Marvel Comic book reviews for comic books released on 5/27/15 (the non secret war reviews). 

Welcome everybody to this week’s reviews of my favorite comic book company….Marvel Comics.  I haven’t always loved everything they’ve done, but I’ve also found a better understanding and kindred Spirit in its characters.

I only intended to read two titles this week.  My intention was to shy away from Secret Wars.  But, honestly, I’ve been intrigued by it so far.  So what went from two titles quickly became eight titles.

1.  I think anyone who is going through a mid life crisis or has a past they want to erase should read Black Widow.  Natasha Romonov may be one of the more interesting characters in the Marvel Universe.  She is an Avenger and hero but she’s also been an assassin and spy.  I don’t get the impression that she likes fitting into any of those designations.  I get the impression that she likes doing heroic things but that her past prevents her from taking on the moniker of hero.

We see a lot more of that in Black Widow #018.  Although I could be wrong, this looks like the end of the latest story arc.  The current threat with Chaos seems to be settled, Natasha’s lawyer has been rescued and Natasha is back to doubting her future as an Avenger

Most of the writing in this book is excellent.  However, there are moments where the character’s confusion leads to awkward transitions between story lines.  The flow of the story seems interrupted near the end of the story.

The art is generally not my favorite but there is one panel that is very cool.  When Naatasha is contemplating her life there is a scene where what she is watching some kids play in a park and what she sees through her sunglasses is viewed through the lens of the sunglasses.  There is also a HUGE decision that Natasha makes in this issue

This issue was done very well.  There is a pretty creepy cliffhanger.  It’ll be interesting to see where the book goes.  With the exception of the strange transitions this was a great issue.  Grade: B

2.  Of the two books that I bought this week that aren’t Secret Wars related S.H.I.E.L.D. #006 may be my favorite.  The artwork in this book is simply amazing.  Paul Renaud has a unique art style that brings detail to each of the characters that makes this comic book a joy to read.

There is a cornucopia of characters in this issue to deal with the threat that Dormammu has brought against earth.  He has cordoned off all magicians so they can’t help destroy him.

While the solution is a little corny, and maybe just a little satanic, it added some characters that were very cool to see.  If you want a fun book with great art this book has it all.  Grade: B+

Secret War reviews the next few days 

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