Marvel’s Captain America Civil War Review

Marvel Studios owed us an apology for making Mandarin a blubbering idiot. They owed us an apology for making Ant Man so very bland and they owed us an apology for hiring James Spader for voicing Ultron because, let’s face it, there wasn’t a minute of that movie you weren’t waiting for Reddington from the Blacklist to appear.  And lastly, they owe us free movie passes for not throwing enough money at the studio who created Fantastic Four to get their movie rights back.  The good news:  with Captain America Civil War all can be forgiven.

The Russo brothers created a great movie, if not the best superhero  movies of the entire genre of films.  Without giving away scenes from the movie the premise of the film centers around the argument that powerful individuals should be given oversight so that their power can’t be without consequence.  From the title you can guess what it means for the Avengers.  Every punch and fight in the movie is even more powerful because of what is at stake.  

Although I have not read the original Civil War storyline, I know enough to know that they didn’t follow the script.  In the book it’s a villain the causes the beginning of the conflict in the story.  In the movie:  it’s not.  But I’m okay with it. In many ways, not knowing the plot allowed me to enjoy the movie even more.

  The addition of certain characters was very cool.  The addition of Spidey and Black Panther were both welcomed however the new origin of Spideys costume was a bit heavy handed and cheesy.  Still the action scenes with Spidey might be the best in the movie.

I think my only beef with the movie is that Zemo seemed a little too underdeveloped.  Zemo is a villain and his origin is explained in the movie but not shown enough to make him the worst villain in the Marvel Universe only rivaled by Kilgrave.  Instead, the movie focuses on The Winter Soldier and whether or not he’s a hero or a villain

This is a movie that needs to been seen in 3D.  I don’t say that very often but everything in the movie is enhanced by seeing it that way.  

While the movie starts an interesting discussion about surrendering powers to oversight, the conflict is not fully resolved.  That actually is very satisfying because it really is a dialogue that shouldn’t be contained to one movie.  I am very interested in seeing where this all leads.

This is well worth the money to see.  The action, humor, dialogue and everything else is very well done.

My grade: A-