Marvel Comic Book Reviews for the week of 2/23/15 part 2

1.  I don’t know if Inspired By The Hit TV Series! Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division S.H.I.E.L.D. Is the real title of the book but that’s what it says on the front cover of the comic book.  Issue #003 was a very fun issue.  The cover is a tad misleading but it was still fun.

If you are looking for Doctor Strange, you won’t find him any where in this issue.  If you are looking for Doctor Strange’s house you’ll find it.

A team of thieves has broken into his house to steal an artifact while he’s offworld.  Agent Coulson is on the case and he has brought Spider-man along with him to stop anything from leaving the house.  They need a guide because getting through all the traps is like getting through a demonic fun house.

This book read like a comic book I’d read 30 years ago.  It was fun and even though the danger in the book was there it was never so overpowering that the book became dark.  Of course with Spidey in the comic there is also humor.  Grade: A

2.  I’m always a little leery of Annuals because they usually have nothing to do with the current story line.  This annual is no different.  Most also usually showcases artists that haven’t made a name for themselves yet.

This issue has three stories in it.  The first of these stories is the story of King Thor and his granddaughters on Midgard as they prepare a birthday gift for the king.  If you are religious it will be uncomfortable to read.  It was well written.  However, the highlight of the story is the art.  Very well done.

The second of the stories has Odinson’s friends testing the veracity of our new hero’s claim of being Thor. She is given 3 tasks that she must complete.  If she completes them she will win the favor of Odinson’s friends. The art in this story is unusual and not my favorite but the writing is great and fun to read

The third story has been talked about for awhile.  It was written by WWE ex wrestling legend CM Punk.  And, all in all, he does a pretty good job.  He asks:  if Satan had a drinking contest with Thir who would win.  It’s funny and whimsical and worth the read.  The art is also whimsical and funny and fits the story pretty well.  This annual deserves a grade of B.

3.  I was so very happy to hear that Spider-Verse was ending and oh so disappointed to learn there was an epilogue and a Secret Wars chapter with the same title.  All the loose ends are tied up in this issue, though.  Only one villain remains, Otto Octavius.  He doesn’t want to go back to his earth because it will mean his death.  So he wreaks enough destruction to potentially unravel time.  One of the spiders must stay behind to mend what is destroyed.

I don’t suppose it’s fair that I judge this book on the rest of the others.  It was a relief that EOSV is over.  It was an okay story only.  I found no fault with the art.  Grade: B-

4.  Uncanny Avengers has always been a bit otherworldly and sometimes the ethereal nature of the book can detract from its enjoyment.  However, this time it works.  Issue #002 wasn’t all that bad

The High Evolutionary on Counter Earth has created beings and when he sees their faults he kills them.  The ghosts want revenge and they are going to get Captain Voodoo to help them.  The art in this section of the book is amazing.  I really thought the facial expressions on the ghosts were creepy and expertly drawn.

The comic starts with a death, sort of.  The scene is somewhat disconcerting.  One of the things that makes this title work for me is how evil the High Evolutionary is portrayed.  This is an enemy that has power behind its words.  

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are beginning to learn their origins in all of this.  Scarlet Witch is incredibly well drawn.  I am looking forward to what happens next.  Grade: A-

5.  The last Marvel book I read this week was Wolverines #008.  It took a strange turn this week.  Fang, A Shi’ar guard, and friend of Wolverine has come looking for Wolverine and he’s willing to kill all his enemies in order to find out who killed him.

There is a lot of action in this book but the writing is a bit annoying.  It was as if the characters were having conversations that only they were having.  Another B- book

This ends my thoughts on this week’s comics.  See you next week. 

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