Long silences

It has been a while since I sat here and wrote anything about comic books.  Mainly because I haven’t been able.to afford buying any.  But I got a second job and ive recently been picking up issues here and there.

I am not ready to jump back into writing detailed book reviews yet.  But let me.tell.you what I am reading.

1.  Uncanny X-men-  I primarily read this series for one reason only.  Greg Land draws it.  When an artist is as detailed as Land is and he has a colorer as talented as this book does, it’s almost as if the content wouldnt matter.  The latest issue was a little silly but it was still pretty to look at.

2.  Extraordinary X-men-  maybe it’s because apocalypse is featured as the villain in the movie that he has returned as the main baddie in this current storyline but I gotta admit, I really like it.  The writing in the book is pretty tight. 

3.  The.Amazing Spider-man.  Peter Parker has always been one of my favorite characters and Dan  Slott has done a great job with it.  The book is in an event called The Clone conspiracy where The.Jackal is cloning super villains.  Right.now that is all.we know.  Fun series.

There will be more series but that is what im reading now