Reviews of Comics released on 7/8/15

Welcome back to this week’s installment of Marty’s Meanderings.  As you may have noticed, I changed the title of this week’s blog.  Normally I only complete Marvel Reviews but something I’ve been waiting for months to arrive has finally made it to the shelves.  DC and IDW crossed Star Trek and Green Lantern.  This could be a very interesting or tragically bad choice and I can’t wait to read it.  But let’s start with my weekly Marvel titles.  

1.  Whenever you do a comic book like Star Wars Lando #001, there is a danger in completing it because the character that is being written has already been established and if you don’t get him just right, it doesn’t feel right.  That was most of the problem I had with the book.  

Billy Dee Williams created Lando as a smooth talking huckster that could almost talk his way out of anything.  Even when he was on the ropes, he got himself out of some pretty rough spots.  But most of all, Lando had a cadence in the way he talked.  I couldn’t find that cadence as I was reading the comic book.  I heard it very slightly near the end of the book but it was never enough to feel like I was constantly listening to Lando speak.

It wasn’t that the story was bad.  It wasn’t at all.  In fact, it’s kind of cool to read about the events leading up to Empire Strikes back and how Lando got in bed with the Empire.  All the actions in the book were believable too.

Charles Soule is a fun read too.  I especially liked his run on Red Lantern but here he’s a little( not very much) off.

The art here is very well done.  I really liked the way Maleev drew both Lando and LoJack.  I’m going to give this book a grade of B.  The cadence wasn’t right but the story was still fun to read.

2. Secret Wars 2099 has been one of my favorite Secret Wars books.  Things are very different in this series.  There is a different Avengeds team with completely different members.  The Defenders are different too.

While I have been a pretty big fan of this mini series, I also have to admit that it hasn’t always been easy to follow the characters.  For instance, captain America is a woman in this story.  Now add a new team of Defenders and it’s suddenly a bit more confusing.  

I am not really a big fan of Superhero teams fighting other teams.  There have been exceptions( A vs. X) but usually the reasons are stupid.  I kind of felt that way about this week’s issue.  It seems that most of the book focuses on Hercules fighting with a defender over the attention of woman who is not very happy with either of them.  Just not enough of a great reason for me.  Alchemax, lead by Miles Morales, wants to recruit The Defenders( because apparently Superheroes are required to work for them) but The Defenders are not having it and quickly become enemies.  I can live with that excuse

The art is great.  Will Sliney does a great job once again.  This book deserves a B as a grade.
3.  I absolutely loved reading The Amazing Spider-man Renew your Vows #002.  Sure there were some cheesy moments but, all in all, this issue was a lot of fun.  In one of the many domains in battleworld( remnants from different planet incursions held together in one world by Doom who has called himself God) Peter Parker is still married to Mary Jane Watson and they have a little girl named Annie who also has Spider-like powers.  All Superheroes are in hiding because one of two factions, S.H.I.E.L.D. or Regent( a baddie who defeats heroes and steals their powers) is looking for them.  Peter would rather steer clear but his daughter uses her powers and now Peter’s family is on the radar again.  It’s not really Annie’s fault at all but Peter’s fault instead.  You’ll need to read the issue to find out why.

The art here is excellent.  Adam Kubert does a great job here creating a world we can become immersed in.  Dan Slott also does a great job of allowing us to visit a time when things with MJ were a bit less hairy.  I’m really looking forward to the next installment.  Grade: A

4. I can’t say I understood everything that happened in Age of Apocalypse Secret Wars #001 because I didn’t read the original Age of Apocalypse series.  Here’s my understanding of that series in a few sentences.  Apocalypse invaded the USA and killed millions of humans and  Each X-team( there were a plethora of them) fought him.  Some were recruited by the villain.  I know that’s a pretty reductionist view of the series but that’s the universe this story takes place in.  

The visuals in this book are stunning.  The coloring is as important in this issue as the art itself.  Great job there.

In this issue we meet two of the four horsemen.  One of the four makes a HUGE impact on the story.  The story surrounds both the X-men and Apocolypse chasing after one single mutant.  The conflict comes to a shocking climax and there are supposedly casualties.

This is a promising start to an interesting, and complex, story.  I look forward to its telling.  Grade: A

5.  Civil War #1 Secret Wars is arguably the best mini series of the whole Secret Wars series.  In some ways it eclipses the original series with how good it is.

Charles Soule may have done his best writing so far with this comic.  From the very beginning of the book the reader is drawn in to the story.  It is especially cool that enough background of the original Civil War event was given that there was absolutely no confusion about what was going on.

The gist: The Government, with the help of Tony Stark has asked anyone with Superpowers to register themselves and will be unable to use those powers unless they are registered.  Stark sees it as a security issue.  Steve Rodgers sees it as a freedom issue and fights Stark.

The book lets us know that plenty of time has gone by and the nation is divided into two areas: The Blue and The Iron.  I’ll give you three guesses on which is which and the first two don’t count.  The differences between the two areas are brilliantly shown through two scenes where citizens are treated in two very different ways while exhibiting their powers

Anyway, a third party has invited Tony and Steve to negotiate peace.  What happens next will set the tone for the rest of this story.

This is an absolutely engaging and masterfully done book.  Great job:  A+

6.  When I first heard about the Green Lantern/ Star Trek crossover event I wasn’t sure what to make of it. But when I picked it up Star Trek Green Lantern The Spectrum War #1 of 6, I was pleasantly surprised .  I wasn’t sure how they were going to pull it off but it actually worked.

The book takes place on the enterprise with the crew from the Star Trek into Darkness crew and tells the story of what happens when they come across a dead guardian and the rings of power.

The writing here was excellent because it was structured like an episode of the series.  The crew treats the guardian as a new alien life form and does tests on the rings as if they are alien artifacts.  The truth is: to this crew they are.

All of the conversations and actions that took place made sense.  While the reader is let in on the secret and knows what is going on, it is fun to watch the crew discover the things we already know.  Very fun issue.  Grade:  B+.  For the most part the art was great but there were a few places where it faltered just a bit 

Those are my reviews for the week.  Hope you enjoyed them.  See ya soon 

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