Marvel comic book reviews for the week of 2/9/15

Last week I only had one view to my blog.  Usually I have 6 or 7.  This takes a lot of work for that many readers.  I am going to give this a few more weeks but if things don’t look up, I think ill discontinue the blog. 

I have a lot of ground to cover this week.  Lets get started.

1.  The first book I read this week was Darth Vader #001 I wanted to like this book better than I did. Darth Vader is one of the most iconic bad guys in the history of cinema and he deserves a book but I think he deserves a better first issue.

There are things I genuinely liked about the comic book. I loved the fact that Darth has to face Palpatine for the devastating loss of the Death Star. I love reading his thoughts on the space station and I also love the fact that we are getting to see familiar faces from the movies introduced again.

Just like the other Star Wars title we are watching the action between A new Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. We see the beginning of Vader’s plans to freeze solo in Carbonite.

Where I thought the book was lacking was in the art direction. The art is fine but some of the choices were strange. In one of the Star wars movies a light saber cuts off a guys hand. Rather than show the violence in that scene, instead a cut scene was made where you see the arm laying on the ground. In this book it seems that the artist drew the violence as if we are seeing it out of the corner of our eyes. As a result, I thought the story lacked the clarity it needed to be a great book. I will continue to read the book but I’d like to see some changes. Grade:B

2. I have not been a huge fan of the latest story Arc in All New X-men. It’s had its moments but, by and large, it’s dragged on too long. That has changed with this arc coming to an end this issue. As you may recall, The past versions of the X-men decided to go on their own to visit and recruit a new mutant. When they arrive they find a young girl( Carmen) who freaks out when she learns that she’s a mutant and hurdles that All New team into the Ultimate universe. Each of the characters is thrust into different adventures.

This issue starts with the team along with the Ultimate X-men attacking Doom and ends with Carmen.

With most of the arcs in this comic the endings have been unsatisfying but I actually thought that this was an enjoyable and thorough way to end this arc.

Bendis does a great job writing this book as usual. The art is great as usual. I look forward to the next chapter of the saga. Grade: A

3. The Black Vortex Guardians of the Galaxy #024 Is a very cool continuation to what is turning out to be a great series.

Peter Quill’s father had a artifact that imbued him and his cronies with Cosmic power turning people that look into the vortex into Super Soldiers. Peter Quill was able to get the vortex away from his dad but not before Gamora became one of those super soldiers.

The second chapter of the Saga continues where the last chapter left off. There is a lot of action in the beginning of the book. As the book continues it becomes a philosophical discussion about whether or not they should use the artifact.

There is some humor in the book and the writing is great. I’m still interested in this series and I look forward to the next chapter. Grade: A

4. I guess that Nightcrawler #011 is the penultimate issue of the series which kind of sucks because I’ve been enjoying this series a lot. Kurt Wagner was in Hell when the X-men came to rescue him. Since that very first story the series has mostly been about his fight with The Crimson Pirates, which has been fun

The artwork is almost always perfect and if it isn’t it is pretty close.

This was a fun issue because the students ended up giving the teacher lessons and it was eye opening. Grade:A-

5.. Thor #005 Still has not answered who the new Thor is but it has added a good deal of intrigue to the mix. Odin is not happy that a woman is Thor. Unhappy enough to hire people to find out who she is.

Odinson is pretending to be okay with the situation but he wants to know who the new Thor is as much as we want to know why he is not Thor

The writing in this book is taut. The author does a great job of answering the critics that are not happy with Thor being a woman. A fight with Crusher Creel with some great dialogue does a great job putting things at ease

This issue is a pass the baton issue. The torch has been passed but all of Asgard, with the exception of the All Mother and Thor will be against her.

This is a great issue but it’s in danger of becoming a feminist manifesto. Grade: A

This ends part 1. Part 2 coming soon

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