Marvel Comic Book Reviews for the week of 1/26/15

This week’s list of comic is shorter by far( at least on the Marvel side). Most weeks I like more but I’m kinda, sorta glad I don’t have as much to read and review. I’ve had a lot going on at work and it’s just nice to relax a little while reading my comics for the week. I have 5 books to read this week, three are X-men related, one is the first of a new series, and one is about the god of thunder. Without further adieu, lets get started:

(Spoilers abound)
1. The first book I read this week was Amazing X-men #016. For the most part I really liked this comic book. With one exception: I think the demon guarding the Gem of Cyttorak looks kind of stupid. To give a brief synopsis of what has happened so far: Colossus woke up from a dream where he has a vision that the Gem of Cyttorak is back on earth and is beckoning him to find it. Colossus has been previously inhabited by the gem. He wants to go after the gem but because of previous erratic behavior, Storm won’t let him go. Instead, the rest of the team goes to take care of the gem. When they arrive at the place in Colossus’ vision, the X-men find a demon is guarding the gem.

This issue is largely focused on two battles Rockslide vs the Demon and the rest of the X-men vs. the rest of the villains that have come to claim the gem. There is a third, not as prevalent storyline with Colossus trying to find a way to the gem. I think the only thing that is lacking in this book is the art. In most of the book the art is fine. However, this is not the strongest issue for consistent art. I’m not sure why but the demon in the book seems poorly drawn.

This book is part 2 of 4 part storyline. What I found is that, many times, the middle story of a mini storyline shies away from the story to focus on an epic battle between good and evil. There is no difference here. For those of us that have never read anything about the gem of Cyttorak, knowing more about the gem and why everyone is after it, would be nice. I’m giving this comic book a grade of B. While I liked it, I didn’t love it.

2. It would be really easy to ruin everything that happened in Uncanny X-men #30 with this review. A lot happens! Most of it not very good. For those of you that need a recap: When Charles Xavier died, he left a will. In it he revealed two pretty big bombshells. One: He married Mystique in order to save the Mutant population and two: When he was younger he met a Mutant so powerful that Charles was forced to suppress that Mutant’s power with psychic blocks.

On top of that, Xavier has refused to divulge the rest of his Will until the current X-men have determined that Matthew Malloy’s powers are still repressed. Cyclops gets in front of the problem by adding to it. Instead of repressing his powers, Cyclops tries to recruit Matthew, whose powers are still out of control. Magneto tries to stop Cyclops. Matthew’s powers go out of control but not before Maria Hill and S.H.I.E.L.D. attack. In addition, Eva Bell has gone into the past to convince Xavier of the past to lend assistance

This issue is the aftermath of that attack and, boy, it’s pretty intense. No one is safe.

The writing in this book is very good. The revelations in this book will have huge ramifications for the X-universe. The art is mostly good. I have never been a huge fan of how the artist draws Beast. Other than that, the art in this book was really good. I especially liked the scenes where Xavier reads Eva Bell’s mind.

Grade: A-

3. Wolverines is not an easy book to describe, but I’ll give it a shot. Wolverine was encased in Adamantium while infiltrating an revamp of the X-23 program in a place ironically referred to as Paradise. Paradise was destroyed, but before it was, 5 prisoners who had been augmented to have bigger than life powers escaped. In their DNA was encoded a sort of time bomb that could destroy them.

In order to defuse the time bomb they kidnap 5 Mutants that were enemies of Wolverine that also have healing factors. In their adventures they find another survivor from Paradise who has been genetically engineered to be the perfect thief named Fantomelle. The Paradise survivors and Wolverines plan to break into Mr. Sinister’s lair to retrieve Wolverine’s body.

Issue 4 is a bit hard to review because most of the issue I thought one thing was happening most of the issue and it turned out to be something else entirely. I don’t mind a fake out from time to time but there are moments when authors of these comic books try to be so clever with the intention of showing off. Charles Soule is one of just a few of my favorite writers in the comic book universe but there are times when I think he knows it. He sometimes comes across the hot girl who knows she’s hot….a little too confident. But still, this is turning out to be an interesting series. I’m looking forward to what comes next. Grade: B

4. There is a new band of Uncanny Avengers that has risen. Hence a new comic book Uncanny Avengers #001. To catch you up the best way is to just read one of the first panels after the introduction. The Avengers Unity squad is no more, Steve Rogers has lost his serum and now Falcon is the new Captain, there is a new Thor,Havok has gone mad and kidnapped his wife and Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have found out that Magneto is not their dad. Oh, and Sabretooth is acting like hero out of remorse over his actions.

There are new team members this time around. Doctor Voodoo and Sabretooth along with Vision have joined the team. Their first mission: to find Rogue who has gone, well umm, Rogue. She has ended up on Counter Earth with the High Evolutionary to find out more about who her father is.

This book is the introduction to a new story so the majority of this story is without action. It does a good job introducing new characters and the beginning of a new story.

Part of the difficulty with the book is that it is supposed to take place after the AXIS event. AXIS was not a great event so I’m not as emotionally invested in this book.

The writing was not bad, it just needs a better separation so that it can be its own book. Grade: B

5. Thor 004 adds a layer to the story that we hadn’t seen before. We thought we knew who the new Goddess was but this book shatters that idea.

We see a fight between Thorette and Odinson for control of Mjolinar. The battle ends in a way that is somewhat expected but nonetheless cool

I have never been a big fan of Roxxon but the new twists and turns could make it an interesting storyline. Grade: B. The art was inconsistent but it was a fun read


Marvel comic book reviews for the week of 1/19/15 part 2

1. I know in the last review I said that its a disappointment when art work doesn’t rise to the level of the writing but there are some exceptions to the rule. Moon Knight 011 is that exception. This issue is not only brutally violent, it is exceptionally creepy. It’s a gift that the art is not detailed.

Marc Spektor has been kidnapped and the moon God left him in favor of inhabiting his doctor. The things that happen while he is being held are pretty brutal.

There is not a lot of action in this book because it seems like it’s setting up a larger story. If you’re looking for a lot of action you will be disappointed. But it is still very cool.

This is not a comic book for kids. The writer has a great grasp of suspense and creepy Sci fi. This was an excellent comic book.

1. Loki agent of Asgard #010 did something I hadn’t seen before and I’m not sure I should feel cheated by it. The book used the prologue found in each comic as dialogue of a story that Loki tells ex-Thor( now Odinson) and Verity. And what a story it is.

The story of Loki is always fraught with twists and turns. This is no different. Loki has been replaced with Ikol, a ghost copy of Loki. Odinson is not happy.

There is a battle in this book between Odinson and Ikol and it’s fun to both look at and read.

The book takes place after AXIS and plays off of the inversions that took place in that series. As a result, this book feels like a transitional story

In many ways Loki reads like game of thrones where all the characters lie so much you have a hard time remembering the truth. The difference: it’s mostly only Loki that is lying. But there are 3 Lokis. A younger, older and present day Loki.

There are times when the writer is too clever for his own good and the wrinkles in the story can sometimes be unnecessarily complex. Grade: B

2. There is very little I liked about the Guardians of the Galaxy #023.. I wanted to like it but tone of the story was just not fitting enough to match what could have been a viciously dark comic book. The Symbiote planet had the potential to be a mind blowing thing. Instead, it was underwhelming.

However, there is some art that is pretty amazing once Flash Thompson is joined with other symbiotes. The new Venom outfit is also very cool. But that’s all I really liked about it. Grade: B-

3. Making Captain America a villain out of the gate was not a good idea. It’s not a great way to garner support for him as a new character. In many ways Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #004 was the beginning of the series. We see redemption for a character We also get a murder mystery that is in the process of being solved. The head of the Cortex company has been murdered and had his heart ripped out by a mysterious killer and members of the Mighty Avengers are tracking down the killer.

There is very little action in this comic book but a whole lot of mystery and intrigue. The art is fantastic in this book. The detail of the characters and the surroundings is incredibly rendered and made it fun to read. Grade: B+

4. I was not sure if I’d like Wolverines as a series and I’m still not entirely sure I love it yet. Charles Soule is a great writer and he does a great job with new characters but we are still getting to know the characters and it’s a little too premature to say that it’s a great. The weekly series will ultimately be about the Wolverines and their willingness to accept their own new powers. Right now it’s about two groups of mutants. One group was inserted with a self destruct button and the other group has healing powers. The Wolverines want the self destruct trigger switch removed and have kidnapped the other group threatening to activate their kill words if they don’t help. I like this series but I find it ironic that the wolverines would do the same thing that their creator did to them by holding death over their captive’s heads.

This is not a comic book that new readers can start unless they read the X-23 program mini series. Both the art and writing are good but as I mentioned, it feels too early to determine how good of a series it will be. Grade:B

Marvel comic book Reviews for the week of 1/19/15

This week has been a incredibly busy week. Sitting down to read a
My comics has been a blessing this week but I have to admit, sitting down to share my thoughts has not been one. I have quite a few books this week. There are spoilers in these reviews.

1. The first book I read this week is Rocket Raccoon #007. This book, by far and away is one of my favorite books. Each month I get a chance to laugh and grin as I read this book.

As many of you who saw The Guardians of The Galaxy movie know, Rocket is a sharp witted, tough raccoon assassin who has a soft side, but only when he is forced to show it

Most of the issues of this series have been pretty light-hearted with a lot of humor. This issue is a bit deeper in tone. Rocket and GROOT have been stranded on a very cold planet and Groot is attacked and left without his regenerative powers. There is only one way to save him. I will not reveal that part but it’s big.

There is one very big difference to this book. In past issues Skottie Young has written and drawn this book. This time he has a different artist. As a result, the feel of the book is different. This book is not done in the young style. The drawings seem more deliberate and mature.

I liked this book but I’m conflicted about the changes. This book was not as I expected. I’m giving it s grade of B. This issue was good but it lacked the humor that made past issues great

2. I have been a big fan of All New X-men since it began 35 issues ago. Not all stories have been great, but most of them have been full of solid writing and solid art.

I’m not a giant fan of this story arc. It feels like the story is needlessly being drawn out. One of the things that makes the comic interesting is that the younger team and older team( technically the same team just at different ages) interact. In story’s where the team is off on their own adventures, the interactions are not as interesting

The cliffhanger in this book is great and makes us anxiously await the next installment. Grade: B

3. I have never really liked the kids of the Future Foundation. That being said, I really enjoyed seeing what they did with Bentley in Fantastic Four #642. A lot has happened in this run of the fantastic 4. But in brief summary, John Eden destroyed the fantastic 4 because Mrs. Richards chose Reed over him. Well, sort of. In this issue, we learn the real reason behind his treachery. Bentley plays a big part in this.

The writing in the story is top notch. It has always been. There are twists and turns a plenty in this chapter that are leading to the cancellation of the series.

The art is also very enjoyable. There are scenes that are very enjoyable not only to read but look at. I’m giving this book a grade of B

4. It has always been a source of great disappointment to read a comic book that has great writing but mediocre art. Of course, I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I’m pretty sure I didn’t behold it in Magneto #014 The basic problem that I have with the art is that it seems rudimentary and lacks the amount of detail I’ve seen in other books. It’s especially evident in the facial expressions of the book.

However, if there is one thing I’ve come to enjoy about this series, it’s the writing. It’s interesting to read this book because it has taken a different spin on things than we are used to seeing from Magneto( at least lately). Over the last few years, Magneto has been seen as a hero. In fact, he’s been seen as a hero lately even helping S.H.I.E.L.D. try to capture Cyclops as he’s tried to control his powers. But in his solo book, he’s up to his violent self again, killing anyone that has had anything to do with harm to Mutants. Of course, Magneto believes he is doing the right thing, but Eric is clearly a Megalomaniac.

In this issue, his actions finally catch up to him. S.H.I.E.L.D. catches up to him.

I’m not sure how I feel about this week’s book. Magneto says this book is about his future, yet we are treated to a few pages of flashbacks to get to the future. It seems in-congruent. The book is still very interesting and there is a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more. It will be very cool to see where this book goes. Grade: B

This ends Part 1. Part 2 will be on its way tomorrow

This week’s comic reviews

This week has been pushing me hard with work. I’m normally able to pick up my comics at 10am but I probably won’t be able to get them until 3 or 4. Depending how I feel tomorrow, I’ll try to get things started tomorrow. As a programming note, unless I find Spider-verse compelling, I’ll probably only review scarlet spiders. But I’ll try my best to get the others out soon

Part 2 of my comic book reviews for the week of 1/12/15( added review)

1. The next book that I read this week was Nightcrawler #010. As I think I have explained before, I like Nightcrawler because he treats faith with respect. Not many other heroes see religious faith as something to be discussed. Not with Kurt Wagner. Occasionally the theology is a bit off but Nightcrawler is one of the more positive characters.

This week’s comic takes place as part 2 of Kurt’s fight against the Crimson pirates. As you know, when we left the fight, Nightcrawler was losing because the king had psychic control over the other x-men. They are fighting Nightcrawler.

The solution is kind of cool and there are some great moments with the art. There are some great cameos in the book too.

All in all, I’m not always a huge a fan of the art in this book. I think the artist does a better job with the teachers than the students. I’m giving this book a grade of B. It was fun to read but not as good as some other books I’ve read this week.

2. Every once and a while I find a very strange comic book that I really like too. Avengers #034.2 was that book for me this week.

Star Brand ended up being one of my favorite comic books of the 1980’s. Although The New Universe was fairly unsuccessful, I loved the story behind The Star Brand. A young kid who is tasked with being the defense of earth. I don’t remember the book being so ethereal but it’s been great reading the character

This book takes place before the Time Runs Out. A planetary disturbance has stirred Nightmask and he and Star Brand go to earth to stop it.

The story itself reads like an episode of The X-files and its a very strange story. But it’s fun and it’s worth reading

The art is unique and there are moments when it’s great and moments when it seems less than stellar. Grade: B

3. I can’t really give a proper review of Avengers #040 Time Runs Out because I have no concept of understanding. I know that there have been incursions where one universe( reality) is crashing into another one and these incursions are threatening the existence of Earth. I know that a bunch of Superheroes that call themselves the Illuminati tried to stop these incursions and that Captain America was against the idea because he didn’t like the idea that the Illuminati were playing God by deciding which universe got to survive. I know the Illuminati erased Steve Rogers’ memory so that they could continue stopping the incursions. I also know he remembered that his memory was erased. He has been trying to stop the heroes ever since.

Somewhere along the line Secret Avengers and Avengers became the same book. When that happened, I started to lose interest.

The book is still beautifully rendered but the story is way too old. B-

4. First off let me say: I love the look of Guardians 3000. The art is top notch and a delight to look at. Each frame is a joy.

The story has been fun to read too. Time is dying and the guardians are trying to stop it from happening while they are being attacked by a race of sentient robots called The Stark.

There is enough action here to really enjoy the book and plot development to keep interested. The humor in the book is also worth the price of the book

All in all, this comic book deserves a very high grade. Grade: A

5. I’m not sure I completely understand the entirety of the Wolverines #2 but I absolutely loved the artwork in this book.

The characters of the Weapon X program have teamed up with a bunch of mutants with healing factors to try to reverse the things that were done to them.

Sinister shows up with a team of villains to steal Wolverine’s body. As a result there is a battle between the Wolverines and the villains.

I appreciate this story because it’s not about mourning Wolverine. It’s moving on and, for the time being, is good.

Rumor has it that wolverine could be gone for two years. I know that this series is a weekly one and it’ll be interesting to see where things go. However, it could get old. I’m giving this book a grade of B.

Comic book reviews for the week of 1/12/15

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog this week. I have a number of titles to review, so let’s get started.

1. To say that I’m geeking out over Star Wars #1 is a bit of an understatement. I have been waiting on this comic book for a very long time. Marvel acquired the title from Dark Horse comics and it was always in the middle of the story so I could never pick it up. Until now.

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve probably seen Star Wars. I saw it when it came out and it was the first movie I ever saw that showed me how amazing movies could be. People who are just watching the movies recently may not be able to fully appreciate the awe of the original three because special effects are not as good as they are now but to my generation they are amazing.

The comic book makes the assumption that you are aware off the back story so they don’t take any time introducing the characters.

One of the things I wondered about the book was how they’d start it. Would they start it from episode 4 or where would it start? The book cleverly starts between episode IV and V. Each of the main players is a part of the book( except Lando). It is a new mission to continue handicapping the empire.

I really liked the art in this book. With the exception of Luke Skywalker’s face, I thought the art was very well done. For me, the art for Luke had an Odo feel from DS9( Odo never got faces quite right). I know it’s a sin to compare the 2 franchises but… In this case it works.

Despite all this, the writing and art bring us back to the wonder of the movies. Congratulations on a killer first issue! Grade: A.

2. I loved the first issue of S.H.I.E.L.D comic book because it got to do what the television show has been unable to accomplish, introduce the team, in a big way to Super Heroes. So when issue two was released this week I was really looking forward to reading it. I was disappointed. Instead of going toe to toe with any heroes this month, we are given a comic where Ms. Marvel is featured as its guest star.

I don’t know much about Ms. Marvel but what I gathered is that she is a young girl that aspires to be a Superhero and interjects herself into situations where she can help.

This issue has some surprises. We learn a lot about Simmons and that part is entertaining .

My beef with this issue is the tone of the book. The show is quirky but it’s also serious and has begun to develop a reputation of being an action/adventure series for adults. This comic, on the other hand, read like a Saturday morning cartoon. I’m not looking for another secret avengers book where the quirkiness is distracting. I’m giving this book a B-. I would like to continue to see this comic become a genuine extension of the show but better.

3. Deathlok is quickly becoming one of my favorite new Marvel comic books. Deathlok #004 was a continuation of a great beginning to a series. There is a new person as Deathlok and he is unaware that he is a mercenary for hire. How is that possible you ask? His memory is wiped after each mission and he is implanted with false memories. His missions are being lead by a controller.

In one of his missions he killed a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent. Now he has that agency, A.I.M, and Domino tracking him down.

Much of this issue takes place as a flashback where we see Deathlok’s mission. We also get to see another character being interrogated. In addition, there are two other plot lines in this issue.

While it seems that this issue is complicated, it is not too incredibly hard to understand. There is intrigue galore in this book and excellently written. I highly recommend this book. Grade: A

Amazing X-men #015 is a great example of how comic books should be written. This book focuses on Collosus, one of the most under utilized mutants in the X-Universe.. In this issue we find that Collosus has had a dream that the gem that gives The Juggernaut his powers is on earth and he wants to go find it. Storm won’t let him because she fears his unpredictability.

I really liked this comic book. It examines the loss of Wolverine and its affect on the characters but not in a way that is very deliberately overt.

I also appreciated that the writer decided to move on with the story in this book instead of dwelling on the event.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the art in this book. It felt great in scenes but lost its luster in others. I’m giving this book a B.

Those are my first 4 reviews. I will be posting at least 4 more tomorrow