Marvel Comic Book Reviews for the week of 04/13/15 Part 2

1.  This week was not as jammed packed as previous week’s with only six Marvel titles to read.  However, this week’s list has one of the better written comics I’ve read recently in the form of Magneto #017.

As you may already know, Magneto has chosen to build a sanctuary on Genosha.  The only problem: there is a killer on the island killing mutants and leaving behind swastikas in their dead carcasses blood.  A question was left on the mirror of his bathroom while he was sleeping asking him if the furnaces were still warm.  

We begin the issue with Erik’s girlfriend asking  if he knows if the killer is a mutant.  From that question we are treated to flashbacks that give us a revelation of who the villain has turned out to be( kind of).  The narrative of the story tells us that Erik has known this villain since before he was a mutant.  The twist in this story is a bit alarming and how Magneto solves the problem is going to cause Magneto all sort of problems.  To reveal that would give you a reason not to read the comment.

Any time that a story has a Nazism element you are going to go to a dark place.  This comic book definitely goes there.  The writing and art are very dark.  However, the writing is also amazing.  This was a very good comic book.  Grade: A+


2.  Uncanny X-men #033 was a great comic book.  For readers of the series, you know Magick was pretty upset when Cyclops refused to take ownership of Xavier’s school.  She teleported herself and kidnapped Kitty Pryde and took her with her to Monster island.  

Kitty has largely objected to being kidnapped. But she later finds that she’s not being dragged along so that Magick can blow off steam, they have arrived on Monster Island to find a mutant that Cerebro identified.  Once Kitty and Magick find the mutant they come to a shocking realization that the mutant has been orphaned.

The writing here is excellent and very heartfelt.  Bendis has done a truly great job at capturing the very real emotions .  This issue tugs at your heart strings and is perfect in its tone.

I wasn’t sure I loved the art in the book at first.  It seemed jagged and awkward but as the book continued I found myself enjoying it.  This is definitely a grade A book


3.  The last book I read this week to review is Loki Agent of Asgard #013.  I didn’t understand too much of it, to be honest.  What I think happened is that in a moment in time the young adult version met up with his younger self and evil king Loki.  Both of the other versions of himself are trying to tell him that he needs to accept being the God of Lies. That he can never change.  In the end, he makes his own decision.  His decision I’ll leave you to read.

The writing in this book is fine.  Temporal mechanics is not anywhere near my strong suit so I confess not being able to grade this book.


There is a lot of talk about things coming to an end and there were a few mentions in these books.  No one knows what will happen next and that’s disconcerting.  I hope for the best but I’m leery.  We will see 

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