Marvel comic book Reviews for the week of 1/19/15

This week has been a incredibly busy week. Sitting down to read a
My comics has been a blessing this week but I have to admit, sitting down to share my thoughts has not been one. I have quite a few books this week. There are spoilers in these reviews.

1. The first book I read this week is Rocket Raccoon #007. This book, by far and away is one of my favorite books. Each month I get a chance to laugh and grin as I read this book.

As many of you who saw The Guardians of The Galaxy movie know, Rocket is a sharp witted, tough raccoon assassin who has a soft side, but only when he is forced to show it

Most of the issues of this series have been pretty light-hearted with a lot of humor. This issue is a bit deeper in tone. Rocket and GROOT have been stranded on a very cold planet and Groot is attacked and left without his regenerative powers. There is only one way to save him. I will not reveal that part but it’s big.

There is one very big difference to this book. In past issues Skottie Young has written and drawn this book. This time he has a different artist. As a result, the feel of the book is different. This book is not done in the young style. The drawings seem more deliberate and mature.

I liked this book but I’m conflicted about the changes. This book was not as I expected. I’m giving it s grade of B. This issue was good but it lacked the humor that made past issues great

2. I have been a big fan of All New X-men since it began 35 issues ago. Not all stories have been great, but most of them have been full of solid writing and solid art.

I’m not a giant fan of this story arc. It feels like the story is needlessly being drawn out. One of the things that makes the comic interesting is that the younger team and older team( technically the same team just at different ages) interact. In story’s where the team is off on their own adventures, the interactions are not as interesting

The cliffhanger in this book is great and makes us anxiously await the next installment. Grade: B

3. I have never really liked the kids of the Future Foundation. That being said, I really enjoyed seeing what they did with Bentley in Fantastic Four #642. A lot has happened in this run of the fantastic 4. But in brief summary, John Eden destroyed the fantastic 4 because Mrs. Richards chose Reed over him. Well, sort of. In this issue, we learn the real reason behind his treachery. Bentley plays a big part in this.

The writing in the story is top notch. It has always been. There are twists and turns a plenty in this chapter that are leading to the cancellation of the series.

The art is also very enjoyable. There are scenes that are very enjoyable not only to read but look at. I’m giving this book a grade of B

4. It has always been a source of great disappointment to read a comic book that has great writing but mediocre art. Of course, I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I’m pretty sure I didn’t behold it in Magneto #014 The basic problem that I have with the art is that it seems rudimentary and lacks the amount of detail I’ve seen in other books. It’s especially evident in the facial expressions of the book.

However, if there is one thing I’ve come to enjoy about this series, it’s the writing. It’s interesting to read this book because it has taken a different spin on things than we are used to seeing from Magneto( at least lately). Over the last few years, Magneto has been seen as a hero. In fact, he’s been seen as a hero lately even helping S.H.I.E.L.D. try to capture Cyclops as he’s tried to control his powers. But in his solo book, he’s up to his violent self again, killing anyone that has had anything to do with harm to Mutants. Of course, Magneto believes he is doing the right thing, but Eric is clearly a Megalomaniac.

In this issue, his actions finally catch up to him. S.H.I.E.L.D. catches up to him.

I’m not sure how I feel about this week’s book. Magneto says this book is about his future, yet we are treated to a few pages of flashbacks to get to the future. It seems in-congruent. The book is still very interesting and there is a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more. It will be very cool to see where this book goes. Grade: B

This ends Part 1. Part 2 will be on its way tomorrow

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