Marvel Comic Book reviews for books released on 11/11/15 part 2 ****spoilers****

1.  It’s not often that a comic book is released where the hero is killed in the first section of the book.  But that’s what we witness in All New Wolverine #1.

Just a quick note:  if you’re looking for Logan to be the focus of this issue you’re going to be disappointed.  He’s not.  X-23 has taken over the mantle.  Why?  Wolverine is dead.  You’ll need to read The Death of Wolverine books for that story

Laura Linney has become Wolverine and is now chasing after villains as her mentor.  I have no problem with the change, although I’m hesitant that the change will be as well received or as well written as the Wolverine books were.

The writing is not as gritty as the original Wolverine series but there is enough shock in a few scenes that the book garnered a parental advisory.

To be honest the book really does feel like a continuation of the Death of Wolverine books.  When you read the issue you’ll understand why.

Like any new series, this one will struggle to be its own book.  People will have expectations.  It’ll be interesting to see if the writers will try to cater to the readers or go their own way.

In order to completely understand some of the character dynamics you’ll have to know that X-23 and Angel appear to be an item.

There is a lot of action in the book and truthfully we are not informed how the characters are where they are.  It was s good comic but not over the top good.  Grade: B

2.  Okay I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t like Radioactive Spider-Gwen!  There I said it.  My main reason?  I can’t figure out who it’s written for.  I think it’s primarily written for teenage girls.  Both Spider Gwen and Captain America are women in this series.  Peter Parker is dead and the more I write this review, it sounds like a tool to change girls into confident women. It also strangely feels like a feminist manifesto wrapped in a comic book.

The basic premise:  Spider Gwen has been framed for the death of Peter Parker.  Half the characters believe she is innocent.  The  other half don’t.  The problem I have:  it’s almost all talk and no resolution . 

I’m also not a fan of the art.  It kind of reminds me of Looney Tunes cartoon art.  Grade: B-


Marvel Comic book reviews for comics released on 11/11/15 part one

It has been a while since I had seven comic books to review so I’m going to do my best to get through them all this week

1.  For everyone who thought Secret Wars would be done in 8 issues welcome to Secret Wars 7 of 9.  The bad news is that there are now 9 issues.  The good news:  it should be one heck of an ending.

Without giving anything away Doom is going to have a huge fight ahead of him.  My only concern for the end of this series is that it will be a one sided fight.and a complete beat down.

What makes this issue really good is that it has brought together all the mini series in a way that makes sense.  However, there are questions that still have me confused.  How did certain teams end up together?  Why are the reboots containing old history if everything is new?  At what point do we figure out which 1610 characters and 610 characters are which?

Great issue:  A-.  Not the fault of the issue but with Marvel’s marketing.

2.  Before I begin to review Thors #004  I think you should know I read Secret Wars 7 and Thors 004 in reverse order.  In other words, read this issue of Thors first to understand how it’s referred to in Secret Wars.

Beta Ray Thor was killed by another Thor.  We learned that last issue.  We also learned that the same Thor that killed Beta Ray Thor also was responsible for the deaths of several Jane Fosters and Donald Blake’s from other areas of Battheworld.  This issue focuses on the confrontation between all the Thors.  Loki plays a small part in this issue and it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the Secret Wars main title.

All in all, I thought this was a pretty good issue.  There was a lot of action with an ending that leads directly into the main title book.  My only gripe with issue is that there was too much dialogue during the fight scenes.  There could have been much less and it would have been a better issue.  Grade: B

3.  Before I start the review for All New All Different Avengers #1 I have to go on a bit of a rant.  I’m not a big fan of paying $6.00 a month on comic books.  I’m even less of a fan of books that are $6.00 that divide the book into two stories.  Maybe I’d be a fan of it but part of the problem is I don’t like Nova and he plays a pretty prominent role in this issue.  

Why don’t I like Nova?  He’s a whiny teenager.  I don’t like whiny teenagers.  I’m perfectly willing to admit that I, at one point, was also a whiny teenager.  But I didn’t like my teenage years then and don’t really like reading anything that reminds me of them, but I digress.

I loved the first half of this comic book!  Mark Waid does a great job of reminding us that Super Heroes are heroic.  We don’t get the self doubting, imperfect, all too human versions of heroes that are in touch with their feelings.  We get heroes doing next to impossible things( impossible if Mythbusters ever tried them) that remind us that we can believe in characters that are bigger than ourselves.

I also liked the humor in the first half of this book.  It was fun to read the banter between Ultimate Spider-Man and Tony Stark in what was a great scene involving cookies.

The book jokingly makes fun of the fact that there are several Avengers teams but none of them call themselves The Avengers( which I believe is true).  In reality, Marvel could probably stand to consolidate some of the teams.

The second story is pretty usual fare for two teenage kids dancing around the fact that they like each other.  It, no doubt, will be a plot line that is examined again.

I’m giving this book a grade of:  Low B.  The art is pretty decent in both stories.  But if I’m going to pay $6.00 for a comic I want to like both stories.

4.  Welcome to the final review of part one.  The Uncanny Avengers #2.  I only have one confusing question about this book. Why is the villain called Shredding Man?  Anyway, Shredding man is the reason I’m not a tree loving vegetarian.  I could never be militant about my lifestyle.

I really liked this book.  With the exception of the political/ environmental posturing by the bad guy, everything about the book was enjoyable.  

Gerry Duggan does a real good job here of showing us that the Unity Squad could probably use a pep talk about what the word Unity means.  I also like the introduction/ cameo of another character that is going to be fun to ready bouncing off of Deadpool in future issues.  Grade: A

Image Comic book reviews for the week of 11/11/15

I don’t normally review Image comic books but I have to admit there are a few that have captured my imagination and have taken me on a journey that I have enjoyed immensely.  Last week it was Velvet which I consider to be the best written book in comics right now.  This week there is another. 

1. Faster than Light #3 continues the story of a team of Space Explorers that are traveling in a space ship that has an FTL drive( look at the title to get the acronym). As the shuttle is being tested scientists discover what appears to be a previously undiscovered planet.

In the second issue the explorers land on the planet and take an artifact.  As they try to break orbit of the planet and leave, they discover that alien tendrils have killed one of their crew and the alien entity is trying to prevent the ship from leaving.  The entire issue is devoted to their attempt at escape.

Although the book is pretty scientific, it never becomes bogged down in scientific terminology.  The author, Brian Haberlin, has done an excellent job of engaging the readers.

My favorite part of the book is the artwork and coloring.  Each panel is done in a way that we are never confused by what. We are looking at.  The coloring is great here too because it lends itself really well to expressing the danger the travelers are in.this is a book that is definitely worth the read.  Grade: A

2. I would love to say that I loved this week’s Birthright #11 as much as I loved every other issue, but I can’t.  But let me be honest:  it has nothing to do with the writing.  Watching Mikey’s story between Terranos and earth between his real family  and his otherworldly family has been fun.  I think I’d amp up his parent’s involvement but that’s just me.

The problem with this issue is the art.  It seems inconsistent.  In some panels the artwork is detailed and very clear at what is being conveyed and other times it seems sloppy.  There is also one panel where the family is sitting down to dinner that completely threw me off and broke my concentration of the story.  All in all, it’s still a good book.  Grade: B

Marvel Comic Book Reviews for comics released on 11/4/15

A lot has happened with Marvel over the last few months.  We are still getting through Secret Wars and because of its delay in getting its books out, it’s starting to get a little tiresome.  It’s still been an excellent read but sometimes things that drag on too long can lose their lustre

Marvel has also started its reboots of its universe before the Secret Wars event has ended.  Technically, you can start the new titles without finishing off Secret Wars.  However, it does lend itself to some questions.  Like why are certain heroes paired together and why.  

So far I’ve been unimpressed with the current changes.  However, I did enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the two Avengers books and Spider-man 2099.

I’m also a fan of the next book on my list with maybe one exception.

1.)  I have been a fan of Dan Slott’s writing since Superior Spider-man.  I have to admit though that I’m not as big of a fan of his writing on The Amazing Spider man.  Issue 3 was good with one thing that I thought was just a tad annoying.  But let’s start with what works.

I really like that we are allowed to see Peter  Parker mature.  Many characters are like Bart Simpson and never given the chance to mature or grow up.  While the authors have to stunt the growth( otherwise we’d have a geriatric spider) Marvel has shown some maturity with the character.

I’m not entirely certain that the book is criticizing or parodying Donald Trump but I also like the fact that Parker has to have his name on everything.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Johnny Storm story in this book because I think the ending wasn’t at all surprising.  However, the terrorist group stealing Peter’s technology has been an intriguing story line I’m interested in learning more about.

The one thing I wasn’t a fan of?  The humor.  It felt like there was too much of it.  Normally I’m okay with it but it seemed like the book was having trouble finding its identity.  I’m giving this book a grade of: B.  The book is forming an identity and I don’t think they needed to fix what wasn’t broken.

2.  Extraordinary X-men #1 was a pretty excellent book.  The book did an excellent job of telling a story that is terrifying for Mutantkind.

For the last year or more Marvel has been building up the Inhumans as a dangerous group of individuals.  Inhumans are usually humans that were affected by a terrigen mist that activated dormant genes that turned them into super humans that many times have uncontrollable powers.  Well now we are learning that the Terrigin mist is even more devastating because it sterilizes mutants.

Hatred of Mutants has increased and Storm is putting together a Super team of X-men to find the remaining mutants and bring them to her school which is now called X-haven.  However, they are coming in and such an alarming rate that the school is having trouble keeping up.

The entire book is mostly concerned with recruitment to the team.  What makes it interesting is not everyone who Storm wants to recruit wants to be an X-man anymore.

Everything about this book was excellent.  I really liked everything from the pacing of the story to the art which was also impressive.  Great book!  Grade: A

3.) so I find it just a bit ironic that a former WWE wrestler is writing a comic book about a character that is played by another former WWE wrestler in the movie but this week’s Drax #1 written by CM Punk is my most anticipated Marvel book of the last few weeks.

CM Punk staged one of the biggest coup’s in WWE history when he left the squared circle.  It is good to see him back.  

As you may recall CM Punk wrote a story in last year’s Thor annual where he had a drinking contest with Mephisto.  This year he is back with his own book and it’s really funny.

What does Drax do when he is not fighting with the Guardians?  What do you think?  He goes after Thanos.

The story here isn’t incredibly detailed but it doesn’t have to be.  Punk does a great job of capturing the voice of the characters in the book and leaves the reader with some laugh out loud moments.  

The art in the book matches the tone of the book.  All in all, I was not disappointed.  Grade: A

4.) As many of you who have read my blog in the past know, Marvel’s treatment of Star Wars has been nothing short of spectacular.  It is difficult to capture the action and wonder I felt when I was a kid and saw the movies for the first time.  They have replicated that wonder.

Star Wars #011 does not disappoint.  The issue is divided into three stories.  Chewbacca and C3-po are approached by a mercenary and attacked.  Han and Leia are still dealing with Han’s wife and Luke is being forced to fight in a pit to the death.  

The book does a great job of weaving back and forth between each story and the action never lets up.  This is a grade A book.

Hope you enjoyed my reviews this week.  I hope to be more consistent in getting reviews our.  Thank you for being patient.  See you soon.