Review of Doctor Strange

 I always go into a Marvel movie with a sense of trepidation and fear. There have been some great Marvel movies and some not-so-great ones. Some of the great ones include Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, and the first Iron Man movie. Some of the more lackluster movies have been Iron Man 3 and Ant-Man.
I have never been a huge fan of the Doctor Strange character. I am always a little weary of characters that use the spirit Realm as part of their power. Having grown up in a fairly strict religious household, I believe that the spirit world is very real. To the director’s credit, he did not choose to exploit the fact that one of the villains is a ruler in limbo, which looks a lot like Hell in the comic book.  

The main crux of the story is how Stephen Strange became Sorcerer Supreme.  And before you poo-poo another origin story, this one is actually interesting.  From here on out there are spoilers.  

Stephen Strange is a nuerosurgeon and he prides himself with having steady hands.  He has to.  Other people’s lives depend on it.  So when he gets in a car wreck and damages the nerves in his hands, he begins losing his mind because his livelihood is taken away from him.  He contacts different surgeons to get repair surgery but no one will help him.  

Enter Benjamin Bratt.  He plays a man who should not be able to move but is leading a very productive life.  Stephen Strange asks how he does it and he is reffered to The Ancient One who initially refuses to help Strange.  Strange, being a man of science, has trouble grasping.the concept of a spirit realm and initially thinks its hogwash, until The Ancient.One pushes Strange’s Astral self out of him.  From that point on, he becomes a voracious learner and seems to surpass the people teaching him.

There is a lot more to the story including two villains that.Strange must face during the course of the movie.  The final confrontation was humorous and highly original in how it was handled.  Im not spoiling that.

Everything about this movie.was excellent! From the rich colors to the amazing special effects to the acting.  Usually when a movie relies too much on special effects, the story is lacking.  Not this time.  The movie stole some of the visuals from the comic book.and had at least one or two scenes that inception would have been jealous of.

If you are looking for a fun popcorn flick, this is it.  I highly recommend it.  Grade:A- 

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