Deadpool the movie review

There are some movies that you enter with a sense of trepidation.  Let me explain.  I am not a huge fan of the character of Deadpool.  At least the comics.  Perhaps it is only this iteration but over the last few years his wise ass attitude became a bit too over the top.  Deadpool and Spider man both are snarky to a fault but with Spidey it’s never really perceived as mean spirited.

Cut to the review.  The writers of the script did a lot of things I really liked in the movie.  One of my favorite things is the dialogue in the movie reminded viewers many times that Deadpool is NOT a hero.  I’m not saying it justifies all the violence and the gore and graphic sex and profanity but it very blatantly reminds the viewer that this is what they signed up for.  And to the Director’s credit, a lot of the really mean spirited humor got left on the cutting room floor.

There is not a lot of plot to the story.  Wade Wilson is turned into Deadpool through some truly unpleasant moments in the film and he wants revenge for it.

The violence in the movie is pretty intense, with at least one torture scene that goes on for entirely too long, but many of the more graphic acts are sprinkled with humor that is designed to distract us from the nature of the scenes. For the most part: it works with one very funny moment between Collosus and Deadpool.  There are occasions where it may have gone too far but what can you expect when a villain who literally can’t feel anything fights a guy who can’t die.

The humor is plentiful and Deadpool spends a lot of time addressing the film goers.  Not all the jokes hit and some are cringe worthy.  But again:  most of it works.

Ryan Reynolds was definitely born to play this role.  He’s perfect for it.  But, and this was my biggest gripe with Ultron, like Ultron you are always fully aware of who is playing the character.  There is never a second in the movie that you’re not aware that Ryan is Deadpool.  It’s not a huge problem but it nagged me a bit as I was watching it.

All in all, this was a fun movie to watch.  The last 15 minutes are great.

Some of the conflicts were too easily resolved but it wasn’t too distracting.

 As it is with every Marvel movie there are post credit scenes that are very funny

Grade: A-


It’s been awhile( no this not a Staind post)

Hi everyone.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything about comic books.  My primary reason?  I’ve been broke and unable to buy books.

So let me start this off by saying that I was mostly impressed with Secret Wars as an event.  Despite Marvel’s absolutely horrendous delay in getting it finished, all the books were consistently enjoyable.

I haven’t been a big fan of its outcome.  Many of the titles have had a pretty heavy teen presence and Marvel has tried changing its target audience to teenagers.  Conversations with comic shop owners have pretty much said its not working too well, or at all.

Teens don’t want to read.  Even if there are pictures.  Digital comics are on the rise but I don’t see that being a successful medium unless the comics are interactive.

Marvel has tried it with their AR app which allows you to hold your phone over certain panels to get extra features that aren’t included in the book.  The app doesn’t always work

There have been a few excellent titles.  I’ve been very impressed with Uncanny X-men.  Greg Land shows its readers what true comic art should look like.  In addition, it has included the history of the X-men prior to Secret Wars, which I’ve enjoyed.

All new, all different Avengers has also been a solid title as it has resisted the urge to pander to teens.

Vision is really good. More for the writing than the art.  The first issue is scathing in its suburbia commentary

I’m still deciding whether I love Amazing Spider man.  I like that it’s gone global but I’d like to see new villains as a result.

But my time has been spent watching television.  I can’t begin to tell you how annoyed Arrow has made me this year.  Too many flashbacks and every fight scene is choreographed the same way.  It’s annoying

Flash on the other hand has been great.  Especially this week’s episode with Tarpit.  It might be the best I’ve watched for the series.

My top pick for this winter season has been The Shannara Chronicles.  The show is based on a book written in the 80’s called The Elfstones of Shannara.  It has not stayed faithful to the book but it has been a real joy seeing one of my favorite fantasy books come to life.  

Doctor Who had a great season.  The two parter at the end of the season was visually stunning and expertly written.

I will try to write more after I see Deadpool.

Thanks for your patience