Spider-man Homecoming review

So I have had some time to think about whether or not I loved Spider-Man Homecoming or not and while I absolutely loved a lot about it, there were things about it I thought could have been done a lot different.  Beyond this point there are spoilers.  One of the more clever moments in the movie happens at the beginning when we see Peter creating a home video of his mission to Berlin to fight with the avengers in Civil War essentially making a movie inside a movie.  I had a ton of fun watching these scenes mostly because it was clever but primarily because it captures the essence of the wonder of what it might be like to be a teen asked to help out the Avengers on a mission.  Tom Holland does a great job as a hyper teenager with over exuberant need to be more than just a teen.  After the mission Peter is told “we’ll call you if we need you” but instead of treating it like the brush off it is, he uses it as an excuse to hound Happy, Stark’s chauffeur, into letting him in on an Avenger’s mission.  Stark does let Peter keep the suit

The movie takes place after the battle of New York.   A construction team, headed up by Adrian Toomes( The Vulture) is recovering Chitauri weaponry from wreckage sites when Damage Control, Tony Stark’s clean up crew, takes over and steals the job from Adrian but not without retaining some of the technology that they keep to sell to other criminals.

Spidey finds out about this by thwarting a bank robbery that causes a lot of property damage when the technology malfunctions.  

It becomes Peter Parker’s mission to thwart the weapons ring much to the chagrin of Tony Stark.  Eventually, Peter’s desire to do something big creates a situation where he could be more of a harm which causes Tony to take back the Spidey suit saying ” if you’re nothing without the suit, you shouldn’t have it.”

The side plot is Peter’s adolescent crush with Liz who we later find out is part of the twist in the movie.  I didn’t love the character of Liz Toomes.  It would have been a great plot point but we have seen the “I can’t be happy because I’m Spidey plot line in previous movies and I wanted him to get the girl.  There is another woman in the movie but to reveal her identity would ruin the surprise.

So what was the beef I talked about earlier in this post?  Spidey kicked butt in Civil War.  He was a force to be reckoned with,but for the majority of the movie Stark knocks Parker down a few pegs.  It seemed a bit heavy handed and at times excessive.  Especially since the movie’s hero spends much of the movie being made to look like a fool to propel a plot line about whether or not Parker will get back up when he gets knocked.  That part of the movie seemed a bit contrived.

However, the rest of the movie was really fun.  Keaton did a great job as a disgruntled blue color worker trying to stick it to the Man.  Some of the scenes in the movie painted The Vulture as a truly terrifying villain.

Peter’s best friend in the movie, Ned, might be one of the best things about the movie.  He’s the perfect blend of smart, dorky, voice of reason for Parker.

I enjoyed this movie very much but it changes one or two things in the Canon that I don’t think can be changed ( it has to do with Aunt May)

The music in the movie is good including an orchestral version of the original cartoon theme song in the beginning of the film.  I can’t say this was the best Marvel movie of the bunch but it’s up at the top.  Grade: B


Reviews of Comics released on 7/8/15

Welcome back to this week’s installment of Marty’s Meanderings.  As you may have noticed, I changed the title of this week’s blog.  Normally I only complete Marvel Reviews but something I’ve been waiting for months to arrive has finally made it to the shelves.  DC and IDW crossed Star Trek and Green Lantern.  This could be a very interesting or tragically bad choice and I can’t wait to read it.  But let’s start with my weekly Marvel titles.  

1.  Whenever you do a comic book like Star Wars Lando #001, there is a danger in completing it because the character that is being written has already been established and if you don’t get him just right, it doesn’t feel right.  That was most of the problem I had with the book.  

Billy Dee Williams created Lando as a smooth talking huckster that could almost talk his way out of anything.  Even when he was on the ropes, he got himself out of some pretty rough spots.  But most of all, Lando had a cadence in the way he talked.  I couldn’t find that cadence as I was reading the comic book.  I heard it very slightly near the end of the book but it was never enough to feel like I was constantly listening to Lando speak.

It wasn’t that the story was bad.  It wasn’t at all.  In fact, it’s kind of cool to read about the events leading up to Empire Strikes back and how Lando got in bed with the Empire.  All the actions in the book were believable too.

Charles Soule is a fun read too.  I especially liked his run on Red Lantern but here he’s a little( not very much) off.

The art here is very well done.  I really liked the way Maleev drew both Lando and LoJack.  I’m going to give this book a grade of B.  The cadence wasn’t right but the story was still fun to read.

2. Secret Wars 2099 has been one of my favorite Secret Wars books.  Things are very different in this series.  There is a different Avengeds team with completely different members.  The Defenders are different too.

While I have been a pretty big fan of this mini series, I also have to admit that it hasn’t always been easy to follow the characters.  For instance, captain America is a woman in this story.  Now add a new team of Defenders and it’s suddenly a bit more confusing.  

I am not really a big fan of Superhero teams fighting other teams.  There have been exceptions( A vs. X) but usually the reasons are stupid.  I kind of felt that way about this week’s issue.  It seems that most of the book focuses on Hercules fighting with a defender over the attention of woman who is not very happy with either of them.  Just not enough of a great reason for me.  Alchemax, lead by Miles Morales, wants to recruit The Defenders( because apparently Superheroes are required to work for them) but The Defenders are not having it and quickly become enemies.  I can live with that excuse

The art is great.  Will Sliney does a great job once again.  This book deserves a B as a grade.
3.  I absolutely loved reading The Amazing Spider-man Renew your Vows #002.  Sure there were some cheesy moments but, all in all, this issue was a lot of fun.  In one of the many domains in battleworld( remnants from different planet incursions held together in one world by Doom who has called himself God) Peter Parker is still married to Mary Jane Watson and they have a little girl named Annie who also has Spider-like powers.  All Superheroes are in hiding because one of two factions, S.H.I.E.L.D. or Regent( a baddie who defeats heroes and steals their powers) is looking for them.  Peter would rather steer clear but his daughter uses her powers and now Peter’s family is on the radar again.  It’s not really Annie’s fault at all but Peter’s fault instead.  You’ll need to read the issue to find out why.

The art here is excellent.  Adam Kubert does a great job here creating a world we can become immersed in.  Dan Slott also does a great job of allowing us to visit a time when things with MJ were a bit less hairy.  I’m really looking forward to the next installment.  Grade: A

4. I can’t say I understood everything that happened in Age of Apocalypse Secret Wars #001 because I didn’t read the original Age of Apocalypse series.  Here’s my understanding of that series in a few sentences.  Apocalypse invaded the USA and killed millions of humans and  Each X-team( there were a plethora of them) fought him.  Some were recruited by the villain.  I know that’s a pretty reductionist view of the series but that’s the universe this story takes place in.  

The visuals in this book are stunning.  The coloring is as important in this issue as the art itself.  Great job there.

In this issue we meet two of the four horsemen.  One of the four makes a HUGE impact on the story.  The story surrounds both the X-men and Apocolypse chasing after one single mutant.  The conflict comes to a shocking climax and there are supposedly casualties.

This is a promising start to an interesting, and complex, story.  I look forward to its telling.  Grade: A

5.  Civil War #1 Secret Wars is arguably the best mini series of the whole Secret Wars series.  In some ways it eclipses the original series with how good it is.

Charles Soule may have done his best writing so far with this comic.  From the very beginning of the book the reader is drawn in to the story.  It is especially cool that enough background of the original Civil War event was given that there was absolutely no confusion about what was going on.

The gist: The Government, with the help of Tony Stark has asked anyone with Superpowers to register themselves and will be unable to use those powers unless they are registered.  Stark sees it as a security issue.  Steve Rodgers sees it as a freedom issue and fights Stark.

The book lets us know that plenty of time has gone by and the nation is divided into two areas: The Blue and The Iron.  I’ll give you three guesses on which is which and the first two don’t count.  The differences between the two areas are brilliantly shown through two scenes where citizens are treated in two very different ways while exhibiting their powers

Anyway, a third party has invited Tony and Steve to negotiate peace.  What happens next will set the tone for the rest of this story.

This is an absolutely engaging and masterfully done book.  Great job:  A+

6.  When I first heard about the Green Lantern/ Star Trek crossover event I wasn’t sure what to make of it. But when I picked it up Star Trek Green Lantern The Spectrum War #1 of 6, I was pleasantly surprised .  I wasn’t sure how they were going to pull it off but it actually worked.

The book takes place on the enterprise with the crew from the Star Trek into Darkness crew and tells the story of what happens when they come across a dead guardian and the rings of power.

The writing here was excellent because it was structured like an episode of the series.  The crew treats the guardian as a new alien life form and does tests on the rings as if they are alien artifacts.  The truth is: to this crew they are.

All of the conversations and actions that took place made sense.  While the reader is let in on the secret and knows what is going on, it is fun to watch the crew discover the things we already know.  Very fun issue.  Grade:  B+.  For the most part the art was great but there were a few places where it faltered just a bit 

Those are my reviews for the week.  Hope you enjoyed them.  See ya soon 

Marvel comic book reviews for comics released on 6/3/15 part 1

So here we are again with another week of comic books to read.  This week’s reviews will be divided into two categories.  Secret Wars books and non secret wars books.  So let’s get started.

1.  I really bought Groot #1 to see how they were going to build an entire comic book around a character that only says three words.  I also wondered why Marvel needed a comic book for Groot if Rocket Raccoon already had his own title.  The Second question still begs for an answer other than to make money

This book was pretty well done.  The story focuses on Groot wanting to take a vacation to Earth and Rocket being forced to come along when their ship is destroyed.  Groot convinces Rocket to hitchhike and they encounter some strange aliens( stranger than a talking tree and raccoon).  

The highlight of the book comes in the middle when the two main characters are forced to steal a ship and end up lampooning one of DC’s most beloved Superheroes.  I laughed out loud during this section of the comic book.

The art in this book was sometimes really good and other times just a tad annoying.  I have never been a big fan of how artists portray Groot when he is happy.  He tends to look like a person with a few missing marbles instead of a happy character.  

Still, as a first issue I really enjoyed this comic. The parody of DC is almost worth buying the comic for.  The banter between Groot and Rocket about who has the biggest bounty on their heads is also very humorous.  Grade: B+

2.  All New X-men #041 may have the same problem that the last book I reviewed had.  It has great writing but the art seemed pretty unspectacular.  As many of you know S.H.I.E.L.D. and the X-men aren’t exactly friends.  This issue delves into this a lot.  A number of x-men want to live in utopia and be left alone.  Maria Hill is asked a very difficult question why are the x-men hounded by shield but The Avengers are given Cart Blanche to do what they want?  The answer is never determined but it has forced the mutants to figure out how to change their image for Shield.  That is the crux of the issue.  Sounds boring?  It’s not!  There is plenty of action but it seems to be a backdrop for the dilemma listed above.  It’s an interesting problem.

As mentioned before, I didn’t really like the art.  I thought the faces of each character was expressionless and the line work was heavy and, at times, sloppy.  

The writing in this book was excellent and well thought out.  Grade:  B

3.  Star Wars #006 might be my favorite book so far this week and my favorite of the series so far.  For people who are Star Wars fanboys this is a controversial issue.  Marvel and Disney have announced that what happens in the comic book is considered canon.  In addition, a new character was introduced that makes a beloved character a little less lovable.  I didn’t mind the addition but there will be some who are upset.

There is nothing I can find objectionable about this book.  The art is the best it’s been.  The atmosphere of the book is perfect.  It’s almost too bad to because my understanding is that this is the last issue he’s drawing.  

This issue goes between the stories of Han and Luke.  The fight between Boba Fett and Luke is pretty intense and you can feel the tension Luke would have felt.

The scenes with Han have a different type of tension and are also worth the read.  I am giving this book a grade of A+

4. I read Darth Vader #006 second and really should have read it first before Star Wars.  Both books are essentially the same story but from different viewpoints.  Where Star Wars focused on Boba Fett’s view of his encounter with Luke, this book focuses on Darth as he is being tested by Palpatine and how he learns he has a son after Boba Fett reports he found skywalker.  

I want to like this comic a lot more than I do.  That is what I find odd about the book.  It is expertly drawn and the writing is also delivered very well.  However, each time I look at the book I see static frames where movement is implied but very rarely ever shown.  There was some improvement on that front but not very much.

I’ve tried to determine why it seems that movement is not conveyed well in this book and what I think the problem is:  all the panels in the book are the same size.  Artists are able to convey movement by making smaller boxes for their panels.  Smaller boxes help the book get read at the speed the action is being conveyed at.  In fairness to the book, it did some of that this week.

There is some great dialogue between Palpatine and Vader and some of the flashbacks help us learn more about Vader.  Palpatine is still not 100% sure he can trust Vader but he’s slowly restoring his faith in his pupil.  I’m giving this book a grade of B.  The art was good and the story too.  Improvements have been made.

5.  One of my favorite mini series of late is The  Amazing Spider-man Spiral.  In issue 18.1 we get part 3 of the story.  Tombstone has been arrested and put in jail.  Hammerhead is in jail too.  This has sparked a gang wars and now the gangs are consolidating lead by Black Cat to break out their gang leaders.

Wraith and Spidey find out about the jailbreak and go to stop it.

This book reminds me a lot of books I grew up reading.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of nostalgia that I feel when reading this book.

Wraith is a very interesting character and I love the art associated with the character.  I am interested in seeing where this story goes.  Grade A

I will read and write more tomorrow but here ends part 1

Marvel Comic Book Reviews for the Week of 3/16/15 Part 2

1.  Spoilers abound: I’m usually not a big fan of .1 stories but I gotta say: I liked The Amazing Spider-man #16.1 Spiral #1.  Peter is back from his Spider-verse adventures( thank God) and he is having trouble getting back to his life.  Things haven’t necessarily changed around Spider-man but he has changed coming face to face with alternate versions of himself.

As he’s doing his rounds in Manhattan he comes across Officer Watanabe( also known as The Wraith) who is in a shootout with Tombstone and his men.  The shootout ends up killing Watanabe’s mentor and when she tries to find out why her attempts are blocked by her commanding officer.  Tombstone is released from jail( I’ll keep that part a secret as to why.).  

Officer Watanabe doesn’t feel justice is being served so Wraith and Spidey go after Tombstone.  Spidey cautions against being a vigilante but it’s unsure if Wraith will listen.  The premise is that Tombstone is vying for control of the gangs.  

There is nothing I find objectionable about the  comic book with the exception of the obligatory watch yourself lecture every time a hero comes in contact with someone who has the potential to be a vigilante.

I really liked the pencilling and coloring in this issue.  The team of Barberi, Vlasco, and Silva have done a great job with the art.  This book deserves a grade of: A.

2.  The beauty of Silk #002 is in Robbie Thompson’s writing.  It’s almost as if the author of the book has known Cindy Moon’s history intimately.  That level of personal attention to the details of her life makes Cindy and Silk both intriguing to get to know and watch.

Cindy’s family has disappeared and she exhausts all her leads in hopes of finding them.  Early on in the book we are treated to a flashback of Cindy with her first love, Hector.  She meets him on the street 10 years later and he’s engaged to be married.  Cindy is beginning to understand what her confinement has cost her.

There is some fighting in this book and we are slowly learning that some of her confrontations with villains are designed to test her abilities.  Of course, she doesn’t know that.

The art work in this book has a very manga feel to it but it works very well.  I loved this book.  Grade: A.

3.  To say Loki Agent of Asgard 012 is confusing might be a huge understatement.  Let’s just say: It would take a diagram to figure it all out.  A diagram I’m not willing to create.  Loki has killed his past self and present self so that his future self could be king of his own realm.  He has orchestrated a plan where he could erase his past sins and grab power.  The problem is:  he has destroyed everything he could have power over.  Which begs the question: why bother?

Usually I’m a huge fan of this series.  It’s been fun watching Loki but the last few issues have been too convoluted.  Things come to an end next month.

I will say this:  the art has improved and may be the one redeeming feature of this convoluted story.  Grade: B- 


4.  The last book I’m reviewing this week is a pretty heavy read.  Magneto #016 is a pretty heavy story and is definitely not a book for kids.  Briar from SHIELD has joined Magneto on Genosha and a romance is brewing.

There has been a murder on Genosha.  Erik has been trying to create a utopia for his fellow mutants and and a mysterious figure has murdered some of his fellow mutants leaving behind a swaztika.  It’s a terrible symbol. 

There is terror and intrigue in this story and the cliffhanger is something else.  It might be a blessing that the art is a bit lacking in this story.  Too detailed would have made the story too heavy to read.  Grade: B.  This book is not for the faint of heart


Thank you for reading this week’s reviews.  See you next week.  By the by:  a few mountain dew’s were harmed in the making of this blog 

Marvel Comic Book Reviews for the week of 3/9/15

This week brings me a lot of Spider-man books and a few others as well.  As per usual, I will divide my reviews into two posts.  So let’s get started.

 1.  Star Wars #003 continues to be one of the best written adaptation of a movie I’ve read in comic book form in recent months. The writing captures the voice of each of the characters almost perfectly. 

 If you are looking for a lot of action, you will find it here. Princess Leia and Han Solo have decided to attack a war base on Cymoon 1. In the meantime, Luke Skywalker is leading Stormtroopers on a wild goosechase using a land speeder. 

 There is only one thing I would have done differently. I’d have printed this book on glossy paper. Darth vader’s outfit should glisten in its darkness.

This was a extremely fun book. Grade:A

2. All New X-men #037 took a turn that was a bit darker in tone than previous issues.  This issue focuses on the young Jean Grey and Emma Frost.  They haven’t been the greatest of friends but lately Emma is taking on Jean as a student.  Her first lesson: taking on The Blob in Madripoor without using her telepathic powers because he is selling Mutant Growth Hormone.

The art work in this book is very good. I’m usually not a big fan of watercolor treatments in comic books but there was nothing in this book that was abstract or odd.  In fact, the level of detail is pretty amazing.

I loved the fact that the majority of the book was drawn as if the characters were in fog.  It gave it a very pulp fiction feeling.

I thought the writing was good but at times heavy handed.  It was good but maybe not an A grade book.  Grade: B 

3. Fantastic #644 has some of the best visuals I’ve seen in recent books.  Leonard Kirk is by far one of the best artists I’ve seen in recent months.  Huge kudos to the colorist of this book.

Sleepwalker has begun his journey into Franklin’s creation to stop the monsters that are coming through while Ben Grimm and a number of the Avengers to destroy the monsters and deal with evil Avengers from another dimension

This is the second to last issue of this series.  I am going to miss this series.  It is excellently written with real tension.  Grade: A

4.  Guardians Team-Up #002 answers the question as to why Nebula kidnapped Gamora.  In the last issue The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy are attacked by the Chitari and Nebula.  We learn why here.

The Avengers along with the other Guardians are deposited on earth and are trying to find Gamora.

We get a visit from another super villain in this book too.

My only beef with the issue is the problem I had with the first issue.  When we see the characters from a distance they look like Colorforms.  Up close the characters look fine.  Grade: B

5.  The Amazing Spider-man was a Spider Man that didn’t quite reach Amazing.  This was clearly a transitional story.  With Spider-verse being over, there needs to be a new conflict.  The problem is that the conflict is the same as it’s been since the new title started.  The Amazing Spider-man #016 continues with the idea that Peter hasn’t figured out how to be a hero and the head of a company.

He wants to create a way to take away the powers of Super Villains but he needs financial backing to do it.  He is supposed to be at a meeting with stakeholders but instead he’s fighting the Iguana.

There is a story brewing in Alchemax and I’m not sure I’m interested in where it’s going.  

There is another story with Black Cat.  She feels jilted and has become the criminal leader of her own empire.  She is at an art auction trying to recover an artifact she originally stole

The art in this book was great but the writing was mediocre.  Grade: B-/C+

Marvel comic book Reviews for the week of 1/19/15

This week has been a incredibly busy week. Sitting down to read a
My comics has been a blessing this week but I have to admit, sitting down to share my thoughts has not been one. I have quite a few books this week. There are spoilers in these reviews.

1. The first book I read this week is Rocket Raccoon #007. This book, by far and away is one of my favorite books. Each month I get a chance to laugh and grin as I read this book.

As many of you who saw The Guardians of The Galaxy movie know, Rocket is a sharp witted, tough raccoon assassin who has a soft side, but only when he is forced to show it

Most of the issues of this series have been pretty light-hearted with a lot of humor. This issue is a bit deeper in tone. Rocket and GROOT have been stranded on a very cold planet and Groot is attacked and left without his regenerative powers. There is only one way to save him. I will not reveal that part but it’s big.

There is one very big difference to this book. In past issues Skottie Young has written and drawn this book. This time he has a different artist. As a result, the feel of the book is different. This book is not done in the young style. The drawings seem more deliberate and mature.

I liked this book but I’m conflicted about the changes. This book was not as I expected. I’m giving it s grade of B. This issue was good but it lacked the humor that made past issues great

2. I have been a big fan of All New X-men since it began 35 issues ago. Not all stories have been great, but most of them have been full of solid writing and solid art.

I’m not a giant fan of this story arc. It feels like the story is needlessly being drawn out. One of the things that makes the comic interesting is that the younger team and older team( technically the same team just at different ages) interact. In story’s where the team is off on their own adventures, the interactions are not as interesting

The cliffhanger in this book is great and makes us anxiously await the next installment. Grade: B

3. I have never really liked the kids of the Future Foundation. That being said, I really enjoyed seeing what they did with Bentley in Fantastic Four #642. A lot has happened in this run of the fantastic 4. But in brief summary, John Eden destroyed the fantastic 4 because Mrs. Richards chose Reed over him. Well, sort of. In this issue, we learn the real reason behind his treachery. Bentley plays a big part in this.

The writing in the story is top notch. It has always been. There are twists and turns a plenty in this chapter that are leading to the cancellation of the series.

The art is also very enjoyable. There are scenes that are very enjoyable not only to read but look at. I’m giving this book a grade of B

4. It has always been a source of great disappointment to read a comic book that has great writing but mediocre art. Of course, I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I’m pretty sure I didn’t behold it in Magneto #014 The basic problem that I have with the art is that it seems rudimentary and lacks the amount of detail I’ve seen in other books. It’s especially evident in the facial expressions of the book.

However, if there is one thing I’ve come to enjoy about this series, it’s the writing. It’s interesting to read this book because it has taken a different spin on things than we are used to seeing from Magneto( at least lately). Over the last few years, Magneto has been seen as a hero. In fact, he’s been seen as a hero lately even helping S.H.I.E.L.D. try to capture Cyclops as he’s tried to control his powers. But in his solo book, he’s up to his violent self again, killing anyone that has had anything to do with harm to Mutants. Of course, Magneto believes he is doing the right thing, but Eric is clearly a Megalomaniac.

In this issue, his actions finally catch up to him. S.H.I.E.L.D. catches up to him.

I’m not sure how I feel about this week’s book. Magneto says this book is about his future, yet we are treated to a few pages of flashbacks to get to the future. It seems in-congruent. The book is still very interesting and there is a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more. It will be very cool to see where this book goes. Grade: B

This ends Part 1. Part 2 will be on its way tomorrow

Marvel Comic Book Reviews for the week of 12/8/11 part 2


1. Whenever I read a new comic book, I always look at the tone of the book to see if I’m going to like it. After reading this book, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to. Spider-man and the X-men #1 had the potential to be a very cool comic book. There were interesting ethical conversations that could have been better if the tone of the comic had been a little more serious

The first of the issues focuses on Spider-man becoming a teacher at the Jean Gray School of Higher Learning. He is there at the insistence of Wolverine. The reason: Wolverine believes that there is a mole in the school and that mole is a student.

The problem with the book? There’s too much levity. With ethical questions about fighting for survival vs. fighting to protect others and a plot line about digging out a mole, this book had the opportunity to be a thoughtful and engaging book that was soured by too much humor

The villains in this book were dinosaurs. That should be okay but this is not a b-movie comic book. Grade: B-


2. As I’ve been reading many of the Marvel Annuals lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that annuals are where only okay stories go. There are three stories and only one of them made any sense to me. I didn’t really understand why any of the stories needed to be told either

The first story is about Spidey tracking down a couple in New York to return a cell phone to them. He is doing it to avoid his responsibilities as Peter Parker. The running joke throughout the story is that Peter Parker can’t figure out how to unlock the phone to give it to the couple but he’s pretty sure that Tony Stark can. The joke would have hit except Peter Parker is a genius.

The second and third stories were a bit confusing but that’s because the art was pedestrian. Aunt may bakes for villains in one of them. Grade: B-. If Marvel is going to charge more for an annual, by rights, we should get more.


3. I may have found a second book in the Spider-verse saga that I liked. The Amazing Spider-man 011 Spider-verse part 3 started showing promise this time around. We have definitely got a bad guy now! Solus! Question is: why did they delay in bringing him to us? He’s what a villain needs to be. He’s huge, mean and very powerful. So powerful he takes apart a cosmic Spider-man without any difficulty at all. We also get a fight( or the beginnings of one) between Superior and Amazing Spider-man.

The art in this book, for most of it, was excellent. The bad guys look menacing and the surroundings were dark and looked evil

As long as the chapters of this event continue on this trajectory, the event could be saved after all. Grade: B


4. Spider-Verse team-up #002 has different stories of different teams and it doesn’t seem like a lot happens in either of them.

The first of the stories is a continuation of one of the plot lines in Amazing Spider-Man #011. Peter Parker( of our dimension) sent Miles Morales to another dimension to find other spider people. They land in a late 60’s version of themselves.

To illustrate this the art in this book is flat and almost expressionless to mimic television and comic books of yesteryear. The writing reflects the writing in silver age books as well. Most of the time I wouldn’t mind a tribute but the problem with mimicking old TV and comics is that they weren’t near as good as they are now.

The second story is with Gwen Stacy as Spider-woman. When Gwen was introduced in the Edge of Spider Verse #2 the heat on the book was pretty big. I recently looked it up on eBay and a CGC 9.8 copy is currently going for $225. The twist in her story is not that shocking but she is very popular. If you like her, you’ll like this story. Grade: B


5. I really wanted to love Thor #003 more than I did. The writing was fun but the art was super distracting and, as a result, I found myself having to pay way too much attention to the book in order to understand it.

One of the things that I think needs to happen( but hasn’t) is that the new Thor needs more character development before she is dropped into a huge story line. Nothing has been revealed about her identity and, as a result, it’s hard to sympathize with her.

Again, the writing was fine. Still the art is distracting. Grade: B-

The last of my reviews will come tomorrow.