Marvel Comic Book reviews for the week beginning 6/4/17

Welcome to another installment of Marty’s Meanderings, the weekly blog that looks at some of the Marvel comic books that are released from week to week.  

1.  The first book I read this week was X-Men Gold #005.  It is the second chapter of a story that began two weeks ago.  The plot:  Gambit was hired by Bolivar Trask’s daughter to steal something.  He didn’t ask any questions, but through some unfortunate circumstances, unleashes nanites that form into what seems like a sentient sentinel. The sentinel is formed by a smart cloud of these nanites.  

In this issue we learn just how smart the cloud is and how the stakes are raised.

There is also a plot line where the newscaster in previous issues is back to blaming the X-Men for the problem.  But she’s right.  

The strength of this book is not in its writing.  Its in the art.  When I read this book I’m reminded of Saturday morning cartoon art.  Its a joy to look at.  This is also due to the coloring in the book.  I give this week’s issue a Grade of A.

2.  Secret Empire Brave New World #1 is sort if a throw away issue.  It has three stories in it and only one has to do with the main storyline.  A number of fire-men have traveled to see Namor’s kingdom to see if they can rely on his assistance against Captain America.  This story takes up the majority of the issue and is good at drawing battle lines for ongoing stories.  The art in this book is fine.

The second story is a very short story.  Its a story with Giant man.  There is not a lot to write here about it.  It’s just kind of there.

The third story is a pretty funny story with Gwenpool getting interviewed by a news reporter.  To give away anymore would ruin the story.

Most of the time an event inside of an event is just an excuse to add as many characters to the fray as possible.  Most of the time the stories are useless.

I’m giving this issue a C+.  It’s funny in parts and moves a long the plot in others, but all in all, it was kind of blah.

3.  The Amazing Spider-Man #028 ends a four part storyline where Spidey is after Norman Osbourne.  He has come up with a way of turning Symkaria into goblins.  Symkaria is Silver Sable’s homeland.  With the help of Countess Karkov, the leader of Symkaria, Norman is ready to make this happen.  Can Silver Sable, Spider-Man and Mockingbird stop it from happening?  You’ll need to read to find out.

This issue focuses on the two fights, Norman and Spidey and Silver Sable and Counters Karkov.  There is a third plotline but to reveal it here would reveal too much of the issue.  The issue asks the question If Spidey could only fight without his powers.  Its a pretty good issue.  There is no weird art.  Dan Slott has always done a pretty good job with Spiderman since he started writing it and continues to.  Grade: B.  It seemed like a good issue but I don’t feel as emotionally invested as I used to.  

4.  I have been a fan of Hawkeye since I started reading it.  It has been an unlikely choice for me but it is a brilliantly written comic book that doesn’t treat been a teenager as a bunch of cliches.  

Issue 007 is another great issue.  It has plenty of action but it is more of a character development issue where we learn about her troubled past with her parents. 

Although I am not a huge fan of the art, the writing is top not.  Grade: A.


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