The Force Awakens Review with spoilers don’t read if you haven’t seen it

I really don’t think that JJ Abrams has any clue when it comes to helming franchises that if you’re at the helm you can make changes.

I also don’t think that JJ lending his name to the movie has anything to do with the fervor behind the phenomenon that is the new movie.  While most people are curious about what Disney has done to the Star Wars Universe, the name Star Wars is an established brand that fans would flock to if the director of the last Fantastic Four directed it.

This entire review will sound like I didn’t like it but it’s just the opposite.  I really, really liked it despite the things that annoyed me about it.

There really isn’t much original about the movie.  In fact, they could have called the movie Big Ball go Boom, again and saved us all $9.00.  However, I have to say this version of the Death Star was infinitely more powerful and they got it right.  Still I can’t help but thinking the structural engineers in the empire lack so much creativity that all they can create is a destructive sphere with one fatal flaw.

A lot of the sets look familiar, too.  Jakku, the home of Rey( a female lead is new) looks a whole heck of a lot like Tattoine and its equipped with a cantina very similar to Mos Eisley.  There is a planet that looks very similar to endor too

The biggest weakness of the movie, however, was the villain, Kylo Ren.  Every time he came on screen I could help but think he’s unassuming and looked a lot like Rick Moranis in Spaceballs as Dark Helmet.  I kept waiting for “my Schwartz is bigger than yours.”  His reveal is awful too and he looks like a soap opera male diva.

Still for everything that didn’t work for me, the feel of the movie was a throwback to the original three.  The action was fun and there is at least one twist that was heartbreaking and thrilling  all at once.  The special effects were top notch and the action sequences were breathtaking.

I guess that I just think that Disney and JJ have the ability to take the series to new heights. They have the ability to step outside the box.  I hope they take it next time.  Grade: B