Marvel Comic Books for the week starting 5/28/17

Before I start my marvel reviews, I need to actually pay DC a compliment.  This week they released one of the best Superhero movies I’ve ever seen.  Wonder Woman is smart, funny, visually stunning movie that was a joy to watch.  It is well worth any money you are willing to spend on it.

This week there were five  Secret Empire books.  I only have three of them. 

1.  The first book I read This week is Secret Empire #3.  While most of the series has been a high octane ride this issue is more plot driven than action.  We get the beginnings of the story behind the old man calling himself Steve Rodgers but we still don’t know if he’s the real deal or not.

We also get the beginnings of a story involving Sam Wilson and whether or not he is willing to help the other heroes in fighting Captain America.

Maria Hill attempts to teach the isuperheroes to think outside of the box when attacking villains and Hydra thinks they have found one of the cosmic cube fragments.

But perhaps the best part of the issue was Star Lord’s plea to other aliens to aid in helping the defense force above earth.  Rocket Raccoon has one of the best lines in the book by unleashing some of the best nicknames for Steve Rodgers.  

This book moves the plot along but it does it in baby steps.  We learn of one hero defection.

All in all, this has been a good series.  This issue didn’t quite move along at a pace of have liked but with 10 issues in the series I suppose a slower pace should be expected.The art still remains annoying to me.  Although you can differentiate between chatcters, the artwork isn’t always easy  to follow.  I’m giving this book a B-.  While the writing is good, I didn’t love the pacing.

2.  Doctor Strange #21 gives us another chapter in the Secret Empire saga.  While most of the books have dealt with how the heroes have dealt with the defection of America’s favorite hero, this issue deals with the dome of darkness that engulfs the United States, kind of.  While it serves as a back drop for the story, it’s more about how the heroes deal with their daily routine of fighting evil while under a glorified fish bowl.  

While the book was good, I thought it was an unnecessary chapter in the saga as it doesn’t have much to do with Secret Empire.  It felt more like a chapter from Monsters Unlimited than the event of the summer.

The art and the situations are both good. I’m giving the book a grade of B.

3.  Deadpool #031 is another chapter of Secret Empire and details a secret mission that Captain America asks Deadpool to complete.  The events of this book take place before the events of Secret Empire #0.

I have to say I wasn’t expecting this issue.  There is a loss in this book that is pretty big.  Whether or not it’s permanent is yet to be seen.

The book does a great job of mixing the humor and the horror that is deadpool.  Grade: A

4.  I have been looking forward to the Cable series for a couple of months.  Nathan Summers, a.k.a Cable is a mutant from the future that stops incursions from other mutants throughout history.

This was a very strange book that takes place in the 19th century old west and 16th century Japan.  It seems that Cable is going through time pursuing mutants that wreaking havoc. We are not sure of their beginning.

I can’t decide if I liked this book.  I thought the artwork was excellent and it was a great rendering of the character but the story didn’t give us a diection.  We get the impression that we are being dropped into the middle of a story instead of the beginning.  This is still only chapter one so there is still time for development.  Its not a bad story.  Grade: B.

Ill try posting more reviews soon


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