My Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Review(Spoilers abound)

So last night I went to the movies.  Got in line, got ready to pay, and found that my friend, who happens to be the GM of the theater, had comped my ticket.  I was very thankful.  I got in line to get my pop and headed in to the theater where I was treated to two minute trailers of both Spider-man homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

When someone comps your ticket to anything there is a certain amount of pressure to like what you’ve seen.  To be honest, I was very disappointed.   Let me explain.

When the original movie came out, I loved it.  It was colorful, funny with a sense of urgency, witty and the special effects were at a level that people working on Star Wars even perked their heads up and took notice.  The characters in the movie seemed to be written relatively close to the comic books as well.

Fast forward to Vol. 2.  Why didn’t I like it much?  It seemed to be pandering to the crowd a little too much.  For instance, the opening sequence could have been a very cool fight scene between an interdimensional monster and the Guardians but instead it was a Baby Groot dance sequence.  It seemed like executives at Marvel saw dollar signs behind the Funko toy and decided they needed an obligatory dance scene.  The problem was it was 5 minutes of the team fighting and then stopping to warn Groot to get out of the way.

My biggest beef with the movie is, again, the hopes that the movie might try to follow some of the canon of the comic.  In the comic, Peter Quill”s father is the narcissistic ruler of a planet called Spartax that came to earth and had a child with an earth girl which led to Peter quill.  In this movie, and you should not read beyond this point if you don’t want to know, a celestial by the name of Ego came to earth to find a species he could impregnate so she could have another celestial being.  The two celestials would go on a father/son romp through the galaxy destroying civilizations and rebuilding them in their image.  To do this Ego plants what looks like an innocuous looking plant in a forest that we learn wI’ll kill everything.  

But first Ego must find Peter.  Luckily, he tracks them down to a planet of golden aliens that have asked The Guardians to kill the interdimensional being that is stealing from them.  Their prize for killing the beast…. Nebula’s(Gamora’s sister) freedom from captivity.  Instead, rocket steals from them( a bunch of highly expensive batteries, yes you read thst right) setting off a giant manhunt for The Guardians that eventually includes Yondu and his crew.

The majority of the movie is set to a very lackluster soundtrack and takes place between Ego and Quill.  Ego has used his celestial power to build a planet that he actually has become.  He is trying to convince Peter that Peter has the same powers too.

While this is happening, Yondu and Rocket are forming a plan to rescue Quill because Yondu knows that Ego is a bad dude because he used to bring children to Ego to determine if they could be celestials too (his progeny after many failed attempts to create another celestial).   Yondu was hired to bring quill to Ego, but didn’t, which was one of the final plot lines delivered in the last movie. 

The movie spends it’s time too heavily on preaching to its audience about the importance of family.  There is a subplot between Nebula and Gamora being family that feels forced, Rocket feeling connected to Yondu, Ego and Quill and a love story brewing between Gamora and Quill.

The characters are softer this time around too which is uncharacteristic.  In the comic both Nebula and Drax are bad ass.  In the movie, she still has moments where she’s the assassin she’s in the comics but she’s also a sentimental love sick character which is not true to her at all.

Drax, who has some funny dialogue in the movie, has some one liners that come off as cruel instead of funny.

And Baby Groot goes right up to the line of being cute but highly obnoxious and teases us at that line.  He, however, does have one of the best scenes in the movie that plays very well.

What was good?  The last 15 minutes of fighting.  The special effects here were very cool.  A little gross but very cool.  The movie was fun to look at but nothing stood out as being something we hadn’t seen before.   All in all I’m giving this movie a grade of C.  It was very medoicre.


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