was the last book I read this week. It’s usually one of the last books I read because I am never quite sure I’m going to like it. This week’s issue was excellent.

Most of the issue focuses on the confrontation between Magneto and Red Skull and is taken from the viewpoint of his daughter, Scarlet Witch. We learn a lot about Wanda in this issue and her, not so irrational fear of her dad.

Most of this issue surrounds the internal conflict Magneto has about whether or not he will kill Red Skull. The result is a bit grisly and the reveal is what leads into the new Marvel event, Axis.

I really look forward to what happens next. This will be an interesting event. Grade: A.